Jessica Davis Wins Secret Life Walk On Role!

Jessica Davis Wins Secret Life Walk On Role!

Meet Jessica Davis, Seventeen magazine’s winner of their “Secret reason to not become pregnant” contest.

Jessica wrote an essay on why she’s not looking to become a teenage mother and JJJ found it very inspirational.

For her prize, Jessica will be flying out to Los Angeles and be appearing in a future episode of The Secret Life of The American Teenager.

Check out Jessica‘s inspirational essay inside the cut!

“The most influential reason for me never having unprotected sex in my mom. Not because I’m afraid of what she would do to me, or how it would alter our relationship…but because I value the way she raised me…to think before you leap. My mom died of cancer a year ago and even with her not around, I still abide by the morals that she instilled in me. She always preached to me about safe sex, and I listened closely. I find myself becoming less rebellious as a result of her death, because I want more than anything to respect her, and her memory. She was a great mom and deserves my ultimate respect and abidance, even after her amazing life. I’ve never been a rash person, and I always weighed my options, and their resulting consequences.

“Unlike most teens my age, I’m extremely introverted and have a level head. My boyfriends being similar is helping as well. Although taking birth control everyday is a pain in the butt, I do it everyday without fail. I also make my boyfriend wear condoms as well, because both of us have a bright future in store for us, and neither of us wants to jeopardize it with a possible slip up of missing a pill, or being in the .1% of girls who get pregnant on the pill. Life has variables, and because of that, I prepare myself for the worst. I expect the unexpected, and brace myself for anything and everything that comes my way.

“This is how I was raised, and how I take on life every minute of every day. I know plenty of girls in my school who have unsafe sex regularly, and being in a country with the highest teen pregnancies in
the state, I’m glad I don’t fall into that pool. Thanks to my mom, I’m smart about sex, and because of that, I can look forward to a bright future ahead of me.”

Congratulations, Jessica!

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  • ursha

    Amazing! She deserved the win!

  • nicole

    How old is this chick?
    Isn’t it more inspirational to not have sex?

  • Nicole♥MILEY


  • samantha

    is this a joke? “Secret reason to not become pregnant”? abc/disney love to brainwash, don’t they

  • Emily

    @nicole: Good luck not having sex. I mean, it’s difficult to tell people not to have sex. Because people have it anyway. The best way is to tell people how to do it safe.

    Congrats Jessica. Wonderful and inspiring essay!

  • florence

    yeah good, okay wear condoms take pills and everything but youre missing the meaning about value of sex.. people get attracted sexually of course.. but you cant just have sex you have to wait for the right person to come along and you have to marry that person and if you truly love that person then, yes , do as you please. But no one seems to do that, and i dont just respect mu mom jessica y respect God so i just dont of the blue have sex, and did you know by wearing a condom you actually kill a child? think about it

  • Taylorswiftroxx13

    Okay.. it was a good essay, but obviously she doesnt care, cause she’s still doing it! Hellooo… the only way to be sure not to become pregnant is not to have sex at all! She looks like shes 15 or 16.. seriously? I couldve written way better than that because im willing to WAIT…. oh well, to bad i didnt get this issue of Seventeen thoughh.. Congrats anyway Jessica.

  • George

    @florence: ok… i agree you should wait to have sex until you find the right person but… YOU DON’T KILL A CHILD IF YOU WEAR A CONDOM!!! because if there is no conception there is no child!! i think that’s obvious. You can’t kill something that doesn’t exist!

  • ashytizzyfan

    how is this inspirational? She shouldn’t be having sex at all. I’m sure her mother would want to wait. I think she shouldn’t of won. This is bs

  • xoxo

    okay chill people….yeah she looks a little young to be having sex, but at least she’s honest about it and she’s using safe sex practices. One of my friends who is 21 still looks like shes 15, so dont be to quick to judge either! Okay @florence…you need to fertilize and egg in order to produce a baby…so by using a condom you do not kill anything…just sperm..which dont classify as living things…so drop it.
    I’m 21 now, but had sex with my bf after 6 months of dating when I was 15, and I do not regret that decision, we both felt ready at the time (yes, i know…now that i look back I don’t know how i could have been) and I was with him for several years after that so its not like I was having sex with someone who didnt mean anything to me. all im saying is, you dont know how long she has been with her bf either…so give the girl a break. She made a good point about a lot of teenagers having unprotected sex which is why there are some many teen preganacies and abortions and STD’s around these days, so maybe give the girl some credit here!

  • black

    LOL. ow the whole world knows that she is having sex. isnt this whole thing is about inspiring kids not to have sex?!

  • Emily

    Come on people. Let people have sex. As long as people are safe: whats the problem? Sex is a thing to enjoy, and yes, you should wait for the right person. But there’s many people who are the right persons (for that time of your life).

    You’ll all know when you grow older.

    Once again; congrats Jessica. You do deserve it. And who cares if the whole world knows you’re having sex. Nothing to be ashamed of. There is a lot of people doing it.

  • aaa

    my mom would kill me if I have sex before marriage..
    well, I’m not planing to.

  • Jess

    Ok, for one thing “this chick” is basically 18 and the fact that shes being safe in an environment where everyone else isn’t is an achievement in itself. Also, religion is a tedious subject, and lets keep the whole god thing to ourselves. And seriously, inspiring kids to not have sex? what is this the 1950′s? Teens have sex, get over it, and teach them how to do it safely, and with someone they trust.

  • Dont bash it, till you try it

    First of all… whoever said your killing the baby is obviously a 13 year old that probably shouldn’t even be reading this magazine. And if you’re older than that, I don’t know how you managed to pass any sort of health class… in which maybe it’s a good thing you won’t be reproducing any time soon. Second… FLORENCE… dont even start by telling people you shouldnt have sex because of God and how its not right. Let me tell you something sweetheart… Not everyone believes in your God. AND… (Sorry Florence I’m having a field day on you right now…) it doesnt really sound like you can sit here and say that everyones “missing the meaning of the value of sex.”. By the sounds of it, you havent had sex yet. SOOOO how could you even know the meanings and values of sex? I could go on more but I feel as if it would be pointless. I applaud this young woman for making the right steps of keeping her and her partner safe. She’s doing what ALL teens and young people alike should be doing. IN ALL…It comes down to a choice. If you have sex, be sure to be safe. Clearly what this young woman is doing. And if you choose not to have sex, thats great, you have nothing to worry about. But don’t try and impose your thoughts on someone else who is making the right choices for herself…

  • JayKay..

    She is inspirational. Face the facts guys, teens have sex. Why, I don’t know. Because they don’t think it’s wrong.
    If you do, that’s your belief. I believe in waiting for the person I’m going to spend the rest of my life with.
    Likewise the people who are having sex, they think and maybe know, this is the person who they’ll be with until death do them part.
    They’re just being safe about it. And that’s a lot better than having them get pregnant. Of course, not doing it in the first place would be a much smarter choice. But times have changed and so have beliefs.
    If you’re going to do it, take the right pre-cautions.
    DON’T get pregnant. And if you do, accept the consequences of a stupid decision you made. Babies don’t deserve to die because you didn’t do your duty safely.

    So this girl is inspirational. And the fact she’s doing it to honor her mom, adds to the whole concept.
    Her mother knew the times we live in, sex is everywhere.
    She’s sure as heck making her mom proud.

    You go girl. Glad you won :)

  • Tiff

    i don’t think she deserved to win like seriously the essay wasn’t even that good. She just used alot of big words and i’m sorry about her mom but it sounds like she was using it as a sob story. thats why jjj probably said it was inspirational. I don’t think she should be having sex to be honest. I think jjj should of picked a winner who is abstinent.(cough cough like me lol jk)

>>>>>>> staging1