Selena Gomez & David Henrie: Capricho Cover Couple

Selena Gomez & David Henrie: Capricho Cover Couple

On screen siblings Selena Gomez and David Henrie take the November 2009 cover of Brazil’s Capricho magazine.

The duo chatted about their successful Wizards of Waverly Place The Movie, being green and enchanting spells.

David shared that he would love to make the McReary Time Reary spell, all because it reverses time and you could keep doing things over and over again.

TELL JJJ: What’s your favorite Wizards spell?

The November 2009 issue of Capricho mag is on stands now.

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  • Jake

    Just another disney money making machine. Once they start to get unpopular, disney will throw them out just like before. I hate disney. All they care about is money.

  • nickj.lover

    david Henrie is SOOO cute! follow me on twitter! @anaflavias2jb Thanks :D

  • Georgia Andressa

    YESSSS!!! haha
    I’m Brazilian!!
    I will buy!!!!
    Love Selena and David!!

  • @teamselenbr

    so perfect couple =)
    thanks again!!

  • Thiago

    Proud to see Brazil here in JJJ….

    really good 2 see !

    and WoWP rocks here in Brazil !

  • mart

    im going to buy it now! i cant waitf or read… i loe capricho and i love tem so its gonna be ah – mazing! i have all capricho’s magazines since 2007! i just love it!

  • Calee

    they love to put photoshop in the best people on cover!
    they did it with Vanessa Hudgens, Zac Efron, and now, David Henrie

  • aa

    Selena’s hand!! =O siblings?? Mm i don’t think soo…
    Grea movie! Cool show…

  • alexia

    it’s my favorite magazine ever!! hahaha and i’m from brazil

  • alexia

    PS: i didnt knew that they were daiting haha

  • caronline

    @alexia: they’re not dating. Thats ashame! I love them together! Love the movie and show and the cast, of course!!!

  • ana be.


  • Smacky35

    If they were dating i’d find it really creepy coz their like brother and sister on the show.

  • sellythebest

    i love this couple…. both looks so cute together….

  • sellythebest

    sel always looks so gorgeous and perfect!!!

  • Gabriella

    Capricho *-* so cool

  • Livia valle

    That’s so perfect to see Brazil at JJJ.
    They’re perfect! ;D

  • Juliana

    Yeeep! I’m goin to buy tomorrow *-* Just lov Capricho!

    Brazil in JJJ *-* Proud of it

  • sofia


  • @teamselenabr

    follow us =)

    news da Sel always!!

  • aline

    BRAZIL in JJJ :O aaah I’m so happy! I’ll buy of course!!!!!!

  • camila

    I always buy Capricho is just the best magazine ever just saying

  • isabel

    I ALWAYS buy Capricho and I think they have so many good covers. But, usually, we don’t have judge the book for the cover. In this magazine, everything’s good: the cover, what’s inside, the site, EVERYTHING.


  • angela

    the photo is not photoshop…
    theyd make a cute couple!!!!

  • alana

    BRAZIL ON JJJ ?? OMG ! that’s so niceeeeeeee haha =))

    i love david and selena, of course i’ll buy it ! =))

  • alexia

    @caronline i know now, i I read the magazine cover, and say that they TALK about DAITING, not they are DAITING hahaha

  • larissa

    BRAZIL ON JJJ??? #2

    hahahahahaha we’re so so happy to see it :) really cool


  • Melody

    well done PHOTOSHOP their faces are not that shiny nauraly! at least i hope!

  • act_sing_star

    selena+single+david+single=1 really cute couple!

  • Lara

    BRAZIL ON JJJ! yaaay! I’m proud of Brazil. I’ll totally buy. It’s so happy for us see our country here, hahaha. we love JJJ. I think that Selena and David should date haha. they’re a cute couple *-*

  • Lara

    and there’s someting about Demi too. she told that she prefers sing than act and swear that don’t care about what people say about her

  • letícia

    Brazil on JJJ! Love it!
    Capricho mag rules!

  • ooi

    BRAZIL ON JJJ ?? OMG ! that’s so niceeeeeeee haha =))

    i love david and selena, of course i’ll buy it ! =))

  • carol

    so happy Brazil is on JJJ!

  • Lety

    OMG!!!! Brazil in JJJ : I`m soo Proud on it!!!! I`m from Brazil… sooo cool!!!! MEU DEUS Brasil no JJJ: Estou tão orgulhosa !!!! Eu sou do Brasil… isso ‘tão legal !!! Hey brazilians our country is in JJJ =] … LOve brazil and of course i`m gonna buy CAPRICHO !!!!

  • letícia

    Make some noise brazilian girls!!!
    I’m sooooo happy!

  • jb lover

    they are a CUTE couple (= will they ever realize that?

  • Alexandre

    Until the end of a quote from the news that Brazil,
    Princiipalmente, have Selena and David two DIVOS fan of them … so much!

    Yesss … Brazil!


  • babygirl

    I wish they will become a couple. They’re cute together.

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    sooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuttteeee <3

  • mArina

    I was freaking out yesterday when i bought mine *-*

  • Talita_austin

    OMG CANT BELIEVE!! =D But, Capricho, wheres Jake?? I WANT JAKE, dnt want DAVID >/Aw, and IM BRAZILIAN /

  • Talita_austin

    Wheres Jake?? I jst luv da Capricho, but wheres Jake?? I WANT JAKE, >/ I cant believe u guys didnt put Jk, but put David!?!!! >/
    I cant believe, CH… In da next edition, can u guys plz put Jake? Omg…
    Jake’s a way better than David, no doubt ..
    But I’ll buy, of course, I luv CH and I luv WOWP ;D da best show ever, rocks hr in Brazil :)
    And, Brazil in JJJ? THATS AWESOMEEE !!! =D
    Aww, I want Jake :(

  • @marinascampos

    BRAZIL ROCKS! I was so happy when I saw that Capicho were in JJJ. I already bought this magazine,, the picture of David is perfect !

  • Marina

    I’m from Brazil!!! It’s great to see Capricho hear in JJJ hahah :)))

  • Annedworak

    not going to buy it! they suck, not selena and david, but the magazine! once they wrote MILEY CIRUS :@

  • Annedworak

    of course its cyrus, dãr

  • Annie

    I love Selenaaaaa

  • Jéssica

    OMG! I do not believe CAPRICHO is on JJJ! I’m Brazilian *-* <3

  • marina

    Good, I have this magazine and I love Sel… :)

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