Selena Gomez is a Striped Sweetie

Selena Gomez is a Striped Sweetie

Wearing a cute black and white striped top, Selena Gomez texts quietly on her phone as she heads back to her after a shopping spree at Target in Los Angeles on Saturday afternoon (October 17).

Earlier in the afternoon, the 17-year-old actress, along with mom Mandy and stepdad Brian, stopped off at an Indian restaurant for some dinner.

Selena tweeted earlier that she and her band, The Scene, were picking out her second single.

WHAT DO YOU THINK Selena’s new single should be?

15+ pics inside of Target shopper Selena Gomez

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Credit: Nate Jones/Sam Sharma; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • Anna

    naturally, the only good song on her album, lol

  • leah

    She looks so beautiful and I want her next single to be naturally. By the way I want her outfit!

  • Heather

    I love her!

  • Smacky35

    I want her next single to be “As a blonde” or “Stop and erase”

  • Sydney

    I absolutely love “I promise you” and “I got u’ and “naturally”. I’d love for any one of those three to be her next single. =] I love her album.

  • fan

    I thought she had short hair?????

  • meee.

    i don’t like her.
    idk why, but i just can’t seem to like her ;/

  • Jessica

    She is so pretty.. Love her album

  • Fernanda


  • Fernanda

    I won’t apologize, Naturally, Kiss & Tell, Falling Down <3

  • vanessa

    hello extensionsssss

  • Jenn

    did she get extensions? her hair got really long. i know she got a haircut around mother’s day…but hair doesn’t grow that fast does it?

  • claire

    love her!!!! and she always looks so pretty and cute!!!! i love her clothes and i wish she would tell us where she gets all her super cute outfits!!!! I LOVE SELENA.

  • sellythebest

    goshhh shes so gorgoues, shes natural beauty, her face is so pefect!!!! love her outfit….

  • sellythebest

    btw i really want her next single to be the way i love you, i got you or naturally, im so obssesed with this songs. love her album….

  • Dani

    Naturally!! the best song ever!!

  • fuossu
  • http://celebuzz beauty_queen:)

    i think it should be called “kiss & tell” :)

  • tess

    i would like, that her second single will be Kiss&tell or Naturally

  • rumi

    LOVE HER!!! i want to be naturally or i wont apologize {} she is the best!

  • Maddie

    stop and erase should be her next single

  • Lulu

    @meee.: i know, me 2. i think its coz she does everything. tbh, i dont think she can sing, i just find her annoying, but i am trying 2 like her!! xx

  • rob

    hahahah it doesn’t matter anyway she already picked her next single

  • selaly

    Haters should stop clicking on her posts if you don’t like her and don’t waste your stupid time to comment. That’s really simple! SO LAME.

    Selena is the best.


    Naturally !

  • Jasmine P.

    “Wearing a cute black and white striped top, Selena Gomez texts quietly on her phone as she heads back to her after a shopping spree…”

    Heads back to her what? I think Just Jared Jr left out something in the first paragraph unless I just missed something, but I do it all the time on essays. Still, I go back to check just in case… But, anyway, that top is really cute! :)

  • W

    Her next single should be Naturally! It’s beasty lol.

  • angel

    The second single should be Naturally!

  • mac

    I like her n all but at da moment I jus wanna say HAPPY BIRTHDAY ZAC EFRON!

  • saudia

    gorgeous .. so lovely without makeup :)

  • hallie

    does any celebraty use only, their real hair?

  • m?

    I think it should be I won’t apologize

  • sellythebest

    @selaly youre so rigth…. haters are just a patethic losers!!!
    sel is so gorgeous and desfinitely shes the best!!!

  • jo-li

    she should do AS A BLONDE im listening to it now lol….that would be a fun video….nd she looks awesome in that picture

  • krystal

    naturally, i love that songg! :)

  • amber

    omfg it should b naturally
    all i do is replay that song
    over&over again

  • sara

    She is making me wanna go dark with my hair soo bad! Which is weird cuz I’d never do that, I’ve always been blond… or at least light haired. She is so pretty but I don’t think she’s without makeup, if you lok real close you can see she’s got something on her eyes. She’s pretty though, no doubt :)

  • The teenage royalty

    she looks so nice!

  • me


  • mochi

    her second single should be naturally!!! and then for the music video, she should star along side david henrie!!! lol!!

  • Chastity

    Ugh why is she so freaking gorgeous?!

  • kicking&screamingggx3

    i could’ve sworn that she had short hair like two days ago.


  • =)

    She is so pretty, I love her sense of fashion! I hope it is Stop and erase or Naturally I love them.

  • amanda

    Naturally or i wont apologize!my favorites!!!!!!!

  • Gaby

    I love her outfit! she’s such a sweetie!
    I think Stop and Erase, I won’t apoligize, or Naturally.
    Or As a Blonde.

  • Holly

    GOSH ! She’s the best ! I love her outfit sooo much , shes the style lol
    and her new album .. yaaaaaay is huge !
    Selena good luck ,, and you are the best




    “I wont apologize” defines what “real love is all about” and is definitely MY FAVORITE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!to all the girls who understand what I am talking about

  • hellos

    does anyone know where to get the top selena is wearing in this picture?

  • mandy09

    shes so perfect…. i love her entire outfit!!!

  • mandy09

    i love it naturallu, the way i lve you, i got you and i won´t apologize….