Joe Jonas is Yogurt Yummy

Joe Jonas is Yogurt Yummy

Joe Jonas eats up some yummy frozen yogurt from M Caffe with friends in Los Angeles on Friday afternoon (October 23).

After grabbing some yogurt, the 20-year-old musician, sporting a much shorter hair cut, and a guy friend stopped off at American Appearel for some retail therapy.

Joe and his brothers Kevin and Nick will be heading to Caracas, Venezuela very soon and playing La Rinconada on Tuesday night! Are you going to their concert?

15+ pics inside of Joe Jonas

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  • jenna

    it’s nice to see him out with some friends. you know, not his brothers, other family, or on disney channel. he looks happy.

  • florence

    i love you joe jonas you need to come to paraguay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats paraguay in south america.. u went to brazil and argentina but you NEED to come to paraguay!!! ILL BE WAITING FOR YOU!!! I LOVEW YOU JOE!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lulu

    i thought that was kristen stewart and demi lovato with him at first lol!! luv the hair joe! xx

  • http://justjared shamilah

    aw joe looks sooo hot! & his hair looks amazing!
    he’s looking so much happy in the pic ive seen aw ily JOE!

  • CS

    @jenna: agreed.
    i loove seeing him out with his friends, and with his new hair cut. he looks incredibly hot with his new do

  • BriANNA S

    He looks amazing. And really happy<3

  • Courtney

    Joe looks amazing in his new haircut!
    I love Joe and the JoeHawk!

  • Dani

    he looks so happy, thats nice!!
    ps: who is the guy? he is hot, haha

  • fifi_

    cuuute <3
    love his new hair :D

  • Meagan

    I’m SOOO glad DIsney boys are starting to cut their hair, I especially love this “David Henrie” style Joe is sporting. Now if only Zack and Cody would cut their damn hair…

  • Lic_Merry



    Sexy LoOK lo q daRiia xser èsa cuchara jaja xD

    FollowMe @Lic_MerRy

  • say whaaaaat?!

    WHOA! he is seriously lookin’ GOOOD with that haircut!

  • gru

    i’m going to be there i can’t wait to see them tomorrow at his hotel :D yay is gonna be so fun! yay Venezuela is in love with the JOBROS! yay :)

  • Joe Jonas lover

    adorable!!! I <3 the new look!!

  • lazz

    aw joe is soo cute and his new hair cut is amazing :]]


    Joee you are sooo hot with this hair omg……..I was a nick j fan but now i like you more than hiiiiim

  • bea

    @lulu: I thought they were Kristen Stewart & Nicole Anderson haha! And I love the hair too :)

  • nelicaracas

    omg I’m going to the concert in Caracas!..
    I’m excited!!! :)

  • isvero

    He looks sooo cute! Im going to that concert!

  • flashdrive

    he’s like, bringing back the old old joe, from 2006! it’s exciting!!! yeah for the hair cut!!

  • Gossip Girl

    He’s such a hottie with the JoeHAWK! I am in love again!



  • Grace

    my friend is going to that concert!! i can’t tho :[ she’s gonna call me there!! haha love it.

  • Pavlo

    Nice Hair Cut I want my Joe Hawk…. They’re Coming To Mexico Next Saturrday…. Halloween!!! I cant wait 2 c Him….

    P.s. Demy Lovato? Iug she’s ugly… look like a man!! Camille was so much prettier

  • Nazeefa

    Joe looks so great in all these pictures! Glad to know he has time to chill!

  • Zenab

    I’m from Venezuela and OF COURSE I’m going to the concert this tuesday, I hope to have fun there!!

    Nice Haircut BTW!!

  • Cals

    not Yogurt Yummy… Hes Just Yummy! :D

  • may

    Omg he Loooks so H.O.T
    ps luv da hair joee
    ur awesome

  • may

    Joe Looks so H.O.T ..ur awesome
    ps Love da Hairr

  • SHelbyjonas!!

    AHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOD!!!! At first…i hated his new hair and i got just a little emotional when i first saw it (litterally cried for 30 minutes straight…no joke) but then i really looked at him…and AHHHHH!!!! He looks so hot!!!!! I fell in love with him all over…he looks hot with his straight hair…curly hair…and just any hair!!! He is the hottest guy in the world!!! Ahhhh!!! I would marry him!!!!!!

  • valery janel

    oh my god your new look is amazing joe jonas i love so much you are my prince charming i love you

  • c

    ahh he looks so sexy.. and his hair is amazing more like old joe which i think all the fans absolutely love too

  • JEN

    the frozen yogurt is from yogurtland….

  • lee

    Yes i’am going…. OMG i can’t wait to see them in Venezuela finally :D:D:D

  • Yaz!*

    I live in Venezuela and i won’t go to the concert, i have many exams! xD Univ is more difficult! Hehehehe.. That’s nice, They will come here! And they will have fun! videogames athotel and another teens (boys) things xD Mmmm.. I’ll see the photos of some of my friends hehehe.

  • fear

    heii pavlo i get to see them one day before in gdl muahaha :P but i’ll totally love to see them at mexico city


    nice hair and i also thought they were kristen and demii

  • emele

    haha can someone tell that girl to wear some pants with that t-shirt

  • Jamie

    I’m happy his hair is short again. Reminds me of a few years ago when his hair was just like that. :D

  • naomi

    Im going to the soundcheck and the concert here in Panama this WEDNESDAY!!!!!!!!!! wujuuuuuuuuuuu im so happy

  • lala

    you could’ve said they were coming to the Dominican Republic, cause its first than Venezuela. The concert was today, and it was AMAZING.
    Anywhoo, you really could’ve said they were coming here,
    not Venezuela-.-

  • kelsi

    Why is Joe hanging with that guy wearing my mom’s sweater from the eighties?

  • caitlin

    dayum! i’m pree sure i’d go him :)

    come to aus by the way.

  • Sabrina

    He looks so much better than before

  • me.
    omg, freaking adorable. he looks younger again with that hairstyle. DON’T LET IT GROW PLEASE. i’m so glad that hairstyle in 2008 was gone. -shudder-

  • nwl

    love the new look and love him

  • Ella

    I just love seeing Joe’s everyday pictures..
    ‘Coz it always make my day complete..
    I can’t stop smiling every time I see his new look!!
    Freakin’ gorgeous boi!!! <3

  • jonascyrus

    SOOO HOTT !!!

  • irene

    OH MY GOD Joe looks so hot with the new haircut! and he looks so happy<3

  • Shary

    that’s actually yogurt from yogurtland on la brea, not m caffe.

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