Warm Up with Tiffany Thornton On Disney's Sing It Pop Hits

Warm Up with Tiffany Thornton On Disney's Sing It Pop Hits

Disney Interactive Studios just released Disney Sing It: Pop Hits earlier this month and JJJ was lucky enough to chat with Tiffany Thornton, who hosts the Sing It Pro feature, to chat about the game.

The 23-year-old Sonny starlet dished to us on her warm-up routines, having her songs on the game on day and the super-cool features on the game. Check it out below and be sure to check back soon for a special giveaway!

On the Sing It Pro mode and exercises on the game: “On the game, there’s a lot of great ways that you can warm up. It’s in the expanded mode and there’s a part called Sing It Pro. You learn how to harmonize and breathing as well. It’s actually a great tool. It will get you hitting the notes in your range and get a chance to practice your breathing. It also helps you get ready before you get ready before you go onto the songs. But most importantly, it’s going from the low notes to the high notes to make sure you’ve gotten warmed up. It’s a real person there, myself (laughs). There’s no avatars or cartoon figures. It’s me — you’re hearing me talk and telling you how to do certain things. It’s cool because it gives kids something to relate to.”

On vocal exercises that she uses: “I use a lot on the Sing It Pro. Sliding is also a great exercise, it’s great to warm up your voice so you can keep it smooth. Reminding yourself of the harmonies of certain notes is important because a lot of times as singers — we do our own harmonizing and our songs. So warming up is very important.”

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On her warming up routine: “It depends. When I record a lot of times I have my friend Kate, who is a part of one of my production teams, I will have her come in. I warm up at home first and I’ll use the Sing It Pro mode and do that a little bit. It’s weird because it’s like only me, but I have it in the back of my head anyway. I’ll go in and Kate will warm up with me. She’ll play some notes on the piano in different orders and I’ll hit those and go higher than I’m usually able to sing. It’s a whole process but I’ll usually warm up a total time of an hour before I record.”

On her fave songs on Disney Sing It: Pop Hits game: “One of my best friends is Demi Lovato, so obviously hers are some of my favorites. It’s really cool because there’s a lot of diversity in the tracks. You’ve got Coldplay, OneRepublic, Jesse McCartney, Taylor Swift, Colbie Caillat and then of course theres The Jonas Brothers, Hannah Montana songs, Demi, and Miley songs. It’s cool because there’s a range. It’s not like you’re getting this game full of Disney songs or full of songs that you don’t know. There are a lot of songs on there that I listen to myself and I wouldn’t consider myself a ‘young kid.’ I love all of those groups and singers.”

On if she would play the game herself: “I do the warming exercises a lot when I’m recording but as far as playing it…when I have time in my schedule I will play the game. The first time I will play it will be probably be with one of my cousins. This game is cool because it’s not like you’re picking up a gun and shooting a monster in the game. This game is really great because it has a lot of options. There’s a Duet Mode, where you can do a duet and harmonize which gets you higher scores. There’s also an encore mode where you can record and play it back. You can even do something where you can do 10 songs in a row and plays a concert for you. It’s really cool. It has a lot of things that a lot of games don’t have.”

On if she would love to hear one of her songs on the game one day: “Of course I would! That would be such an honor. I’m still working on my stuff. I have a writing session coming up and I just wrote a new song with my production company recently called ‘Before It Began’ and I think it’s my new favorite one.”


Disney’s Sing It: Pop Hits Game

Available on Wii, PS2 and PS3 game consoles

– Sing along to 30 of the latest songs and music videos from today’s top artists.
– Harmonize with friends and family in Duet Mode to earn higher scores or compete with them head-to-head in multi-player mode.
– Tiffany Thornton (from the Sonny with a Chance), teaches proper breathing and pitch techniques and how to riff and harmonize in the expanded Sing It Pro mode.
– Record and playback performances with Sing It Encore.
– Unlock themes and pins to customize wallpapers.

Song List
– Miley Cyrus/Hannah Montana: “7 Things” “Fly on the Wall” “The Climb” “Hoedown Throwdown” “Let’s Get Crazy” “Let’s Do This”
– Demi Lovato: “Get Back” “La La Land” “Don’t Forget”
– Jonas Brothers: “Hold On” “SOS” “When You Look Me In The Eyes” “Love Bug” “Burnin’ Up”
– Colbie Caillat: “Realize” “Bubbly”
– Vanessa Hudgens: “Sneakernight”
– Jesse McCartney: “It’s Over” “How Do You Sleep?”
– Taylor Swift: “Change” “I’m Only Me When I’m With You”
– One Republic: “Apologize”
– Duffy: “Warwick Avenue” “Mercy”
– Coldplay: “Violet Hill”
– Steve Rushton: “Emergency”
– Love & Theft: “Don’t Wake Me”
– Mitchel Musso feat. Tiffany Thornton: “Let It Go”
– Mitchel Musso: “The In Crowd”
– Jem: “It’s Amazing”

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