Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas: Toluca Lake Twosome

Demi Lovato & Joe Jonas: Toluca Lake Twosome

Joe Jonas pays a visit to BFF Demi Lovato at her home in Toluca Lake, Calif., on Friday morning (October 22).

After a limo came to pick Joe up, Demi and her stepdad drove to the Center Staging Studio in Burbank.

Rumors of the two dating have spread across the internet after they were spotted on a double date with Kevin Jonas and Danielle Deleasa in Toronto, Canada. Demi and Joe just recently wrapped filming on Camp Rock 2.

10+ pics inside of Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas

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Credit: Sam Sharma; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • dan

    i dont think this is for real… but they look hot together

  • Hey

    didn’t people say this when the first camp rock came out…

  • bailey


  • Anna

    i doubt there dating lol

  • daniela

    Demi looks really good
    i love her so much!!!

    and joe wow he looks really

  • chelle

    i dont think they’re dating either, but they are cute together :)

  • bella

    I love demi and joe
    jemi jemi

  • christine

    LIMO !? wtffff, fame coming to their heads

  • Deen

    i love them both, but yes, they are not dating.. they are really best friends and that is all.

  • eVeRy1RoXx

    limo from/to some1s house???? lol

    they sure don’t look like they were dressed for an event o_O

    demi looks ……….ehh…….I like her voice. lol

  • Jill

    wow i love how tonight people are saying joe was with brenda and now with demi…he is fricken amazing..first man to be in two places at once! lol

  • ashley

    Ahh. I really hope theyre dating :D
    Jemi forever!! <3

  • badhabit

    sorry to say, but Demi can do SO much better than Joe. my thought.

  • Jason

    DANG, Demi looks hella fug without makeup. She’s lucky she’s got a voice otherwise…ew.

  • Morggss

    I think that they look so cute together,
    but i dont think that they are dating.

    Especially with that photo of Demi and Dirk Mai

  • SJS

    I think it’a about time people realize that Joe just has a lot of female friends that he hangs out with. Obviously being seen with a girl does NOT mean he is dating them.

  • Alexam

    Jemi I hope that’s true they look very cute togheter

  • sam

    I never realized how unattractive Demi was until now. She looks like a 30 year old mother.

  • kay

    i dont even understand how rumors ‘flew’ after that little ‘double date.’ they were paying more attention to their phones then they were to each other. c’mon now.

  • TV

    Brenda SOng is SOOOOOOOO much hotter than Demi. yuck. Joe, what are you thinking???

  • Patty

    Demi has man shoulders. /: ew……

  • meagan

    Whoa, puffy eyes much Demi?

  • Anonymous

    i dont like demi

  • lEX

    @Jason: Haha, Demi is like a dragqueen when he/she takes all the makeup off. lmao

  • nsjsn

    A limo …. Looks more like an SUV to me, and what’s with all the demi hate

  • Melz

    Demi is so cute
    joe looks ewww

  • someone

    looks like she just got out of the shower. she looks washed out because of the black hair and pale skin.. u need alot of make-up when u have black hair and pale skin.. i would know. she’s sooo pretty with brown hair and pale skin.

    they just came back from being together in toronto and he already went to visit her? cool.. i guess they really are REALLY close.

  • Ann

    They are together!

  • WTF?!

    i don’t know why people have to call other ppl ugly when i’m sure they wouldn’t like it if someone called them ugly… “beauty is in the eyes of the beholder”. pretty sure alot of ppl think you guys are ugly and alot of other ppl may think otherwise.

    demi looks cute and seems really tired and like she just got out of the shower and didn’t have time to get ready.

  • eVeRy1RoXx

    Selena FTW!

    sorry just had

  • harvey

    Yeh dont think she would be seen looking like that with wet hair and no make up if she wanted to impress Joe – looks like just friends.

  • hun98

    They most likely are just friends since they were so close for so long, but they both did just have break ups so I wouldn’t be TOO surprised.. especially since they are both really amazing people. it’d be hard not to be attracted to eachother. she’s the only girl, I’d let Joe have! :P haha jk

  • Hmmm

    LOL I agree hun98, though she’s the only girl I’d let Joe date. Any other girls and they’re dead meat! LOL

  • bella

    demi siempre ha sido hermosa
    dejenla en paz
    y si esta con joe que caso les importa
    se va acbar el mundo
    solo ellos lo pueden decidir no nosotros
    I love demi si res feliz te lo deseo de todo corazón abrazos

  • Jaqueline

    These two would make a really hott couple! Cute too! I think camp rock 2 brought them more together!?

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    they are good together! THEY ARE BOTH SUPER UGLY!

  • Viktoria

    I want them together<3

  • Jenna

    Demi is soo.. beautiful without make-up!!!
    Naturally BEAUTY <3!!!

  • flashdrive

    their dating. i know so! and i think they are absolutely cute together! and i’m happy as long as nick isn’t dating that courtney or whatever chick, for she is WAY to old for him! don’t hate demi cause they are dating. you don’t rent a limo for just a “friend” unless it’s their wedding day or prom.

  • Louberry

    Demi is beautiful and talented :)
    Joe is only beautiful. Besides he walks in Limos to go to people’s houses. Who does that?

    Anyway… They’d be a sweet couple, but I’m sure he’s not Demi’s type :p

  • Pearl

    i dunno wtf is up with all you previous posters,i dont know why most of you are being mean….is it something in your water over there,stop hating…really,eish…..i dont know if it all makes you feel better about your miserable lives,but “down doggies”,should i get your leashes?…..

  • none is reporting that Joe spent the night and got some? Ew do we really need to know if they did it? Can we find someone better to talk about besides Joe, Nick, Kevin, and Frankie Jonas.

  • ChenElle

    They’re not going out!!
    Joe and Dems went out in 2007 but they
    didn’t think it was right!!

    Joe and Demi are like brother and Sister!!!!

  • Ella

    Demi looks so angry in the pictures..
    Last picture of Joe is so cute!!!!!
    A sleep over??!! Why not!! They’ve been friends for so many years, so it’s just normal.. ;)
    Maybe, they’re super comfortable with each other now..
    But we still don’t know if it’s really a sleep over..

  • lulu

    i think demi’s naturally pretty. let’s be honest, no1 luks that gud without makeup on (unless ur jennifer aniston!!). i dont really lyk her black hair tho. i think she lukd better in camp rock with brown hair and not 2 much makeup, coz usually, she wears alot now-a-days! and as much as i think theyd be cute 2gether, i dont think ther dating :( xx

  • tess

    really i like them, but not together

  • Alyssa

    They look cute together but i don’t think their
    dating.. maybe just friends.. but that is a cute
    friendship :D Jemi♥

  • holly

    ewww they cannot be dating thats just disgusting!

  • mariana

    i hope it’s not. i mean, i love then. but i don’t know…

  • franzi

    demi looks sad.
    but pretty :D