Joe Jonas Sports Short New Haircut

Joe Jonas Sports Short New Haircut

Joe Jonas shows off his short new haircut while walking to his gym’s parking lot after an intense work-out in West Hollywood on Saturday afternoon (October 24).

The 20-year-old Jonas Brother was dressed in a black tank top, navy athletic shorts from Nike and sneakers from Asics.

The JoBros are expected to perform in the Dominican Republic tomorrow (October 25).

“This will be our first visit to the Dominican Republic and we are SO EXCITED,” Jonas said. “Hope we see you all there!”

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Credit: Matt Symons; Photos: Pacificcoastnewsonline
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  • lover


  • Ruth

    Noooooooooo! His sex hair is gone!!!!!!!!!!! F u Joe Jonas!!!

  • Stef

    OMG OMG OMG omg he still looks sxe!!! right! omg but i dig long hair guys sorry joe :D lol he looks like nick now!

  • Serena

    This haircut looks MUCH better. :) I hope Nick keeps his short, too. The ‘fro was a wee bit ugly.

  • jessie

    wow, joe looks younger now.

  • jojo

    loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove it <3333333333333333

  • inconsolable

    Woohoo!!!! Mo hawk Joe is BACK!!!!I miss his shorter hair!

  • Fatima

    I love it, it makes him look older

  • Alice

    Woah, I Was A Total Nick’s Girl But DAMN!!!!!
    Now I Love Both Of Them
    The Joe Hawk Is Back!!!!!!!

  • jenny

    Finally this style compliments his looks so much more than that curly mop he had previously (no offense)

  • eVeRy1RoXx

    omj!! just like the old days! oh goody goody!!! =/ it does make him look “cleaner” lol and younger.

  • efdsdfsdfsdfsdf

    This brings back memories of old joe :)
    LUV IT!

  • YEE

    cool, he looks much more nicer now..:))

  • shelby

    he lost ALL of his charm with that haircut before.

  • caitlin

    bringing back the joehawk. love it <33

  • mishyB

    wow DEFINITELY HOT. He just made me like 2 of 4 Jonas brothers. Joe and Nick are simply hot… but i am DEFINITELY NOT A GROUPIE they are talented kids that got the luck of the draw.

  • Nancy l.

    His haircut reminds me of Zac Efron’s short ‘do. BOTH of them look pretty darn good with short hair I realize :D

  • rissa

    hahahaha. wow. he’s become hot again. zac and joe look good with short hair.

  • Shelly

    @mishyB: Joe and nick are hot, but whats wrong with Kevin?

  • angela

    YAY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katty

    Copier, totally a Zac Efron haircut!!!! Along with R-Pattz, but Zac can pull it offf wayyyy better. I mean, it looks good on him, but I’m just saying, copier. I know that makes me seem thirteen, which I am not, I’m just sayin…

  • overated.

    I’m really sad to say that I actually thought that Joe was Zac Efron. I was or still am disappointed when I found it was Joe. this haircut must be popular now a days I guess.
    @Katty: i agree, Zac wins with this hair style.

  • selaly

    Copier!. Zac is way better. It does makes him look cleaner though.
    I don’t know why people think JBs are hot, I don’t see it. Actually they have the ugliest bodies among male celebs. JB can’t act.
    Nick is okay, Joe always acts like he is a SUPERSTAR, and Kevin just can’t sing.

  • ayen

    yay!! i love him even more!!! he’s so HOT..

  • eVeRy1RoXx

    please don’t compare them.

    Zac looks sooooooooo much better then joe.

    just sayin ;)

  • lulu

    omg! im guna hav 2 get used 2 this. tbh tho, im kinda disappointed, i lykd his long hair! i wanted 2 c it at their concert in november!! and if he can get his hair cut, hopefully he’ll get a shave! lol

    and why’s every1 sayin nick’s hair was horrible long!? it was gawjus!! i didn’t like it long long, but i lykd it wen he was in camp rock xx

  • helen

    yes its back :D i love the joehawk!!!!

  • jessica

    i love it..its so much better than what he had!!!

  • rebecca


  • maria_peruviangirl

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he looks like a movie star … All haircuts lokks great on him…. the best of the the 4 jonas … his face match perfectly owht his new haircut!!!!!!!! i want to die!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • eLLa

    FINALLYYYYY!!!!! This is all what I am waiting for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    JOEHAWK MANIA is back!!!!!!!!!!

  • samantha jonas


  • samantha jonas

    What is wrong with you people? Stop saying rude things about Kevin. Kevin is gorgeous and if you don’t see that, you are an idiot. If you don’t love all of them, you are not a true fan.

  • Chloe

    i love his hair like that :):) but why does he look so angry in these pics?

  • chiary


  • me.

    my wish has come true <3
    he’s becoming hot again. sorry nick bb. lol

  • me

    It reminds me of his Joehawk :) except I don’t like it cause it makes him look younger. He totally needed a haircut though :) whatever its his hair, love Joe either way.

  • jonascyrus

    BABEEEEEEE!!! he is lookin FINE.. Joe you are tryin to kill us with all your sexiness i mean seriously fucking tease!! if i had a wish i’ll to touch his hair creepy i know but hell if i care <3 everyone is buzzin about this iceanup is goin crazy,everyone is droolin over Joey,and trendin topics is mostly about joe’s HAHAHAHA amazing what some1 can do with a sexy haircut!! HELLLLOOOO JOEHAWKK

  • :]

    I’m not really a fan of the Jonas Brothers personally, but, it does seem that Joe seems to be copying Zac an awful lot! (Zac pulls it off better may I add xD)

  • meghan

    his haircut makes him look so much more cute. u can lyk see his face now


    oh yeah!! it looks just like zac, but i like joe so it’s ok! however i’m missing joe’s long hear..they were part of joe’s style! :(

    can’t wait to see them on stage in ITALYYYY!! :)

  • HAnnah

    omygosh, he looks so hot!
    Well, he already did, but wow!

  • sophie

    ooohh my godd
    thats sexy :)

  • fannii

    awwwwwh. its so much better!!!! i loveee it :D joee is back :D (LLLLLLLLL)

  • Laura

    i think i just died.
    <33 i missed the joehawk!!!!
    all this oldschool jb stuff is making me re-fall in love with them again..haha

  • Valentina

    Come on! He looks HOT and about that comment of zac okey he’s hot but joe was with this haircut like 5 years ago! And zac was with the haircut just 4 months ago or something like that! I love zac but.. Joe is not a copier!!

  • http://none judy

    joe much hotter than zac fuck to zac joe much better than zac

  • http://none judy

    joe doing his hair like that before zac in 2005

  • ANNE

    zac faker.

  • http://none judy

    fuck to this gay zac
    zac= full make up
    joe= beauty like always without make up