Robert Pattinson Covers USA Weekend

Robert Pattinson Covers USA Weekend

Robert Pattinson lets his golden eyes shine as he graces this weekend’s cover of USA Weekend.

The 23-year-old actor chatted with the mag about his iconic character Edward Cullen, musical adventures and what’s to come after the Twilight series is wrapped. Check it:

On escaping through his music: “It’s nice to have a bit of artistic or creative endeavor that isn’t so pressurized. So many people have an opinion, especially when you’re doing the Twilight movies. Making this movie, it’s almost as if people have become more concerned with what the fans want the more successful it becomes. The first one seemed more relaxed than this one, and that one wasn’t particularly relaxed. But it’s nice to do music where no one’s too concerned with what I’m doing with it. It’s kind of a relief.”

On his character, Edward Cullen: “In some ways, he’s more relaxed being around humans, and at the same time, he’s competing a lot more with Jacob [played by Taylor Lautner] so he has a lot more petty emotions rather than just thinking in these absolutes like he did in the first two. I’m just trying to keep it interesting for myself as well.”

On what life will be like after Twilight: “I’ve just been so tightly bound. I did another movie in New York over the summer, and it was so tightly bound to Twilight. You have huge groups of fans and paparazzi and stuff, and it was a tiny little indie. It still felt like I was doing a Twilight movie in a lot of ways. It’ll be interesting to see how I’ll feel about the whole thing a couple years after it’s all finished.”

USA Weekend appears in newspapers nationwide.

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  • Dianaaa

    Team Edward, Team Rob, Team Robsten! <3



  • brad

    hes wayy better than taylor. een though i don’t like rob, hes better than taylor, taylor seems kinda uumm GAY too me.

  • twilighter

    omg he is so gorgeous wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    love him
    team edward
    awwwwwwwwww his eyes r so dreamy

  • Amalie

    He is amazing in everything he does.
    && def. better than Taylor, duh. ;P

  • teamROBWARD


  • just jokin

    nicee make up …………

  • act_sing_star

    im not rob pattinson obsessed, but o. my. GOD!!!! he looks SOOOOOOO hot!

  • khristi

    It’s amazing to me that this guy is basically telling everyone that he’s been driven completely insane by this whole Twilight thing, and he’s saying things in a very roundabout way that alot of what you see is very driven by the studios. I guess you guys are going to do what you will with that information, and choose to believe what you want to believe. He seems just a tad bit overwhelmed and people still won’t leave him alone, it’s not like he’s in a boy band.

  • jess

    wow enough

  • Deen

    omg! why is he so damn perfect? love him, love him, and love him, he is soo hot!

  • tena

    He is honest and he looks amazing in the picure:)

  • ceci

    ahhhhhh love him so much!!!

  • irene

    He must really hate doing Twilight, with all the fans stalking him.

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