Vanessa Hudgens Hated Her Legs!

Vanessa Hudgens Hated Her Legs!

Vanessa Hudgens caught up with Seventeen mag on the set of her upcoming fantasy romance, Beastly, in Montreal, Quebec, and revealed that she once hated her gorgeous legs!

The 20-year-old Bandslam beauty shared, “When I was younger, I despised my legs. I thought I had tree stumps for legs because I was a dancer. They got pretty big at times. But as I got older, I learned to appreciate them because I have muscular legs. Not a lot of people have that and it makes my legs look better when I wear high heels.”

Vanessa continued, “I think you just gotta work with what you got. You can always want to improve yourself, there’s nothing wrong with that. I think being healthy is great, working out is fun — go do it with your girlfriends. Just have fun, don’t beat down on yourself too hard.”

TELL JJJ: Do you hate anything you hate about your body? What do you do on a blah-day?

Vanessa Hudgens Has Body Peace
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  • nikki

    shes ssoo lucky to be with ZAC EFRON!!! :)

    and shes pretty

  • Katty

    Aw, I love that she is at peace with herself with things like this, and most things really. It shows she isn’t like the normal girls in Hollywood, no matter what some people think. She isn’t going to go get a bunch of plastic surgery to make herself better in other peoples eyes, she loves herself, which is beautiful in it’s own right.
    I can’t wait for the movie, I loved the book, I read it in less than two days, so, yeah. I believe she can play Lindy really well, wonderful, actually.
    I want some pix, which I know is nosy and wrong, so sorry. I at least want some SP pix so I know what to expect.
    Love you, V!

  • Nazeefa

    Everyone has insecurities and the fact that Vanessa does makes me love her even more. SHe’s one of the most sweetest and realest celebs for real.
    I’m insecure of my hands. =S
    And on blah days I love to read.!

  • may

    i love her!!!!
    i cant wait for this movie and sucker punck of course!!!

  • heat

    V, girl, you got killer legs lol. I want them.

    Love what she said about having girlfriends, she is such an intelligent young woman with a good head on her shoulders tbh.

  • brad

    Vnessa girl your fine, I bet zac loves your legs XD LOL. If he does then no worries. :-P

  • mech

    whattt!? OH, NESS! How could u tought something like thatt!? she has the more gorgeous pair of legs i have ever see.
    she’s such a natural woman, and she’s in peace with herself, i love her. she’s a brave woman.


  • Carol

    Girrrrrrrrrl I love your legs.
    Your legs are to die for.

    I wish mine weren’t so thin..

    Love your advice…

  • claire.

    i’m really insecure about my legs too! and my arms. but i’ll learn… and i think that i’m beautiful no matter what. : )

  • Iris vargas


  • will

    she has pretty legs !!!

  • bia

    I love Vanessa. she’s so cool. and her legs are AMAZING. she is my beautiful woman

  • http://z nathalia

    Is it possible vanessa be more adorable?
    she is beautiful, lovely

  • robert

    ii like her

  • Camii

    Aww awesome’ <3
    And i agree with like
    everything’ eveybody has said on here ^^ =D
    (unless a hater just posted a comment before me lol )

  • Andy

    She has GREAT legs!

  • jess

    she hates her legs? how is that possible?? lol
    and she is so adorable :)

  • jlene

    Thank goodness no haters yet!
    Vanessa had great legs and she knows how to use them too, hahaha.
    This interview is kinda old but hey good news is better than no news at all.

  • Boji

    She’s got great legs and they’re comparatively long for her small stature. Curvy calves goes well with short shorts and mini skirts/dress. She should be proud.

  • .

    lol what on earth is she talking about? Her legs are amazing! I’d kill for legs like that

  • kgg

    Vanessa has gorgeous legs…I’ll trade with her any day. She really has a good head on her shoulders and gives good advice. What a beauty!

  • lol

    aw you are perfect hudgens!!

  • Trina

    She has gorgeous legs. Beautiful!!!!

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    She has perfect legs. I swear. She has everything I want !! I mostly want her personality though. And her hair !! :D She really does give the best advice.

  • Oliveira

    Wow !!! we have like a miracle here !!! NO HATERS :)
    btw she’s hot

  • zanessaloverss123

    haha love her

  • Jess!

    I want her legss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jess!


    Zac is lucky to be with her ♥


    she has like the MOST PERFECT LEGS how come she hated them? lol , whatever she is so cute

  • Jordan

    OMG I would kill for her legs

  • marie

    babyyy V

  • Dee

    I loved her comments and she does have awesome legs and I am glad she shows them off because they are something to be proud of.
    She has a rocking bod overall so she shouldn’t have anything to not like on her.

    Of course I hate most things on my body and have since I was like 13 and I am now 22 and I probably will never come to terms with my looks but I hope young girls will be able to like the way they look and having celebrities say positive messages about themselves should encourage young girls to look at themselves positively.

  • Zanessa4ever

    I dance and I love the shape of my legs but I sware I could go through 10 bottles of lotion and they still woun’t get soft and smooth and I HATE it! All my friends have tan, soft, and smooth legs but mine are short white and rough! lol

  • masbonita

    Love you legs too!!!

  • maria

    I REALLY love the comment she made about working with WHAT YOU HAVE!!! That’s the best advice to all girls and women as well!!! There is SO much you can do to highlight your best features, but keep what is unique about us. There’s NOTHING worse than the plastic Barbie dolls running around in Hollywood that all look alike, talk alike, and dress alike. It’s disturbing. Being ourselves and being the best we can be is what it’s all about!!!

  • Jollykt

    i love her voice :”> It’s too sweet :) she has perfect legs ^^ ya, it’s true

  • Leila

    she is the most beautiful girl in the world!!! vanessa we love youuuuu!!!!!!
    zanessa <3

  • livia

    she’s so ridiculous, i hate her, GO TO HELL BABY BI*TCH

  • livia

    she’s very ugly zac efron is a idiot

  • Katty

    @livia: @livia:

    and there those hurtful haters makes themsleves known. aren’t you glad she doesn’t care what the haters say??

  • zanessaholic

    iloveyou nessa!

  • lslsharon

    Sooooo gorgeous!!!!!!Love nessa!!!!Can’t wait for Beastly and Sucker Punch!!!!
    Thanks jjj!!!!

  • Vanne


  • kgg


    Amazing how it only takes one rotten apple to spoil the whole barrel. No doubt you are rotten.

  • be4 the sit

    god she’s hate her her legs , but i looove them , love you bbv

  • Kezza

    i know how she feels i used to hate my legs to

  • birdie

    She’s such a beautiful girl with the best legs in town I might add. I love
    the advice she’s giving, that even though you might be unhappy with the way you look when you are younger as you grow older you become more confident. You learn to accept your imperfections and play up your positive features. I love that she doesn’t follow the norm in
    Hollywood, to use plastic surgery as a way to feel better.

  • isaac


  • mykamicks

    She is so positive person. She knows how to endure her imperfections as she grows older. Love her to the max!

    As I mentioned before, I am a woman, but I have a great crush on her Legs. The calves on it adds appeal actually which other ladies or women doesnt possess.

    From her beautiful face, curvacious petite body down her Legs, she is an epitome of Sexiness. That is why so many immature girls gets envious of her.

    Even Harvey Levin’s of TMZ have a crush on her Legs!

  • Jess!


>>>>>>> staging1