Selena Gomez Hides Her Ears

Selena Gomez Hides Her Ears

Selena Gomez caught up with Seventeen mag recently to take part in their Body Breakthrough series.

The 17-year-old starlet shared her self-imperfection, saying, “My ears are something that I’ve always been weird about. If you notice, in everything I do, I kind of use my hair to cover it up a lot. But, I actually have started to kind of put my hair behind my ear. I feel that there’s a point in everybody’s life where they think that they’re not perfect and they look in the mirror and see what could be better.”

Sel continued, “One of my best friends told me to get up every morning and try say to yourself, ‘I am beautiful’, every single morning. And that helped a lot. And it just gets to a point where it’s exhausting wanting to be like someone else and wanting to be this certain way. I think God made you who you are. Embrace it!”

Selena Gomez: Tell Yourself You’re Beautiful
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  • caronline


  • Bea

    Everything she does is perfect, everything of her is perfect.

  • Fernanda

    aw, she’s so PERFECT! LOVE HER ♥

  • lulu

    no offence but i wonder if she’s doing this to make everone say she is beautiful :(

  • none

    I never noticed that she hid her ears. Has anyone ever met Jennifer Stone? I was just wondering if she is as nice she seems or if she isn’t. I have meet her friend Dani and she doesn’t seem to be nice. Dani seems to be rude and stuck up so I was just wondering?

  • I met Selena gomez b4,amazing!

    I freakin luvv her,aww shes sooo beautiful/pretty! theres nuttin wrong bout sel, I met her b4,and she is just soo pretty/funny and awesome!!! i justtt got my braces off and i actually hate my teeth lol,they look & feel big and stuff! lol but i agee with sel! keep on rockin =D thanks 4 bein an amazing role model!

  • Just Jill

    @none: Jennifer Stone is as amazing as Selena is

  • listen to mayday parade

    Man Selena is gorgeous.. I was watching an episode of wizards and her hair was up, but she had one of those elastic headbands on and she put the elastic over her ear while she was filming… so I guess maybe she thinks they stick out. They dont, and they are small. She is tres gorgeous, like she looks like a porcelain doll. I honestly think shes the prettiest one in hollyood. Naturally pretty atleast. And best hair, im jealous of her hair. I wish i had someone doing my hair every day!

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!


  • caronline

    @lulu: Sorry, but thats a really ridiculous thought. And i don’t think thats the reason. She has always said she was uncomfortable with her ears, I read an article back in 07 or early 08 of her saying that she hides her ears. And do you think people say they’re fat just so other people will call them thin, i don’t think so.

  • mandy09

    shes absolutely gorgeous, nothing wrong with her….

  • mandy09

    besides shes natural beauty!!! to me shes so perfect!!!

  • aNA

    omg this girl is so cute! Love her!! and shes so right! Love yourself always forget about being perfect just be who you are and Embrace it!

  • sellythebest

    shes the most amazing person in the bussiness…. shes so nice, and downt to earth, and extremly beautiful….

  • sellythebest

    @aNa yayy im so agree with you…. shes super cute!!!

  • eVeRy1RoXx

    her skin is like glowing here,like she got a little tan & her hair looks so full and soft here. she actually looks very gorgeous right here!

  • davidhot

    She’s beautiful indeed.

  • Selaly

    Selena is perfect to me though,
    She is amazingly gorgeous, seriously she looks gorgeous in anything she wears, even a plain Tee with a short/jeans.
    I love her everything actually!. She is so down to earth.

    and BTW I feel kind of sad about this, maybe I am too familiar with her happy face!. LOL…

  • Annie

    Selena is perfect!!!

  • ANA lorena


  • http://WWW.E!.COM HudgensEfron

    Did I said before that she is awesome person?

  • act_sing_star

    selena is SO honest!! i LUVV her!!

  • Adam

    Selena is so beautiful! I love her!

    JJJ, when are you going to post her latest YouTube video up?

  • meghan

    wow that was somethin to say

  • Shellfish

    Yeah. Freakin easy for you to say.

  • Carla

    qué guapa :|

  • Max kennedy

    I think God made you who you is a reasonable confidence builder and gives the glory to God. Just needed that statement right now.

  • danielle

    i hate zanessa

  • danielle

    i love her even though she hides her ears!!!im her super #1 biggest fan!!!!!

  • selenafan

    she’s a WAY better role model than miley cyrus. i mean seriously. miley pole dances, she wears inappropriate clothes, she’s going on an inappropriate show (sex and the city) and she took revealing pictures of herself.
    selena hasn’t made a mistake like miley yet, and i’m happy about that. she really deserves much more attention from people as she deserves. she is a much much better role model than miley. she even did unicef and she tries to use her power to make a difference inthe world. she even went to ghuana or whatever that place was called to help underprivileged people. she’s so nice and she truly seems genuine. i hope people will soon realize that and disney should have dropped miley long ago. miley doesn’t deserve to get the fame and money she’s gettting. i mean, don’t get me wrong, i love miley and selena both equally, but i’m just saying how miley is getting worse and worse for her younger fans.

>>>>>>> staging1