Bella Thorne: I’ve Got a Pet Wolf

Bella Thorne: I’ve Got a Pet Wolf

Bella Thorne channels her inner rock princess as she attends the premiere of Whip It held at Grauman’s Chinese Theater in Los Angeles late last month.

Forget cats and dogs, the 13-year-old Big Love actress recently caught up with Film Festival Radio via BlogTalkRadio and revealed that she has a pet wolf!

Bella shared, “[Wolves] are known to scare away people in your yard. But Voodoo’s [my wolf] like, ‘Come here, guys! Let me show you to the door. Come inside!’ The funniest thing about having a wolf is that they’re so, like, not what you think when you hear, I have a wolf”even though his howl is kinda really scary. Because when he was attacked by two pit bulls, he got his jugular removed.”

Bella will take over the role of Tancy Henrickson from Jolean Wejbe in HBO’s Big Love this season.

10+ pics inside of Bella Thorne whiping it…

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  • listen to mayday parade

    that cant be legal…

  • Annie

    @listen to mayday parade: Kristen Stewart has a pet wolf too.

    I’ve always wanted one, but that’s not gunna happen.

  • minot

    I think it’s cool :)
    having a wolf as pet.
    by the way, she’s 12.. not 13..
    Love her hair color..

  • jenna

    omg. she’s soooooo cute. has such a cute style. i know some one else that has a pet wolf too and they love him sooo much! hahaha pet wolf, she was jacob’s sister on a show and he is a werewolf!!!

  • BliZzarD

    @listen to mayday parade: Of course it’s not. Says 13-year-old… =P

  • Just Jill

    @minot: She just turned 13.

  • WOW

    shes 12 she was born in october in 97 ! i know im older then her ;)

  • Just Jill

    @WOW: 13. She was born in 1996

  • pamela

    @WOW: Um no she was born in 96 like me. I hate her. Its because her attitude and how she wants to be famous so much shes like in a guzzilon commercials yet she isnt so famous.

  • minot

    well..some people hate her..some people love her.. btw,I’m really sure that she was born in 97. but I may wrong..

  • jenna

    @pamela u are so wrong cuz she is in films and a big tv show 2. i don’t know about the commercials but she is a big model 2.

  • jenna

    @pamela: i wrote 2 u but i did it wrong so yeah. u can see my comment anywayz

  • jessica

    Bella is so awesome! She’s going to be a big name soon! :)

  • Teampiper

    Check out our recent interview with Bella!!!!!!!!!

  • Charlotte

    Hahaha, okay. Where do I begin! Their dog is an Alaskan Malamute, not a wolf. Just google images of her family and her with their dogs (they have two) and you’ll see. They always say it’s a wolf because they want to get attention, either that or they really do think it’s a wolf which makes them come across as VERY uneducated individuals. How hard is it to pick up an encyclopedia people! Having said all that this child’s attitude in youtube videos of her at premieres is quite disturbing. Is someone coaching her to act obnoxious, or is just no one teaching her to act any better? It’s sad. It’s not surprising that most people would not push their children into Hollywood in a million years. It’s called having common sense which parents of children like these obviously lack. Just because your child is kind of good looking, and outgoing and skinny does not mean it’s something they should do. I feel sorry for this girl. She could become a doctor or a teacher or anything of value to the society, instead her aspiration is to be… an actress. That is, sadly, what the majority of the children of today have been brainwashed to think.By the way she says she wants to be “an actor”, not an actress. A few more English classes instead of modeling and acting ones would not hurt this little girl.

  • Cara

    @Charlotte: First of all, “actors” is what the majority of people in the entertainment business call themselves. It isn’t as common to define yourself as an actress any longer. The term is gender neutral. If you were in the industry, perhaps you would have known that fact. Next, they do have a WOLF. It is a hybrid and is 3/4 wolf and 1/4 husky. If you google wolf hybrids, you will find information and pictures like the animal owned by Bella. It is not for attention they speak about the animal, it is in memory of their deceased father who owned the wolf. It was his pet and the kids are very close to it because their dad loved the pet so much. Maybe it’s just therapeutic for the children to remember their father in this way. Why do children have to be doctors or teachers if they are not inclined to do so? In this country we have a little right that you are not familiar with called CHOICE. If you weren’t interested in entertainers, you wouldn’t be posting on a site about celebrities. I think perhaps you may have issues because you were not accepted in the industry. Lastly, I find it ironic that you would speak of those that are uneducated because you surely wrote definite facts that were incorrect. Perhaps you should educate yourself before making such ignorant statements.

  • minot

    Wow.. There’s a very ‘comprehensive’ comment up there..
    it’s amazing how a pet becomes significant topic to discuss here ;p

    Really appreciate her intention to bella and her family. She’s willing
    to observe more and more on someone that she hardly like.
    Though I wouldnt have done that. My time is more valuable than just
    defining something or someone who irritates me.

    Yet I may share my perspective too.

    I think at first, these Thorne kids (bella and her siblings) joined in
    entertainment for fun only. Who wouldnt? If they have an opportunity?
    But then their father passed away and for me, more less, what Bella
    has done is to support her family too.

    She’s only 12.. Like every single teenager in the world, this might be
    her time to express herself as she wants.
    And I’m sure.. As the time goes by and with her fans’ CONSTRUCTIVE
    criticism, they will improve her ability to perform admirably in the

    Dont push yourself too hard to deny when in fact you adore her someday ^^

  • minot

    Btw, @Cara, I like your writing style ^^
    thanks for the info about the wolf ..
    do you have a link I can check about it?

  • cara

    @minot: I put some links on here but there were too many so they are up for moderation. I will put one now:
    You can read about the animals at the above link. If you google wolf-hybrids, you will find tons of information on the animals along with pictures which look much like Bella’s wolf-dog.

  • minot

    @cara: great! i’ll check it soon. thnks!

  • SARI

    @Charlotte: ok where do i begin? you don’t know anything. she posted the pix of her wolf so u are so wrong. u need to chillax and pick on some one your own age. get a life.

  • Renesmee

    I don’t think there’s anything wrong about being an actress. In fact, it’s a good thing that she’s learning to work as a kid. By the way, she’s born 1996 and is a libra(zodiac sign) Cute little actress! Brilliant model,too. Well, I still hope she studies.

  • oxox

    I love her…

  • Sky

    Bella is 12, not 13. (born in 1997) You can even ask her on her twitter
    Why do people always get it wrong?

  • lalala

    @pamela: your so totally right i hate her to she has such a big eego and thinks shes all that i heard she got a botox thats why her skin is so perfect

  • lalala

    @pamela: your so totally right i hate her to she has such a big eego and thinks shes all that i heard she got a botox thats why her skin is so perfect

  • Shyla B.


  • Kiara

    Damn , I HATE HER ! She’s ugly ( stupid face , I mean ) , than she says she has a wolf ,FTLOG ! It’s a dog !!! She thinks she is so famous , OMG most people dont even know her…. Now she’s gonna be the ” perfect child ” just Bcause she will be on ” Breaking Down ” ….
    WTF ??? hate her -.-

  • allie

    I agree with u Pamela!Did you hear that she banned a girl from her site!!+she said stupid things about her online!! What a jerk bella is!!!Yeah charlotte!Who could live with a wolf!!They would be killed before she even got to be on tv!!Yep!This girl wants attention

  • allie

    @Kiara: Exactly!! People call me stupid when I tell them stuff like what you said!! +check out my comment

  • Michelle

    @Shyla B.: what do you know? someone might’ve said the EXACT same thing to you! MAYBE it’s because she has more acting experience. Disney looks for that too! She’s been in some commercials, some movies, and a tv show! And now she has her OWN tv show. So bug off if you’re gonna be ignorant and only pay attention to YOUR perspective

  • Michelle

    @lalala: you don’t know if she has a big ego. maybe in the show she does. it’s either she has a big ego OR she’s a really great actress. and it’s not botox. it’s called MAKE UP.

  • Michelle

    @pamela: and WHAT exactly is her attitude like. oh yeah… you DON’T KNOW because you ONLY KNOW HER CHARACTER, Cece

  • Michelle

    @Charlotte: so you’re implying that young actresses have NO common sense and have NO intelligence because she says she has a pet wolf and she said actor instead of actress? Because if that’s true, you’re calling THOUSANDS of people who have nothing to do with the entertainment business whatsoever and may be a heckuva lot smarter than you… that. And that is, as you should realize by now, NOT TRUE.

  • Michelle

    @allie: you do realize you’re whining. her wolf is a hybrid, which means it’s not as hard to control. not all wolves are savages. that’s an overused stereotype. and by the way…

    you’re stupid :)

  • fluf

    its name is voodoo?

  • mariah brooke chambers

    First of all, if you people r sooo consurned when she was born why dont u just look up a biography about her and it will tell u when she was bon!!!!!! and u STUPID people who hate her and think she dont have a pet wolf u people r just jealous cuz she has one and u people dont!!!!!!! i also have a pet wolf and they r GREAT pets and playful,fun to be around, funny,sweet!! my dad brings home alot of wolves for me!!! anyways just look up her bio of her and theres her answer!! TADA!! how hard is that?!!!!!!

  • bella

    nothing personal but i hate her i mean she acts all that even though she is all that i mean she’s beautiful, she’s a model, actress, and singer. but zendaya dosent act self centered and want to be cool like bella does i mean she hits on practically every guy, :cody simpson(i like him), Jimmy bennett, jake,garret backstorm i think thats his last name anyway i mean i dont even hit on guys like that but i must say i do feel bad for her dyslexia its not easy but i she can do better and the most annoying part she brags on twitter about her stuff she accomplishes Zendaya dosent even do that though she hasnt been in the buisness long but i know bella can be more mature than that. and im not saying its not right to share with the world what u’ve accomplished but she could be a little more humble about it and i change my statement i dot hate her bella i just kind of dislike her for what she’s doing i know she can do better and i must say i am proud of her for what she has accomplished i hope you guys can find this comment intresting but if u don’t like it cuz ur a big fan of bella its ok even if ur not a fan and u don’t like the comment thats ok with me too. i just wanted to let people know. p.s. i have to admit i am a huge fan of shake it up and my fav character is Rocky/Zendaya. lol

  • glittergirl

    i think cool you got a pet wolf keep dancing on shake it up