Listen To Emily Osment's All The Right Wrongs EP!

Listen To Emily Osment's All The Right Wrongs EP!

Emily Osment‘s EP All The Right Wrongs doesn’t hit shelves until next week, but you can listen to it now on!

The 17-year-old actress/singer has been working on her music for a while with Eve6‘s Max Collins and Tony Fagenson. The six-track CD, which features current hit, “All The Way Up,” will hit shelves NEXT Tuesday, October 27th.

It was just announced that Emily will be hitting the road with labelmate pals Push Play starting in November! For all of her upcoming concert dates, check out


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  • none

    I just listened to it and I hate the homecoming queen is my best song. It is not disney that is for sure and the fact that she cusses in her music. She said dam in the song. Wow. I didn’t think she had it in her. She is wonderful and I wish I had the money to go see her in person. She is good.

  • Sarah

    Not to be sound harsh but I’m not too sure about this EP.
    She sings threw her nose and that’s going to give problems later on..
    I think these songs are too weak for her, she has potential but these just aren’t the right songs for her. Though I do like ”You’re the Only One”.
    But other then that, not really feeling this EP.
    And is she still releasing her album in March? Or is this going to be her ”album”??

  • Caroline

    @Sarah: She’s still doing her album in March too, an EP is just kind of a preview of what’s too come in most cases.

    I personally love “I Found Out About You.” It’s heartbreaking, but it perfectly re-evokes emotions I’ve felt in the past.

  • koolkat

    Um, Selena is a better singer than Emily. At least Selena’s voice is a bit more recognizable and has a slightly wider range, while Emily sounds…well, OK.

    Emily said her music will be this “Indie, grungy rock” type of music, but her songs are nothing but generic bubblegum pop. She might as well been stuck with Hollywood Records.

    and her album cover is very deceiving. That looks like a cover for Country singers who sings slow acoustic songs and obviously this EP is nothing like that.

    Also, all of her songs are kinda boring, uninteresting and generic.

    Overall, she fails.

    P.S. buy a copy of Selena’s Kiss & Tell album instead, at least her songs are more fun, catchy, energetic and danceable. There are techno songs like Naturally and I Don’t Miss You At All, and some pop/rock like Crush, Stop and Erase, and As A Blonde or some slow songs like The Way I Loved You, I Promise You and I Got U. There are a variety of different music styles in her album and Selena really impressed me with her voice. While Emily disappointed me.

  • Caroline


    Okay, I’m seriously sick of you. You comment on EVERY site and brag about how much better Selena is then everyone else. Everyone is not Selena, stop comparing them to her. Just because you like her doesn’t mean no-one else is good. And also, I don’t see how her album cover looks at all country, or how you can think that after All The Way Up.

    And Emily NEVER said that. She said it was pop, with an edge, but pop from the start. She said she listens to indie rock. Miley gets the same crap for liking the Beatles but playing bubblegum pop. God. Ridiculous.

  • koolkat

    @Caroline: What are you talking about? I don’t compare Selena to everyone, as a matter of fact, this is the first time I’m comparing her to someone. and why can’t I compare them? I understand that everyone is different in their own ways, but that doesn’t mean we’re not allowed to compare them. In case you didn’t notice, EVERYONE compares these celebrities to other celebrities, that’s how it is. Can’t handle that? Then you should stay off the internet.

    Also look at Emily on that cover. She’s laying on the grass with her pretty sundress and the sun is shining on her long blonde hair. I can’t help but think this looks like a Country cover, or maybe not necessarily Country, but maybe Colbie Caillat-ish. And her songs are nowhere near slow, acoustic ballads.

    And about Emily saying that she wants her album to be Indie Rock, I was only going by what everyone else was saying about her.

  • emily

    she she sings good but one of her songs sounded like avril lavanigs

  • Dania


    it obviously seems like you have some sort of dislike twords emily and you just wanna point out all the bad things about her EP
    i mean, she’s not even on hollywood records, and selena is!
    anyone can get signed to hollywood records. besides that you don’t have to believe what everyone says about the type of music emily does if says she doesn’t wanna do bubblegum pop then why would she do bubblegum pop. And her music has a lot of edge, selena would never have the guts or talent to do any of that

  • koolkat

    @Dania: Whether I like Emily or not, that has nothing to do with me not liking these songs. These songs are a disappointment and Selena is definitely a better singer than her and at least her songs are more fun and catchy than Emily’s.

  • Nadeeya

    @koolkat mhmm, okay kid, go ahead and tell everyone that selena is more bla bla bla more bla bla bla and bla bla bla –”

    Maybe no one would listen you in your real life that’s way you came up here and do that.. I’ll try to understand


  • Caroline

    @Nadeeya: Oh my god, thank you for that. That just made me laugh really hard.

  • Nadeeya

    @Caroline: you’re welcome, Care…

  • Demi

    @ Nadeeya
    koolkat has the right to say anything she wants, just like you guys have on a Selena post. it says comments and as long as she’s saying something to do with this post, she’s free to say anything.
    And it doesn’t have to be b/c no one listens to her, she could just be bored or maybe she likes to speak out her thoughts on a topic.

    @ Dania
    Uhmm, NO, not everyone can get a record deal at HR. Get your facts straight. and Emily actually did say she wanted to do Indie Rock. But then again Selena also said she wanted her album to be more Rock, but it turned out more as Dance…

  • dk


    whatever, if you like selena better and you know her and emily are gonna be compaired in music, why bother even commenting on something you know you’re not gonna like. you’ve heard her songs on disney channel or radio disney…if you don’t like her music or her voice already then it doesn’t make any sense TO ME on why should take time out and listen to her music…

  • fabrizio portome

    She is a good singer and the songs are fantastics.Average girl is magnificent,congratulation to emily,the sound of her songs is similar to oasis, radiohead and sex pistols songs.bye to NAPLES IN ITALY

  • fabrizio portome
  • Team seth clearwaterr!

    everyone is entitled to their own opinion so stop telling ppl wat they can and cant say!
    i think her music is crap, ok?
    that is MY OPINION.

  • Barb

    I think this is a good mix of music. I’m looking forward to her CD coming out. I’ll definitely get the EP next week. I’m glad that Em didn’t sign with HW because now she can do her own thing. She’ll have more creative freedom.

    To the person who said that Selena is a better singer: Emily has sung ballads. It’s just kinda funny that we’ve never heard Selena’s true voice. That”s all I’m going to say about that.

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