Miley Cyrus Doesn't Miss Twitter

Miley Cyrus Doesn't Miss Twitter

Still touring the country on her Wonder World Tour, Miley Cyrus called up 104.7 FM’s JohnJay and Rich radio show in Arizona on Tuesday afternoon.

The 16-year-old performer revealed that she isn’t missing Twitter at all. She shared, “I really haven’t missed it. I thought I was going to miss it a lot more than I do, but I haven’t even really looked at other people’s, which is really weird. I don’t really miss it. It’s kind of odd.”

Miley continued, “”It was 3:30 or 4 in the morning. I couldn’t sleep. [I thought], ‘Maybe I could sleep if I wasn’t so friggin’ busy Twittering about not being able to sleep.”

TELL JJJ: Have you ever gone on a Twitter or technology break? How did it go?

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  • dcstarinthemaking

    who cares if she misses it or not she shouldn’t be wasting her time anyway…and why in the picture is it trying to make her boobs look big?

  • dcstarinthemaking

    oh wow #1 yay even though i hate miley haha

  • miluu

    i loveeeeeeeee miley , she is so nice!

  • http://yhoo lush

    why dnt you just give her a break she anit my biggest fan but at lest give her some repect… and why are you looking out her ….. it’s rude . God sake why cant you just leave her alone. you wouldnt like it if some one was talking to you like that !!!!


    I used to be obsessed with Myspace and now it’s been 3 months since i looked at it, i dont feel like its even useful anymore.

  • listen to mayday parade

    nice cleavage but im more concerned with the spiked chocker… chockers are not cool – never were

  • lexie

    she kinda looks like a wax figure in that picture.

  • No Bitchassness

    Radio shows are STILL asking her about this?

  • aNNI

    mileys the number one!!! If she’s happy without twitter that’s cool for her!!! i love her music if she has twitter or not


  • mike

    Yes she does care she regretted it the day after she did it LOL read this.

  • anninha

    but i miss her ):

  • dani

    people spend too much time on the net, blackberries, texting.

    every1 needs a break

  • Lety

    I Care for her!!! I love Miley!!! she is sooo nice with her fans!! And she doesn’t care about the bad comments about her because she knows … Miley has TRUE fans how are soo care about what her do and feel and always gonna be wiff her!!!!
    Pleaseeee Miley Come To Brazil!!!!!!! Brazil loves youuu sooo much you don’t have idea!!!!


  • Lety

    @dani is rright we need a technology break!!! But not at all … just … a break .. like at 7 hours of our day on the net we need a break of 2 hours .. whatever the time we need a break!!! =]

  • lEEEH

    She is Happy&Save .. likes mitchiel musso says on Twitter ( =] ) … thats important … she has soo many talents and has fans what love her “like me”!!! =] … Thats good for her !!!

    YOU ARE #1 AND THE BEST !!!!!!

  • some

    Well she don’t miss her twitter but i miss her on twitter a lot. She was so inspirating like girls should be celebrate not tolerated i took that to heart, because is true.

    I miss her so much, no there is no communication with her am so sad.

    Miley cyrus disney sexy hot star. I miss her she looks stunning in that picture.

  • lo

    I think every once and a while people need to take breaks from their computers/phones/TVs, etc. It’s like nowadays people are only really living through their technology. I taken breaks before with twitter/myspace/facebook/gossip sites and it really isn’t that hard to do. As for Miley not using twitter anymore, good for her. But do radio stations have to consistently ask her about deleting her twitter? It been over what 3 weeks and it’s getting pretty old.

  • Matt

    She might not miss Twitter, but Twitter misses her.

  • Vic2763

    That dress is friom the SATC cameo. It is obviously over the time intentionally. Yeah, i got tired of myspace too and only really enjoyed following Miley on Twitter. I dont post my personal info on it. Two more weeks till Miley play Philly Nov 4. I’m so stoked \o/ woo hoo!!!

  • cassy


  • ally

    OK, Miley quit Twitter, so what? She needs to get over herself, nobody cares about her leaving it. We don’t need a reason, a rap, or an explanation, we don’t care. You aren’t worth trying to think why on earth you would delete your account just because Liam Hemsworth wants you to. Get a life Miley, and stop attention-seeking, it’s annoying, plus it’s not working with anyone.

  • riri


    i care about , and get out if you dont like her
    we love her ;) and please informate before write

    GO MILEY <3

  • lo

    @ally: Oh yeah you are so right cause she really is seeking attention when all the radio stations consistently ask her about deleting her twitter. Yeah that’s an attention seeker if I ever did see one.

  • kate

    im a little bit obsessed with facebook :) it does have tons of applications!

  • sat

    Oh c’mon! we all know she miss tweeting all the damn things she’s doing per 4 seconds, she just wont addmit it.

  • laaaa(:

    sshe got too much hate through twitter so i wouldn’t miss it either

  • Lily

    who cares?

  • Nazeefa

    I’m on a facebook break. It gets addicting and interferes with my school work. But I’m still too addicted to JustJared. =P

  • nicole

    miley is just an attention whore. she goes on and on about this whole twitter facade and nobody even cares. she obviously misses twitter, because if she didn’t, then she wouldn’t even waste a minute of time talking about it.

  • =)=)=)

    i love miley cyrus soo much ! and did u see the video of her and her fan when she gave her that bracelet its just so AWWWW ! she is very very nice 2 her fans ! PUT THE VIDEO ON JUST JARED WILL U ?

  • =)=)=)

    i used 2 be pbsessed with twitter and when miley quit i lost that something and not feeling it anymore and im sooo happy ! thanX miley

  • cry no more

    @nicole: if they didnt ask her that question she would said all this stuff so no need 2 be rude the girl didnt do anything 2 u

  • cry no more

    @dcstarinthemaking: u just made a joke out of your self ! change the name !

  • lovemiley

    @dcstarinthemaking: you said who cares? miley’s fans do.. and if you dont care about DONT READ THE ARTICLE okay?? boobs? so what? everyone’s showing their boobs and miley is GROWING UP SHE’s not a kid anymore


    @lovemiley: i totally agree with u and there is more u can look at than her ” boobs ” sicko why dont u look at something else or comment on something else ? why do comment about miley’s boobs ? does it really mater ? get a life


    miley is my idol i love her GO MILEY

  • newieee

    geez you guys criticize EVERYTHING she says.

  • dm

    wow she looks freakin gorgeous in that pic lol
    love miley

  • ariana

    Wow she looks really weird in the pic. Bu she is good at singing. But i like selena better. I mean to much makeup

  • miserybusinessx3

    @ally: if miley really wasn’t worth it, why on earth are you on her post? you’re telling miley to get a life? why don’t you look at yourself in the mirror, okay sweetie?

  • tan

    @Lily: u do ! miley cyrus is the best girl in disney !!! all of them are great but i like miley the most and the last song looks like a really great movie i sooo cant wait 2 see it

  • chiazor

    I just fnk miley is so immature and stupid, she actually composed a song on how she delete her twitter profile
    she justs wants eveyone to beg her

  • Ellie

    she still has one, its called @mismile.
    check it out it seems so much like her.

  • naomi

    I dont like her so much…and it is better that she dont has a twitter anymore!!!