Selena Gomez Knows What Boys Want

Selena Gomez Knows What Boys Want

Selena Gomez is about to find out what all boys want after booking the title role in the film of the same name.

The flick, pitched by Amy Andelson and Emily Meyer to New Line, centers on a teenage girl who can hear what men are thinking, Variety reports.

Selena‘s mom Mandy Teefey will executive produce the film along with Allen Fisher. Sel‘s own production company, July Moon Productions, partnered with XYZ Films last year to finance development of at least two films in which she would star and produce.

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  • maddie

    Sounds like something that has been done before, Selena is trying WAY to hard. She should of never made an album, or for that matter clothing line. Everyone knows she’s doing one because of how successful Miley’s is going. Come on, she would of NEVER thought of doing a clothing line if Miley hadn’t don hers, same goes with her pathetic “album”.

  • AnonymousGuy08

    Um, Maddie, this isn’t about her music. This is about her being the younger female version of the main character of this movie.

    I imagine this is going to be a little less Disney-fied, or at least I hope it’ll be.

  • Aqua


    i think she should just stick to acting, since her band/music/singing in general isn’t really her best talent. but i’d like to see what her clothing lines comes out of with.

  • Serena

    I know. What’s wrong with you, @maddie? Well, I can’t wait for the movie. Selena’s a great actress, a good singer and an okay fashion designer. :)

  • selaly

    Oh please! You stupid jerk! Of course, Selena is a big star and she has her own production company so that is normal if everything is already arranged for her!. That’s what her own production is there for!.

    And having a clothing line is not happened in a couple of days, she has been working with her co-designer since last year, they hung out and had dinner and stuff, pap took pics and they are all over the internet, so that is not a surprise for me when I heard that she is having her own line released next year.

    She is amazingly talented, she doesn’t need to try too hard to get attention or having some stupid scandal and stuff going on to get people attention. She is well known for her amazing acting, singing, charity work, WOWP, ect…

  • Katie


    her clothing line is much cuter than miley’s and she seems more down to earth than other teen stars who kind of have their heads in the clouds and are all about being bubbly/goofy. selena has her goofy moments, like she said in seventeen, but she’s easier to relate to

  • claire

    yay cant wait!!!! and all you selena haters can suck it.

  • Victoria

    @Katie: I totally agree with you :)

  • bruin

    its just like mel gibson’s movie. wow

  • eVeRy1RoXx

    yea this does sound like that 1 movie with that man being able to read womens thoughts.

    I forgot what it was called and who was in it. but it was funny. so idk


  • Rose

    I agree with Maddie. Selena is trying to hard. Think people! Why the hell is Selena Gomez suddenly dropping albums, making clothing lines and now becoming famous? I say she is trying to be like Miley Cyrus, but a much more tamer version. In other words, I believe Selena Gomez is a poser. I do not honestly see where she fits into the disney world if Demi and Miley already have it all. This is personally my opinion and I am free to express it. Don’t comment on my opinion if you disagree, because I can surely care less:D

  • jo!

    leave her alone!!
    she tying to live her live !!
    she is amazing no one can compare selena with miley they are totally different!! miley is trying to be another superstar and selena is tying to be herself and different from other people!!

  • eVeRy1RoXx

    omg! SHE IS NOT TRYING TO BE LIKE MILEY! GAHH &%^$#%^&!! u got her confused with demi. LOL! yall just be comparing her to miley because……mileys the ONLY teen more famous then her.

    I like miley & selena. and selena couldn’t be miley even if she tried……

  • SJS

    @maddie: I don’t love everything Selena’s doing, but saying she’s copying Miley kind of makes it easy to spot you as a hater. Miley isn’t the first to do music, acting, & a clothing line. Far from it. It’s about Disney, money/business, etc. Not Miley.

    I think Miley is much better at music & Selena is probably better at acting, but both are fine when it comes to the clothing line. Miley’s is decent considering that it’s Walmart stuff, and Selena’s looks cute so far. No need to hate on anybody.

  • wendy

    idk what people see in miley but i def see selena doing something more productive than her. great job! :)

  • BlaireB

    @Rose: You don’t know where Selena Gomez fits into the Disney world? Let me give you a few clues…

    A) Selena is actually a very talented ACTRESS (better actress than Demi and Miley).

    B) Wizards of Wavery Place won an EMMY!!

    C) The Wizards Movie received 11.4 million viewers (13.5 if you include the DVR viewing).

    Is that enough clues for you? Can you put the pieces together and find out where Selena fits into the Disney world?

  • Flyaway

    Wow, just because Selena made her own album and started her own clothing line, you haters automatically accuse her of trying to be like Miley? Are you people CRAZY?

    First of all, Miley is not the only person to start her own clothing line. Hilary Duff started her own clothing line way BEFORE her, are you saying that Miley is trying to be like Hilary??

    And Miley is definitely not the first person to make her own albums.

    I swear, you obsessive, crazy, delusional little Miley teenies are becoming more stupid each and every day.

  • angelie.

    I definitely see in the future that Selena go far. Anyways… Congratulation, Selena!

  • yvonne

    this “selena trying to be miley” SERIOUSLY has to stop…it’s been like what- 3 years?


  • redspider

    You Miley fans are getting on my LAST nerves! It’s like Selena can’t do ANYTHING without you guys thinking she’s trying to take Miley’s place or trying to be like her! WTF?!

    Selena is a teenage girl who’s living her life to the fullest. She’s taking all these amazing opportunities because she wants to experience new things and try something different! She loves her life, she loves her friends and family, she appreciates all the success that’s being given to her, she’s pretty much living a very blessed life…SO WHY THE HELL WOULD SHE WANT TO BE LIKE THAT STUPID MILEY CYRUS??!!! Miley may be more famous than her, but fame is nothing! Fame doesn’t bring happiness and it certainly doesn’t mean you’re talented. I think Selena is BETTER than her and she’s way more TALENTED. So you stupid Miley fans need to GTFO!

  • the movie sounds like the reverse of “What Woman Want” in which a guy can hear womens thoughts…

  • selaly

    @redspider: I totally agree with you, SAYING SELENA IS COPYING MILEY IS THE BIGGEST INSULT FOR SELENA, just because she is way more better.

    @flyaway: Agree, RT obsessive, crazy, delusional little Miley teenies are becoming more stupid each and every day.

    To the stupid haters:
    Well, then I can say this: Miley is the lamest copycat, she copied Hilary, she made album, had clothing line. Is that OK for you?.
    Stupid kids ever, need to get over the stupid copying things.

    They are totally different,
    I don’t know what you guys see in lame Miley but Selena is way better.

  • troy

    I’m always skeptical when I hear someone as young as Selena has her own production company, I can’t help but think of Alicia Silverstone. She was kind of hot after “Clueless” became a hit and she formed her own company and produced “Excess Baggage” as well as co-starred alongside Benicio Del Toro. That movie was not a hit and Alicia kind of fizzled out.

    I’m not saying the same thing will happen to Selena but she doesn’t even have the advantage of a box office hit. Yes she has “Wizards of Waverly Place” but success on TV does not necessarily translate to success in movies.

  • Sa5m

    i wish for her the best
    she can do what ever she wanna do its her life
    and will still love both miley and selena
    love you <3

  • Lauren

    @flyaway: haha i totally agree with you i loved how you worded it as well…..

    i just dont get it, selens a lovely girl, shes a great actress just as good as some “a-listers” out there, and shes a good singer although i do agree she should stick with acting but shes trying new things shes 17 and has this amazing life with all these amazing jobs for her to try out, singing may not work out or it may but who gives a damn, people should support her if your a fan no matter what….unless she does something like murder someone! im so happy for her, and im glad shes filming more movies, that would mean we have two to look forward to now

  • lol

    This movie is going to flop and fail big time. Good luck, Selena hahahah.

  • cam


    So you know this how? Your powers of ESP may indeed be off. Many many stars have their own clothing lines with a variety of stores – this is not exclusive to Miley. As far as her music, many of us love it. There are thousands & thousands of music artists and records out there, one reason – not everyone has the same taste in music. Until the government takes that right away too, the USA is the home of free enterprise – people able to work hard & achieve their goals in business – in life. NOT everything or everybody wants to be Miley – Miley’s music is great – but her reputation lately is not so great.. Selena wants to be herself & is working hard to achieve her goals. Selena was not born into a rich showbiz/music family & she has had to work hard to achieve her goals. I say good for Selena.

  • olivia

    @maddie: why does someone always have to bring up miley in a selena post?! this had nothing to do with miley!

  • Sarah

    Some people should seriously think of backing away from the computer for a while. Get your heads out of Miley’s ass!
    Miley wasn’t the first person to release an album, have a tv show, do movies and releasing a clothing line! Almost every ”celebrity” is doing all of that. And did you guys forgot HILARY DUFF?! So if Selena’s ”coping” Miley, then Miley’s coping Hilary Duff.
    And you guys can’t tell me that if u were working with Disney and they offered u all these things, even if u weren’t good at it, you would refuse.
    You can’t blame a girl for taking those opportunities.
    If so, you can blame Demi, Jonas Brothers, Miley and a thousand other people!
    Give the girl (and other people!) a break, Seriously!

  • ashleysnow

    I love Selena all the way!.
    I believe her movies are great and going to be great in the future just because Selena is an AMAZING actress.
    I can’t wait for her tours, her voice is amazingly improving, I love her soft rock voice.
    She was/is NOT copying anyone, she is her!. Selena is TOO good to even think about copying anyone, (to the haters, esp the Miley). It is a big insult for her to say that she is copying Miley cause Selena is WAY BETTER THAN MILEY.

    Get you heads out of Miley’s ass haters. If you say Selena is copying Miley, then you have to admit, Miley copied Hilary, Arvil and bunch of celebs out there.


  • none

    Sounds like a rip off of the movie “What Women Want” she is a good actress but come on hollywood stop remaking movies and come up with new ideas.

  • mellz

    U always comment everything about selena!!!
    I proves that u ar jeolous of her!!
    Just admit it..if u don’t why the heck ar u follow
    every news about selena!!

    Stupid hahahaaa…

  • mandy09

    i just can say haters are so pathetic losers, seriosuly get a life!!!

  • Nicole

    Selena is doing so many amazing things, and she’s only 17! I think that’s quite an achievement. She’s my favourite Disney star, and this new movie looks like it’ll be amazing. I know it’s a copy from Mel Gibson’s “What Women Want”, but who cares? 17 Again with Zac Efron was a remake, and the original was only ten-ish years old, probably not even that.

    Selena has done loads more than Miley Cyrus (I had to bring her in this somewhere, but don’t get me wrong, I love Miley and they’ve both done a lot of similar stuff) — movies (PPP, Wizards movie, Another Cinderella Story, Ramona & Beezus [coming soon] and now this!), starred in a Disney show, guest-starred in Demi’s show, new clothing line, new album with her band (and I think it’s pretty darn amazing) and is a UNICEF ambassador, and who could forget Barney. Selena has achieved more than Miley and they’re pretty much the same age, take or give three-four months. Sel should be more known to people (if I mention her, all I’d get would be, “who?”), as she’s a better actress than most Disney stars.

  • SElenafan


    uh miley wasnt the first tol have an album and a fashion line…that was hil duff remember….and it doesnt happen over night sel has prob been planning it since before word bout mileys line even came out. and although miley is more famous( mostly because of her scandals) selena has more fans…sel beat out miley and demi in every catergory where they were up against each other….and selena always has and always will be bigger than demi

  • angelie.

    It’s seems that Selena Gomez takes another step from Disney… I’m so happy in the furture she will go far. When she turns 18 and she’ll say, “Bye bye” to Disney. So, enjoy Wizards while it lasts.

  • angelie.

    It’s seems that Selena Gomez takes another step from Disney… I’m so happy in the furture she will go far. When she turns 18 and she’ll say, “Bye bye” to Disney. So, enjoy Wizards while it lasts.

    It’s seems that Selena Gomez takes another step from Disney… I’m so happy in the future she will go far. When she turns 18 and she’ll say, “Bye bye” to Disney. So, enjoy Wizards while it lasts.

  • Luis F. Gomez

    @maddie: If you dont like Selena then dont be posting hating comments! I mean… she is a good girl and she is not hurting anybody! Besides she has a beautiful voice and I like her a lot hahaha


  • Anonymous

    i love selena and shes a great actress and i dont blame her i blame the writers i mean come on get creative. hollywood please STOP making remakes my god it annoying please people think of something new. this movie better be pg 13 or im not watching it. thats the only way it going to be good cause we know how teenage boy think so any lower then pg 13 it wont be unrealistic.

  • Anonymous

    i love selena and shes a great actress and i dont blame her i blame the writers i mean come on get creative. hollywood please STOP making remakes my god it annoying please people think of something new. this movie better be pg 13 or im not watching it. thats the only way it going to be good cause we know how teenage boy think so any lower then pg 13 it wont be unrealistic.


    i meant realistic

  • andy

    @maddie they offered her a clothing line and album. she didnt just wake up one day and say hey i want to have a clothing line

  • tess

    cool news, should be interesting

  • Smacky35

    I hate the comparing Miley and selena to each other. Is it really impossible for anyone but me to love them both. They are 2 separate people OK. Their only similarity is working for disney.

  • lalle

    i love how everibodyis talking about miley vs selena and just a few about her “new” (it will be like a remake of “what women thinks”) movie

  • Gossip Girl

    Can she be any more of a hypocrite? I thought she said she was not going to do TV acting after Wizards

    @maddie: It’s pretty obvious she has been trying to mock Miley since day one. But Disney IS THE ONE trying to make this girl walk in Miley’s footsteps knowing that she never will be able to. And also, Miley is doing a TV Show for Fox as well once she finishes Disney. She is doing the remake of “Girl’s Just Want To Have Fun” just when you think Disney can’t be anymore UNORIGINAL, BOOM they hit you with yet anther RECYCLED idea.

    Notice how none of Selena’s movies have original plots in them

    -There were lines mocked from the first film
    -The plot is exactly the same as Duff’s only difference is
    she drops a MP3 Player instead of a cellphone
    She is a dancer in training and Duff plays a dinner girl
    Sam’s (Duff) sister burst out her secret as Cinderella at a Pep Rally
    Mary’s sister burst her secret through a You Tube video

    The Wizards Movie:
    Add Harry Potter + Even Stevens + the Hannah Montana episode (The Way We ALMOST WEREN’T) and you have the entire Movie

    and now she has this. Seriously Selena, get your own style PLEASE; Every celeb has their own personality WHERE IS YOURS?

  • sophie


    i agree with you!!

  • Gossip Girl

    @tess: you can never have respect for both when you have people such as the one’s above you. Feeling that it is okay the hate and smack talk Miley but the minute you say anything about Selena BAM they are ready to EAT YOUR ASS UP. Seriously, some of them think as if everyone is suppose to WORSHIP the girl .

  • koolkat

    @Gossip Girl: “Can she be any more of a hypocrite? I thought she said she was not going to do TV acting after Wizards”

    What are you talking about? “What Boys Wants” is not a TV movie, it’s a THEATRICAL MOVIE. And even if it was a TV movie, so what? “Wizards” is not ending yet and she can do whatever TV projects she wants.

    And It’s not Selena’s fault that her movies are “unoriginal”, when you’re a young teenage actor you have to take what you can get. Besides, MOST movies nowadays are “unoriginal” because everything has already been thought of and have been done before. That’s why people are borrowing ideas from other movies and things like that!

    And what did you expect from Another Cinderella Story? Of course it has the same plot as Hilary Duff’s, that’s why it’s called ANOTHER Cinderella Story.

    And Selena DOES have her own personality for your information. She’s not loud and obnoxious like Miley, she’s her own person. She’s classy, polite, yet funny and silly. She knows when to have fun and when to be professional.

    And it’s funny how you think Disney is trying to make Selena follow the same footsteps as Miley when BOTH of these girls are actress/singer working under the SAME network. Oh and let’s not forget Demi, aren’t you gonna say anything about her?! Cause I’m pretty sure she has albums, movies, a TV show and sooner or later her own clothing line. Selena, Demi and Miley are all doing similar things, why? Because they work for Disney. Not because they’re trying to make Selena and Demi be just like Miley, because they know that’s impossible, but because they’re trying to make them as successful as possible so that they can get money. That’s how it works, especially in Hollywood in general.

  • BlaireB

    @koolkat: Exactly. Disney has been doing this since Lizzie McGuire. They did this with Hilary Duff, now they’re doing this with Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato.

  • jenna

    @gossipgirl you just got burned

    ANd puh.lez girl.
    you’re calling as worshiper when yuo’re the one started the whole fucking miley shit. dude move on! mmkay?
    miley is a fucking million babe with a whole fucking millino haters!

    and dude! if they offer you fucking dollars to do a movie
    wouldnt you say yes to?
    exactly my point.

>>>>>>> staging1