Tyler Dean Wants A Girl Like Taylor Swift

Tyler Dean Wants A Girl Like Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift flew to the top of the charts with her debut single “Tim McGraw.” Bet she never expected to have a song named after her.

Maybe it will happen to Tyler Dean, who has penned a new single called “Taylor Swift.”

The Tennessee-born teen singer wrote the lyrics to the song which say, “I need a song that will turn her head/One that says something that I’ve never said/To make her turn the lightest shade of red/And really come alive/Maybe she’s just a little too pretty/Out of reach and way too busy/What can I do when the honest truth is/I want a girl like Taylor Swift.”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Tyler’s song for Taylor?

Tyler Dean – “Taylor Swift”
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  • dlfann

    it’s pretty good, but i think “tim mcgraw” is way better

  • http://- Mellz

    first !

  • adam

    not bad, I don’t blame him!

  • janelle

    ha thats funny

  • hahazZ

    nice!! so sweet!

  • Janniit

    Aww thats cute =)


    Omg I really like it, that’s so cute. I’d be flatered.

  • fan1234


  • jenna

    i think it’s a desperate cry for attention. tryin to get some fame from her name.

  • http://www.myspace.com/swedishemily Emily

    I LOVE IT!

    jenna: so what? it’s a good song! let him use taylor swift name for fame!

  • Sarah.nl

    I agree. I wonder how Taylor thinks of this song though. :P

  • http://twitter.com/iSafiraa Safira

    I think it’s sweet. But also a bit creepy. :S

  • adiore

    crrr—aaazyyy! (in a cute kind of way). That was bold of him especially since he doesn’t really have a relationship with her.

  • http://www.myspace.com/sfarmer76 Steven

    can’t blame a guy for trying… LOL… ;) :)

  • dany!

    OMG, hahaha it’s a little bit funny and kind of cute!!! i like it !

  • alexia

    hahaha let’s see if Taylor will call him

  • tswiftfan

    “Tim McGraw” is a better song than “Taylor Swift”…I’m just saying…I think his doing this so he gets more attention for his song cause he uses Taylor’s name. Not saying that’s bad but that’s what I think.

  • jess

    its cute! in a weird kind of way
    but the song is a little catchy =)

  • Kathi

    cute idea.
    i am sure taylor swift liked it
    but i think tim mcgraw was WAY better than this ;)

  • sarah

    eeeeeeeeeew taylor sucks, she will stalk you…

  • Freja

    cough, never gonna happen, cough

  • Emmy

    Yeah, its never gonna happen…But its a catchy song!

  • Sophie

    Taylor did the same thing with using a big name like Tim Mcgraw as a title

  • bailey

    I have never heard him but from this song i already DO NOT like him!!! because i DON’T like taylor swift at all!!!!!

  • vanessa

    i think this is weird creeepy .THATS MY OPINION but I LOVE TAYLOR SWIFT

  • act_sing_star


    thats sweet that he wrote a whole song about how he wants a grl like tay! and honestly, who doesnt :)

  • viky

    i think he might know him from when he was young cuz he is from tennesee and he siad the first time i heard u sing was when we were thirteen and taylor used tim mcgraw but that doesnt mena she was trying to use his name for fame

  • cam

    I don’t blame him, Taylor is sweet & pretty. It’s kind of cute, & he’s kind of cute too. I would be flattered.

  • kay

    aw. its cute. super flattering. i wonder if taylor has heard it.

  • nicole

    why are people saying tim mcgraw is better than this? it’s not like he was trying to beat out tim mcgraw, lol you guys post the most random things.

    this song is okay, but yeah..i think he just used her name as a way to get attention.

  • music

    tyler dean didnt write the song, curb records wrote it, because they are trying to use taylors name to make money, taylor swift only allowed one singer to write a song with her name in it and it was released july 16th, its a song taylor had a part in writing,. here http://www.cdbaby.com/Artist/JustinByrd1

  • Tiffany

    I love this song! OMG.

  • pearl

    LMAO……Gosh this song is the funniest thing ive heard all day….cudos to him tho……..some websites are saying he’s a stalker and creepy…lol….people calm down,this whole story is just too entertaining……am screaming with laughter really,you know part in the song where he says he’s number, and says,call me 24/7,,,blah blah blah…so funny….anyway,you shud check out his myspace,thats where i heard it from cz i cudnt hear it from jared,something wrong with my net….anyway,he sounds alright,not stalker-rish….

  • Sure

    this is hilarious first of all taylor would never expected i wonder what she thinks?? jaja o yeah the song wasn’t bad.

  • Celeb_Angel

    I like it …

  • lalalove

    I find this a little strange and creepy, I’m not gonna lie. lol Taylor Swift is awesome though. :]

  • Rosie

    Well, I think it’s a cute song. Dont think hes trying to get attention or anything.

  • chelsea

    @tswiftfan: yeah i kinda agree

  • chelsea

    I hope that’s not his real number lol!

  • alyssa

    ooh.eehm.gee!:D i looooove it! hahahahha! the song’s soo cute.:)

  • ema

    I think the song sucks and is so stupid it makes him sound so despret and when taylor swift wrote the song tim m. she used it as a way when you hear him think of me and tyler d. used it as call me your sexy blah blah……..

  • KaraLea

    i’ve researched all the media comments and how they talk about how this song is supposedly creepy. i think this video and song is cute! i know if i got a song named after me i would be flattered! How often does a girl get a song named after her along with a guy singing it?!

  • carly

    wow….this is gonna start some drama.i can tell(:
    maybe she should give him a chance if he likes her that much
    that he writes a song about her:)

  • Courtnee and sara

    I think he has a serious problem with starvation… FOR ATTENTION!!!! He’s not even slightly attractive and i think it would ruin her career if she even considered giving him the time of day. Which by the way her career is failing anyways cause she cant sing and she looks like a chicken.. She has a horrible anorexic looking thing of a body. Her legs are attached to her face and she has buck teeth. And for tyler.. Well he needs to rethink his whole perspective on singing cause he sucks also. I just think this whole thing is a really bad nightmare.

  • Courtnee and sara

    I dont like it.

  • Hahaha

    Laughable. Jenna I completely agree with you. I know his manager and he is so high on this kid…. Really this is garbage and the artist has little to no talent and dances in a very weird way. If you want a real artist check out any honky tonk in Nashville.

  • http://none Kate

    @bailey: Okay, so you saw that the title of this article had “Taylor Swift” in it, and you read it still, considering you hate her. Why?

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