BooBoo Stewart: Fivel And Fila

BooBoo Stewart: Fivel And Fila

BooBoo Stewart gets shaded from the trees as he and lil’ sis Fivel leave an audition on Monday afternoon in Venice, Calif.

The duo seem to be big fans of the Fila brand. BooBoo, 15, is wearing an Essenza Jacket while Fivel, 12, is toting around one of their bags.

Fivel is also wearing a Lyric Culture sweatshirt that says, “Do You Think I’m Sexy?”

BooBoo currently stars as Seth Clearwater in the upcoming The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. The second film in the series, New Moon, hits theaters on Friday, November 20th.

ARE YOU EXCITED to see New Moon?

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  • Joity

    SHE IS NOT 12!! OMG IM 16 AND LOOKKK WAYYY YOUNGER THAN HERRR!!! hahah well she even looks the same ages as my 21 year old sister… funny

  • nessa

    i was thinking the same thing!
    she def looks older than me and i’m 17

  • diane n.

    shes 12?!
    wow, i thought she was older than me, and im 16!

  • Rosa

    i think justjared made a typo she is definetly 21!
    not 12

    its all good though, he’s soo fine!

  • chelsey

    the way she dresses makes her look older! she doesnt even look 12!

  • saudia

    When did she become 12 yrs old /?!?! LOLLL .. I swear I thought she was older than BooBoo .. great genes man .. can’t wait to see his acting skills :)

  • Sarah

    lol why’d you say she was older if she’s only 12 and he’s 15?

  • shinedown

    they have another sister whos 12 shes called fivel.

  • kelly

    how can she be his older sister, and be twelve at the same time?

  • Abby

    WOW I have to admit for being just a young boy he’s pretty damn hot lol. He looks 10x better with short hair.

  • mech

    she can’t have a sister who looks LIKE THAT and who has 12!! and who’s he big sis at the same time… when he’s 15!! hahaha :D ur rong Jared :/

    and yup, I’m SOOOOO excited to see New Moon, besides, I’m from Argentina, and here it comes a couple of month later… Earth, please, i’m beggin: EAT ME!

  • Dee

    12? didnt it say ‘his OLDER sis’?? This must be a mistake.(+ she does NOT look 12)

  • SJS

    Why did they say older sis & then say she’s 12? She’s obviously not 12. Is she 21 & they just made a typo? lol.

  • Shawna

    His name is BooBoo??? Seriously?? What in God’s name were his parents thinking?? Please tell me it’s a nickname!!

  • Rosa

    i think it was a typo she’s 21 not 12
    calm down people!!!
    haha, he’s fineee

  • Annie

    I thought she was 18 or 19.


  • iluvrobpattz

    damn it i thought she was AT LEAST 17. booboo (haha) looks younger than her. DAMN

  • Chanel

    She’s called by the name Fivel simply because she liked it better than her real name, Trent.

  • Pearl

    hahaha..i know clerical error…maybe Jared’s writers are feeling the New Moon fever like we are,lol…..anyway Boo Boo looks like he was he Boo-ing his eyes out…hope the aution went well….

  • Precious

    I looked it up!!!

    She really is only 12!!!

  • Precious

    She’s was born in 1996 =]

  • bruin

    he’s cute for a little kid :]


    DANNGGGGGG ummm… she definetly looks mucchhh older than 12 especially in a do u finkkk im sexy shirttt? she’s freakin 12!!! thas weird… she looks like 18 or somethin. She’s realllyy pretty though and her brooo WOWWWW HES PRETTIERXD

  • bruin

    @Shawna: no that’s not his real name

  • jessica

    she does not look 12..but she is really pretty..and he is really cute:)

  • demilovato


  • joshua

    they changed it to lil’ sis.

  • sarah

    @diane n.:

    OH MY GOSH SAME HERE!! im 16 too and she looks 18 thats really scary why do kids grow up so fast??

  • sarah


    she has to be she cant be 12 thats crazy at the youngest 15

  • sarah


  • Serena

    Who the heck is he?

  • lulu

    @Shawna: yeh its a nickname!! his real name is “Nils” which is also a bit weird but apparently he has loadsof ancestry!!

    and how the hell is she 12!? im 15 and she looks a lot older than me!! xx

  • demifan

    wow she is 12 but she looks like at least 16 :) good for er…but it`s probably because of how she dresses

  • sophie

    he is hot!!!

  • naomi

    FILA?? ew

  • omg

    12! wow.
    i cant believe it.

  • Jshine

    Check out his signature series Graffeeti shoes too!

  • mamamamamamamam

    Lol she doesn’t look 12 but she is. It’s crazy, she looks way older.
    I’m glad Boo Boo cut his hair. But he’s not as cute as he was when he was in T-Squad..

  • Serena

    It’s not a typo! She’s really 12. Well, turning 13 in November, but still! She looks SO mature.

  • gabby

    people, people, fivel is his younger sister, she is 12. he ALSO has an older sister named maegan. she is 22. makes sense now? (:
    OH, and he’s married to some girl named gabby ybanez.

    xoxo, gabby ybanez(:

  • marisa

    She´s 13 and a half, her birthday is on november 4th 1996

  • Mariel

    trust me shes twelve. i’ve talked to her b4 and we were talking about how old people think we are. shes all like ive gotten like 16 before but trust me shes 12!

  • dirascorpio

    Hah she’s still 12?! The way she dresses makes her look older

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