Vanessa Hudgens: To The Airport And Back

Vanessa Hudgens: To The Airport And Back

Bundled in a Love Quotes Italian Linen Scarf, Vanessa Hudgens grasps onto her phone as she arrives at LAX airport in Los Angeles on early Friday morning (October 23).

The 20-year-old actress has been working hard in Vancouver on her upcoming action flick, Sucker Punch.

Vanessa recently opened up to Seventeen mag about her body insecurities. She shared, “I think you just gotta work with what you got. You can always want to improve yourself, there’s nothing wrong with that. I think being healthy is great…Just have fun, don’t beat down on yourself too hard.”

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Credit: Whittle; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • soffi

    I’ve missed you

  • soffi

    i love you baby V, so much ♥ (perfect cassual outfit)

  • Katie g!

    love her <3
    she looks tired though =/
    not that i blame her haha
    sucker punch is gonna be awesome =)

  • Maria-Chiara

    She looks good tired…
    so cute!

  • amy.

    finally too.
    where’s she been hiding? :P
    sucker punch is gonna be the best movie ever, some action! x
    love you v.

  • be4 the sit

    OMG is that real , wooooooooooow i’m so happy to see her again i have missed her aloooooooot

  • Nessafan4eva

    She looks exhausted but beautiful as always.. i missed u soo much. its good to see you. Love you.

    Remember we support you no matter what !

  • cantwaitfornewmoon

    i love her
    i think she looks the best without makeup than anyother disneystar

  • jazmin

    She looks great kinda sleepy…although it seems that she took an early flight. Wonder why she is here? Just happy to see a photo of her.

    Love her.

    Thanks JJjr.

  • athenais

    I ask me why she’s in los Angeles … and alone, where is Zac …

    She’s tired but she’s working hard on her movie.

  • sara12

    I miss her


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  • vanny

    love her sooo much
    she is defenetly a naturally beauty<3

  • Carol

    She looks beautiful even sleepy

    How can she looks like that after a early flight I really don’t know.
    Too gorgeous!

    Love her!!!!

  • zanessa is luv

    i love her til death..
    what’s the reason for her coming back at LA?
    were they finish at sucker punch?
    (looking tired but A-mazing though :) )

  • Anma

    I’ve missed her! <3

  • Masbonita

    YEAH ,V pictures !!! I love her Chanel ring !!!

  • Camii

    Aw she looks beautiful’ <3
    And very tired =)

  • jazmin

    @zanessa is luv:

    SP does not finish filiming until January 2010. Zac is the one done with filming. Who knows….all I know is I’m happy to see a pix.

  • Jess!

    I love her! ♥
    gorgeous without makeup

  • bibi

    Looking really gorgeous as usual! Wonder if she is here for some quick type of business? Anyway, she looks lovely even after a so early flight!

  • London Lemming

    @athenais: Zac is still in Vancouver seeing as filming only wrapped yesterday.He should be back in LA early next week,as he is rumored to be attending he Premiere for the MJ movie,@zanessa is luv: Vanessa has said herself that she does not filming SP until Mid January. Maybe shes back in LA for work related purposes? Evan (her manager) has been seen numerous times with her in vancouver over the past couple of weeks….

  • tess

    oh finallyyyyyy vanessa, looking good without makeyp, she is so naturally beautiful!!!!

  • Jess!

    @zanessa is luv:
    SP finish in february 2010

  • nikki

    wheres zacc :(

    she pretty

  • istar

    she looks sooo pretty without and with makeup <3
    i can’t wait for her future projects!

  • jlene

    My thought is that she flew in with Zac and their back in LA. Vanessa is the decoy so as to not attrack alot of attention but yes, my thoughts are that they are both back in LA. This is just my thought.
    Great to see her though, she looks awfully sleepy but otherwise very beautiful.

  • peggy

    @London Lemming:

    Zac supposed to be back in LA today someone on twitter said – he may be already there since Ben Sherwood mentrioned that he was taking an early morining flight but didn’t say who was going with him

  • teamhudgens

    Love you so much..
    she’s amazing <3

  • she looks great! =]

    Its funny she has a BLACKBERRY now and so does ZAC :P
    how cute :) they both had an IPHONE now they have BB :)

    Lovee ZANESSA!! =]

  • Katieee

    Maybe she had days off…she won’t be in the full SP movie all the time their will be scenes without her so she might have time off and decided to come home……to see family maybe
    anyways nice to see her back =] missed her, she needs to go sleep

  • athenais

    if Zac come back today, why Vanessa don’t back with him

    the person on twitter seems to be Ben sherwood and he said that Zac , Amanda and the cast fly to LA but Amanda Crew is canadian … why she go to LA

  • kami


    i thought the same thing. when they went to vancouver right after the tcas, the paps got vanessa at lax but not zac. then they got them both at the vancouver airport getting off the same flight. they are getting really sneaky. :)

  • bMC

    WOW. this is such a H.S. Musical centric crowd. These kids compliment Vanessa on looking exhausted, then proceed to rip other beautiful talented people to shreds. HSM is gone kids; mature and start to learn about other stars who can actually act.

    Anyway, I hope Vanessa does well. Whatever happened to Bandslam at the box office? Seem like they took it down really fast. I thought Vanessa did well in a couple scenes! But not many other kids went to see it. I sat in a almost empty theater.

  • http://justjaredjr Isabella (from Italy)

    She looks tired. I love her ♥

  • Bradley Bobst

    Vanessa looks gorgeous.

  • fabp

    tired but still looking fabulous! hope to see more couple sightings now they’re back in LA (hopefully)….style-diva, fab!

  • kami


    i guess there are lots of really young fans on here. i’m always amazed at the “fans” who rip her apart. she’s either looking tired, her hair is not right, they don’t like her shoes, boots, jeans or whatever. then they’ll throw in a comment about her being pretty. must be the “love” they get from their own parents. some fans.

  • Just Jill

    @bMC: Yeah, she did amazing in that film, so did Aly and Gaelan and the rest of the cast was great. Summit put too much faith in the Jacob Black clip shown before the film to lure viewers in. It wasn’t promoted properly

  • peggy


    Ben never said anyone but himself was flying home to LA. Also if they come out diffeent exits or take different planes ZV won’t get mobbed by the paps

    Also she has her own career she may have business

  • e

    I think she looks great, a little tired but that’s understandable.
    I wonder why she went back, and so early at that, maybe it was for a business meeting or a photoshoot or something, otherwise I doubt she would have to take a flight that early. And I don’t know about Zac being there yet, sure he’s done filming but would he really let Vanessa go alone to deal with the paps while he snuck out through another door, oh well, we might find out, good to see her again though.

  • istar

    @: haha, i noticed that too!

  • Bradley Bobst


    So true.

  • Jess!

    i don’t understand your point! =

  • vfan

    Yaay! I’m so happy to see her.
    I love her outfit, and i think she still looks pretty
    even though she looks tired. :)

  • peggy


    The paps got her leaving after the TCas but not him and at that hour in the morning they probably thought there would be very few it doesn’t look like more than a pap or two anyway.

    Besides they knew if they came out together all hell would probably break loose. He also could have come out and the paps just missed him.

  • Sassy

    I’m wondering where’s Zac? His leading lady looks tired but gorgeous!!!

  • jjeenniiffeerr

    no make-up. Pretty and effortless!

  • Vhudgensno1fan

    Is that her finished Sucker Punch then?

    Lokks gorgeous as alwayss it amazes me that she looks inceribly gorgeous 110% of the time

  • Jordan

    I think Zac is in/or going to england. I think he’s going to do a TV Show there promoting the Orson Wells film.

    VAnessa looks to good. How can she be that tired, Wear just a little make-up and still look better than anyone else on the planet :)

  • Swiss

    I bet Vanessa is On Zac’s Cellphone plan, because I saw him with a blackberry too. And they’ve been together for so long I wouldn’t be too surprised. If she was on Zac’s cellphone plan