Jonas Brothers: Double Date Disaster!

Jonas Brothers: Double Date Disaster!

The Jonas Brothers strike up a conversation in this new still from JONAS.

In the upcoming episode “Double Date,” Joe discovers Stella (Chelsea Staub) is going on a date with the star jock Van Dyke Tosh, so he says he has a date as well. When Van Dyke asks Joe and his date to join, Joe quickly covers by asking Macy (Nicole Anderson) out. The double date turns disastrous as Stella and Joe try to one-up one another.

“Double Date” premieres on Sunday, November 8 @ 8:30PM ET/PT on Disney Channel.

10+ JONAS stills inside…

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Photos: Eric McCandless/Disney Channel
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  • Naomi

    Oh goodness, I have a feeling this will be a good one.

  • mareen

    this episode is gonna be AWESOME!
    I love Joe/Stella stuff (:

  • Ratisisters

    Great!!!!!!!Cant wait!!!!!!!!Peace Love And Jonas bb

  • bella

    no entiendo
    igual no veo la serie o comedia
    I love demi and miley

  • lulu

    nick is sooooo hot!! xx

  • lulu

    nick is soooo hot!! xx

  • Chris

    I love Jonas but I will admit to being tired of most episodes revolving around Joe and Stella. I would like to see something different.

  • Courtney

    JONAS is the best show on Disney Channel!

  • AJ

    Oooh sounds great! I bet Macy will be thrilled with the offer from Joe haha

  • audrey

    i love joella! can’t WAIT!!!!

  • memoona

    oOoOoOo this is gonna be a good one! This show is awesome!

  • act_sing_star

    @Chris: i agree!!

    i mean, its cute the joella storyline, but i mean, some times u get bored of the same thing over and over and over. i would like 2 c an episode where theres another grl joe falls 4 and stella has 2 win him back, because thats the exact opposite on the show

  • Raven

    Is this season 2? I thought “Haunted Firehouse” was the last episode in season 1. I love that episode!

  • brooke

    Another Joe episode? Seriously? C’mon I WANT MORE NICK AND KEVIN PEOPLE! I love Joe, but I wanna see more of the other characters besides him and Stella. Like Nick and Kevin!

  • Gossip Girl

    Joe looks sexy when he’s mad! LOL!

  • taaaami

    I Loove Joonas very very much !

  • Deen

    i love joe, he is awesome!

  • niiqqiih!

    I looove jonasbros they r the best luv u nick

  • Ella

    Another episode about Joe!!! haha ;)

  • Alex

    I agree. I’m tired of Joe. Seriously, in all of season 1, only one revolves around Nick, and I don’t think any are centered on Kevin. They should balance it out. I’m getting tired of Joe. And can’t the producers think of anything else other than love? Change it up, no wonder there aren’t too many veiwers!

  • chichi

    nick jonas is a total man lover, he loves men. lOOK AT HIM, HIS JACKET IS SO TOTALY FROM DONNA KARAN. hiS JACKET is sucha woman’s jacket, the material and the way he puts his collar up like a high society woman with some pearls. hELLO GIRLFRIEND, Get out of my face and stop trying to be so cool. you are 16.

  • mrs.nickj!

    AWW! joe and stella are gonna finally kiss!<33333333333

  • D

    umm do u no they kiss in this episode, like 2 times!!:D

  • silntwaves

    Yal are slow! if you really loved em then you wouldnt care if it revolved around joe or not.


    I love this episode !!
    oh! And follow me on Twitter !!

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