Christian Serratos Saves The Seals

Christian Serratos Saves The Seals

Twilight hottie Christian Serratos is using her name and voice to help end the fight against Canada’s annual seal slaughter.

The 19-year-old actress shares, “They’re being beaten with ice picks and their skins are being peeled off their backs in front of their mothers, which is just unreasonable and ridiculous and evil.”

Baby seals are defenseless and must watch as fellow pups are shot or bludgeoned to death and then skinned”often while they are still fully conscious. To learn more about the campaign and get involved, check out

Christian Serratos Speaks Out
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  • adiore

    aww. that’s horrible! On a side note I like the t-shirt.

  • CanadianChika

    as a canadian, this peta campaigne is incredibly misinformed, baby seals are not allowed to but hunted anymore. they once were but not anymore, so the cute babyseal on her shirt is not accurate, also the inuit people of canada’s north, yukon, northwest territoriesm and nunavut live off of seal in winter month, they use the skin for clothes to keep warma nd dry, and eat every last bit of the seal! nothing is spared. Also the over populated seal population consumes thousands of pound of cod. and if the population is allowed to grow the canadian north could face a situation the same as the over fishing of cod in newfoundland that still has not replenished yourself. while i dont think clubbing the seals is the right thing to do, it is a part of canada, and has been around as long as there have communites in the north. get informed before you speak out, know as much as you can!

  • kt

    CanadianChika, ok so just because they’re not actually clubbing BABY seals, it’s still ok to do it? Inflicting as much harm as you can on innocent animals is not alright. I understand we use the fur and meat but really, the least they can do is make it fast. Beating to death and skinning alive is unnecessary.

  • bee

    i understand that anything to do with animal cruelty can be pretty sensitive for a lot of people, but everyone should try and educate themselves before making unfair accusations. if you check this website it will provide you with all sorts of information on the seal hunt and how it is regulated and the seal population is managed. obviously these regulations can not be enforced properly everywhere, so i’m sure there’s some isolated cases where there is serious mistreatment of the animals, but that would likely occur whether the hunt was banned or not. the hunt provides up to 35% of some sealers’ annual incomes, so when PETA and christian serratos are ready to pay to make up for their loss in income, they can complain.

  • camu

    It’s so horrible that people do that to baby seals.. I think it’s awesome that Christian supports this cause, she has always wanted to do something for animals:) By that way, she looks so pretty with that t-shirt, well.. anything she wears she rocks it :D

  • listen to mayday parade

    @CanadianChika: @kt: Its because they are considered a cute animal that people are freaking out. I mean it is horrible and it would be nice for them to find an alternative, but thats just it, the seals are over populated, so hunting has to happen. Its a fact of life. And not only that, when PEOPLE FISH THEY BEAT THE FISHES HEAD IN TO KILL IT, ONCE TWICE, THREE TIMES, AS MANY TIMES AS THEY NEED TOO. Im just saying, if I fish was cuter, and not eaten by EVERYONE and their pets then maybe Peta2 would have something against it. But they dont. Hate one, hate the other. Or dont hate at all.

  • green

    oh my.. that is soooo horrible!!! I want kill that people.. sorry my english but… son unos monstruos los que actuan de esa manera. eso es completamente sadico e inhumano… es decir, solo que se pudran esos asesinos!

  • rii

    @kt: please look up how seals are really killed. hunters generally only hit them once or twice with a spiked club – they try to make it as instantaneous as possible. did you know that if they used a gun or knife that the seal could still be alive and escape to only suffer and bleed to death? peta always misinforms the public. im not even canadian and i know that what CanadianChika said was pretty much true. go actually research facts before spewing your ignorant comments. what about killing other animals? chickens, cows, fish, deer, etc. just because they arent cute and you normally eat them its ok to kill them? eatings seals is normal in canada. also kt, what else are canadians supposed to do if they cant hunt seal? what other jobs are they supposed to get in the TUNDRA!?! go look up the government in those areas too. the govt wont help with getting them educated well enough for some other job. PEOPLE HUNT SEALS TO FEED THEIR FAMILIES. IF YOU DONT LIKE IT, PLEASE FIGURE OUT HOW TO GET THEM OTHER JOBS IN THE TUNDRA! there are also laws as CanadianChika said. its illegal to kill whitescoats(babies) like peta is trying to say they do. there are also quotas on the amount of seals people can kill so it wont upset the overall population.

  • Shelby

    That is disgusting and it’s beyond me how a human can do something like that. Thank you for posting this, Jared. More people need to know about this.

  • Teagan

    i guess this just proves that canadians are evil and horrible people. they all wake up one morning, grab their clubs and go and bash in the heads of baby seals. afterwards, they go for a refreshing maple-syrup heavy breakfast in their igloos while their pet beavers and polar bears beg for scraps. yep, that’s canada all right.
    honestly, as a proud canadian, nothing bothers me more than misinformed ignorance. this annual seal hunt is vital for our inuit people to survive. FYI, the seals are NOT killed for just their fur. they use ALL of the seal and is one of the only ways they can support themselves. would you rather a whole culture go extinct because seals are cuter than fish or cows or chicken? another reason, WHY the seal hunt happens is overpopulation is because of the lack of whales and fish (you can thank the rest of the world for that – the ocean is the world’s resource). normally, nature (ie the whales) would keep the seal population is check but because of the lack if whales, humans must do this. there are practices and regulations (you actually need a license) and the seals are killed as humanely as possible -> those peta videos? outdated. those t-shirts, as “cute” as they are in no way accurate. baby seals, or seal pups are they are correctly known, are ILLEGAL to kill. never once does a LEGAL seal hunter “skin the baby seals alive, dragging them across the ice”. a poacher might do this, but does this in no way reflect canada as a whole, especially since the seal hunt takes place in the northwest territories, yukon, nunavut and newfoundland. it bothers me of the world’s hyprocrisy and double standards…if the inuit people survived solely on fish or sharks, no one would make a fuss but because seals are fuzzy and adorable, ignorant (but well-meaning) people make a fuss. would you honestly be okay with a whole culture of people being unable to provide for themselves because you object to their main type of food? and lastly, peta is hardly a reputable organization. they prey off people by tugging on their heartstrings, rather than letting the actual facts out. they’ve been known to stage and exaggerate just about everything. they also euthanize most of the animals they take in, because they figure they’re better off than living with humans. if you people want to boycott the 2010 olympics because of a traditional, vital practice, be my guest. let the rest of the world enjoy the beauty canada has to offer.
    P.S. do a little research before you attack me with the “so they’re not killing baby seals (SEAL PUPS!!), but that still makes it RIGHT?” makes it no different than killing a cow, but at least the seal has lived a life of FREEDOM, rather than sitting in a stall pumped full of artifical horomones, ready to be made into a Happy Meal. And sorry for the long post, but I’ve seen so much of this i want to scream.

  • canadian :)

    totally agree with CanadianChika and rii,
    also what people don’t understand is that without the income of the seal fishery, those Newfoundlanders can’t support their families. In small outport communities, there isn’t alot of job choices, so many rely on the fishery. There doing something that is LEGAL, and tradition, and is no different than the killing of many other animals.
    Christian Serratos: i suggest you educate yourself, and support a real cause such as illiness charites, SPCA foundations or in the fight against poverty.

  • jahanna

    Regardless animals are being slaughtered for some idiots to wear them. All everyone has to do is stop wearing carcass! It doesn’t make you look cute. It is nasty.

  • poppy

    Spread the word

  • tamara

    @canadian :):

    Dear Canadian you need the education. Humane is to treat all living and breathing animals and people right. White people don’t trump blacks and people don’t trump seals. I hate when you want to do right as a cause and people argue there’s a better cause. You should NEVER get an income off of the blood of others. Poverty DOES NOT TRUMP DEATH! We are human and have brains now go and use them and find a cleaner life style and income!

  • sandra

    People are ignorant! Defending the murders of the seals with the overpopulation. F that. We have an overpopulation of people what do you want to do about that?

  • tamara

    Just don’t buy the darn seal that’s all!

  • winona


    You need help. It’s not ok to kill any living breathing being for you to eat or wear. Just because people eat and kill cows does not give you freedom to kill every animal for selfishness! They are killing humans in parts of the world because they believe their bones hold luck and magic. So should we start here too? Don’t be a follower your probably smarter than that.

  • Seal-o

    i love how ridiculous some of you people are. HOW MANY TIMES HAVE PEOPLE TOLD YOU THAT BABY SEALS ARE NOT KILLED AND SEALS ARE NOT KILLED FOR THEIR FUR – THEY USE EVERY DAMN PART OF THE SEAL. THEY’RE NOT KILLED JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT. GOD. some of you are ignorant. way to stick your heads in the sand, winona, sandra, tamara and jahanna. way to totally ignore what people have said just because you don’t like it. they know the facts obviously you don’t. and for all of you decrying the seal hunt, i really hope all of you are eat vegan, wear vegan clothes and leave a vegan-friendly footprint – otherwise you’re a bunch of damn hypocrites. and winona? would you rather let a whole group of people be unable to support themselves because of some puffed-up person who was problems with them eating seal? honestly, you’re smarter than that.

  • renee


    Why dont we use ALL OF YOU. U ok with that? We’ll make sure no part goes waisted. OK?

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