Vanessa Hudgens: White Jeans Wonderful

Vanessa Hudgens: White Jeans Wonderful

Vanessa Hudgens turns her back towards the cameras as she arrives at a meeting in Hollywood on Saturday afternoon (October 24).

The 20-year-old actress gave a quick hug to her publicist pal Brit while wearing Siwy Hannah Crop Jean in Snowstorm and toting around her fave Balenciaga “City” black bag. Vanessa also stopped by to visit her mom Gina.

Vanessa, along with BFF Ashley Tisdale and boyfriend Zac Efron, was named one of Glamour UK mag’s 30 Hottest and Sexiest Stars Under 30. Check out the full list at

30+ pics inside of Vanessa Hudgens

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Credit: BauerGriffinOnline, MATINGAS/GAVIN V/LA/WENN; Photos: FlynetOnline, INFdaily
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  • mikaela

    wonder where she’s going…
    she looks WONDERFUL as always
    when does she look ugly?!
    cuz i cant name a time.

  • peggy

    First of all this was this MORNING not this afternoon. So the meeting is probably been over for awhile. GG posted these pics this morning before noon which means they have probably already been an hour or two old.

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    vanessa beautiful as always

  • angel

    where is she going?

  • Isabela


  • sara12

    busy girl .. love her

  • lulu

    she’s not even dressed up and she still luks pretty! xx

  • Ali

    i wish she would stop having her hair like that, she looks sooo much better with it down.

  • heat

    Meeting pictures! woot! Hopefully it’s for an upcoming film. LOVE her jeans and top

  • jess

    and I love her jeans!

  • Jess!

    I love her!!

  • isabela

    so cute. love u, v <3

  • Camii

    she looks Hot’
    and i love what she is wearing’ !!
    Uhh and i wonder if this meeting could be related to the Warner Brothers meeting she supposedly had yesterday..=D
    oh well she is one busy lady .. that’s for sure (;

  • vfan

    I love her! She looks amazing!

  • sally

    she looks great,i wnat to see her face,this is the first time i see her like not dressedup or anything!!
    its kida rare for me to ssee her u know wearing atop and jeans only!1
    nut lookin soo prettylove her so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • halo

    how does she do her hair like that?

  • secret

    i love seeing photos of her.
    im glad shes back !
    shes amazing.

  • Katty

    Hopefully it is for a new movie, which would be awesome. I can’t wait to figure it out. Maybe it has to do with Dead@17.
    I hope she got to see her family, and friends, that would be nice.

    I know this isn’t a Zac post, but is he in LA or Vancouver?? Just wondering.

    Anyways, V looks great, loving them jeans!

  • roxana

    she is rocking those jeans…

  • Just Jill

    @peggy: This was a bit rude. I’m sorry if we have some things to do on the weekend.

  • e

    Vanessa does look amazing in these pics, it’s great to see her out and about again since she will probably head back to Vancouver soon and then “disappear” again, well, unless now that Eclipse and CSC is done the Vancouver-paps will focus on V and the other ladies in SP, who knows, I kinda hope they won’t.


    A twitter said they saw him in Vancouver today or yesterday but you never know how reliable those are.

  • soffi


  • jazmin

    love her jeans…she looks gorgeous like always.

    thanks for posting JJjr…wonder is she’s flying back to Vancouver sometime today?

  • soffi

    love her clothes. ♥ the shoes and the jean! so foxy

  • soffi

    I love you so f*cking much girl!

  • ladysdsandiego

    Hope the meeting is for a new film

    V looks gorgeous which is really nothing new!

  • jglovezanessa

    she always looks hot and sexy i want zanessa sightings to cant they just go get a smoothie or something that is how desperate i am for zanessa sightings but i understand that they want to keep it private i respect them but they are kinda getting less low key because they talk about each other more and dont hide pubic affection there are also RUMORS that vanessa will also be going with zac to the micheal jackson this is it premiere well of course zac is going to take vanessa cause he always take her with him plus there both in LA you could tell that zac looks pretty akward and sad when he is by his self or some one else but with vanessa on the red carpet he cant stop touching her and likes to show her off plus he feels more confident with vanessa and happy i hope they do go to the premiere or get some zanessa sightings before vanessa goes back to working on sucker punch it would be so sweet if zac would go back to vancouver with her. love vanessa to death i cant wait to see sucker punch abbie cornish said vanessa had the biggest gun!!!!!!!! also cant wait for beastly !!!! any vanessa hudgens lovers or zanessa lovers follow me on twitter you will get the latest updates on them

  • Jordan

    I just wish she would stop hiding her face from the papparazzi. I know she wants a little privacy but I think the way she is always hiding her face is what makes some people think she is stuck up.

    I think its actually starting to hurt her image :(

  • daniel


  • crazy!

    aaaw I want to see her beautiful face:)
    And Im sooo jealuse!!! she look SO HOOT in just jeans and a T-shirt but then again when is she not hot,goreouse and absoultly breathtaking? <3
    I hope its for a knew movie or a new CD about that is there anyone who know anything about vanessa working with beyonce,? I saw that on some site and aperently beyonce is helping her with her music!
    Does anyone no if thats true?!:)
    it would be SO AMAZING if it were!:D

  • teamhudgens

    she’s amazing..
    the meeting is for new movie?
    ı want third album :(

  • Vhudsupporter

    @jglovezanessa: Kenny directed “This is it” so they are probably both going to go. IF they are going… I hope they are :)
    Anyways.. She looks stunning. Wonder what the meeting is about :) ?

  • Kimi xx

    I wish I could rock rip white jeans like that! She’s so beautiful even when she’s just in jeans and a t-shirt. I want to see her sunglasses though…

  • Bradley Bobst

    Vanessa looks gorgeous.

  • crazy!

    we need to get vanessa nominated on the “2009 People’s Choice Awards” !!!! just fill in her name or bandslam in the categoies! Lets make our favorite girl WIN!!

  • simplylovely

    love those jeans!!!!! doesn’t ashley tisdale have the same ones??? maybe they share clothes….they probably do…..but maybe they have the same jeans…..BUT IDC I LUV HER!!!!!! SHE’S AWESOME!!!!


    Yay!! We haven’t seen her in months so it’s glad to be able to see her just doing daily things! Not in a creppy way though….
    anyways i absolutly LOVE her jeans! They r sooooo cutte! I want them! Lmao! Plus, her legs r so working out in those pants! They r long and sexyy! :)

  • jazmin


    This is not the first time she hid her face. No matter what she does haters will always find something to bash her on…If she never hides her face and always smile they will say oh….who does she think she is. Love her for who she is…not for what others make her out to be.

  • jglovezanessa

    @Vhudsupporter: now that is a better reason i knew it but i never thought of it thanks now there is a bigger possibility of them 2 going

  • nicci

    @Jordan: Jordan how is she being stuck up? are you serious, Vanessa hate people taking pic of her, the paparazzi make money off of her , that is why she hide her face because if she hide her face they can not publish it. maybe you should become a celebrity , you would definitely feel how some celebrity feel when paparazzi take pic of you and make money off you.

  • peggy

    @Just Jill:

    Didn’t mean to be rude sorry

  • marie

    beautiful as usual! :)

  • fabp

    not a lot of peepz can get away with looking fab, cool and chic in white jeans….V sure got it all RIGHT!!!

  • Pit

    Thank you Jared and Jill = you do a great job providing us with updates….you guys are “the bomb”.

  • Tiptoes

    hope the meeting was productive and fruitful….

    can’t wait to see what her new movie project after SP is ….

  • Tata

    Gorgeous!!! she is just lovely!

  • dadf offense, but vanessa looks really messy in this photo.

    and now comes the tirade i’ll be receiving………..


    she is in talks for dead at 17 i think
    i love thos jeans

  • Jordan


    I didn’t say she was stuck up and I dont think she is. I said others think she is. Before when she use to talk and smile every once in a while she took a lot less flack from haters than she does now.

  • a.j

    love her!!!