Noah Cyrus & Emily Grace Reaves are Vampire Vicious

Noah Cyrus & Emily Grace Reaves are Vampire Vicious

BFFs Noah Cyrus and Emily Grace Reaves show off their sassy vampire costumes as they arrive at the 2009 Dream Halloween event held at The Barker Hangar at the Santa Monica Airport in Santa Monica, Calif., on Saturday night (October 24).

Recently, the tiny twosome have been touring the country with Noah‘s big sis Miley and have been gifting lucky concert-goers with surprise gifts!

Stay tuned to JJJ and check back every day — we’ll be giving away some super cool Noie & Ems Show Tour Prize Packs to some lucky readers!

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Photos: Juan Rico/FamePictures
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  • Angela

    noah got taller really fast! or was it the heels?

  • onesockleft

    i think noah’s dress is WAY TOO SHORT
    come on she is sooooo young and than this mini-dress and the big heels NOWAY
    if i would have a child i never-ever would let it go out in this outfit
    when she is older yes but not now….hello??!!!!!!!

  • Sassy


  • Franzi

    omg how old is that girl…..damn her parents are not the best

  • ana bhia

    I love Noah cyrus and Ems grace ! foreves ♥

  • ana bhia

    I love noah cyrus and Ems grace foreve

  • andrea

    @onesockleft: actually 9 its not older, she looks bad and only makes me sad to think her parents only care about cash, and like shes not rolling in any they let her do whatever the hell she wants. pretty sad!!!!! no wonder miley behaves not so ladylike sometimes

  • Geral

    I’m totally fan of Noie and Ems, and I think they look amazing, but WHAT THE HELL IS NOAH WEARING? Oh my godness she’s 9! -.- Why Do Tish and Billy let her go out dress like that???? :|

  • florence

    omg i wopuld never dress my child like that

  • http://deleted Geral

    @Angela: She looks taller but its because of the heels ;)

  • holly

    Emily’s outfit is way more suitable for her age, Noah looks kinda trampy (tho both of them rnt really)

  • Nadeeya

    yep, noah’s outfit is too short, and the boots would look so much better without heels

  • COurtney

    Emily’s outfit looks okay for her age I dont think that it is that bad… Noah’s outfit on the other hand just looks trampy and it is too short… no 9 year old should be dressing like that

  • jimmy

    Why do we need to cover their story? As of now they’re just normal kids, like any other kids we know. Only Miley news is worthy.

  • amy

    how old are they? seriously that looks ridiculous.

  • andrea

    @amy: there 9. i know right!!!!!

  • Brittany

    Oh goddness
    what the hell is going on?
    i’m scared ya yall

  • none

    WOW! I am not saying what I’m thinking.


    @han: i totally agree, i mean what can you expect from a “role model” at home like her trashy sister?

  • Gossip Girl

    @THE FAME:
    How do you hate the Cyrus’ so much and yet you comment on very other post of theirs. Just admit that you are a fan and get it over with! DAMN IT

    You guys act as if you’venever seen akid dress for Halloween., Makes me wonder wha kid of chilhood you guys hadif you ever had any.

  • Rebecca

    Emilys outfit is suitable for her age….But Noah OMG completely unapropriate!! what age is she??! 9?? its terrible

  • AW!!!

    I personaly think they look cute

  • http://none elle

    i love emilys costume! its so cute but noahs is like wow that is wayyy to short! what on earth were tish and billy thinking to let there 9 year old doughter wear that!

  • Cindy

    when i was her age i dressed as a vampire too. but my dress went passed my knees! I blame tish for this, id ont think billy ray gets a say on what there children get to where, she does.

  • SElenafan

    @Gossip Girl:

    i had a great childhood…but the outfit is innopropriate consdiering the fact that she is 9! teenagers dress like that all the time but the fact that her parent would let her go out to a public event with who knows who will see the pcs dressed like that is just trampy… and if this is her def. of a child costume shes gonna end up preggo by 12

  • http://none elle

    @Gossip Girl:

    ok so ur saying what noah is wearing is appropriate for a 9 year old girl. then u really need help u little perv!

  • KK

    uuummm…WHAT is Noah wearing? i thought she was 9 not 19! that dress is WAY to short!!

  • anon

    i dont think theres a problem lol…. its not like shes showing anything… its just her legs lol….

  • langlgrl

    so what? i see little girls her age dress like that sometimes, just as long its okay with their parents, then theres nothing wrong with it, haters need to shut up

  • hazelnut

    Huh Noah realy look a like Vampire :S so sorry but that is the ugly truth and yes these outfit and bootes not for her age :(

  • me

    Wow. She’s already a s l u t and what is she like 5? Wtf? Okkkk mini miley

  • bekkah

    you all should be ashamed of yourselves for what your saying. This is a little kid! and your calling her ugly and a slut? Im sorry i don’t know how you people where raised but this is a child. i don’t think you walk up to a little girl and call her a slut, do you? i think yall are just saying this crap about her because she’s mileys sister. its just wrong and so arrogant. i really don’t see why everybody has extreme hatred for a teenage girl that made it big, but it is truly is annoying. I really don’t see anything wrong with what shes wearing at all ether, ok it show a little leg. So what? last time i checked that is not that bad. I have watched tv show of those little girls trying to get crowned a lot younger and wear alot Provocative stuff. i think you people are overreacting.

  • jo

    its just a COSTUME. relax people.

  • mojo

    It makes me sad that outfits are made like this for children. Manufacturers and parents should be ashamed of themselves. Children should not have these outfits as choices for Halloween….very inappropriate. They have their twenties to dress like this (at bars)…not their single digit elementary school years. Kids should be kids and not in any way be over sexualised like this. I don’t blame the kids, they are victims of their environment. I do blame the parents and manufacturers for not being concerned about the impact these kinds of outfits make not only on the kids psyche but also showing no concern for sexual predators (who may enjoy pictures like these). I love you Jared but I think you should remove the image of Noah especially.

  • jlene

    This is what happens when children or their families have money it gives them senseless visions of what to do with it. I really feel sorry for Noah, she’ll need alot of work on her appearence and the SAD thing is she is already flaunting her stuff, it’s a wonder other 8,9,10,etc. young girls do these things it’s because of the image that Hollywood lets the public see. It’s all about money these days and not common sense, respect, dignity & morals, it sucks!!!!

  • badhabit

    wow. my parents would probably freak if i wore what noah is wearing. and im 15.

  • maichi

    @Gossip Girl:
    I’m sorry, when I was dressed for halloween, I never was a hooker or slut of any kind.

  • maichi

    PEOPLE (Who think it’s not a big deal).
    SHE IS 9.
    It is innapropriate in any world.
    No one cares if it’s for Halloween, Halloween isn’t an excuse to show up wearing something like that at such an age.

  • cassy

    what us that little girl thinkin she looks like

  • florence

    has emily reaves dyed her hair? because it doesnt seem natural and her eyebrows dont match even a little bit with her hair


  • julia

    ahh what the there is NO WAY that a 9 year old girl should be dressed that way EVER…where are her parents??

  • 13

    Omg would you all jus wise and stop calling her a s l u t she is only a little girl who is dressing up for Halloween .. And if u havent notice losers she’s is wearing shorts .. Yea I bet the min u saw dis u jus judge her. And how can u slabber aBt her and miley wen you dont even know them. Like all the haters how sad are youse wasting ur Time writing mean and hurtful words to a 9 yr old child. If you think that’s alrite then youse didnt have good parents if they fink its alrite that u slabber about wee children. And der nothing rong showing legs, everyone has them so I really dont she wot the big deal is. So get alife to all the sados and you only sayin mean things abt celebs cuz you all are jealous


    Ok, I see people’s points about her dress & look. But seriously? Does that warrant the words people use towards her? She is only 9. I saw pictures of her in a 2 piece bathing suit when at the beach, and everyone commented on how cute she looked. Time and place, that’s the argument I guess, but why destroy this girls image of herself. She was excited to get dressed up in a costume, and she probably thought of herself as cute & endearing. She is 9, trying to be noticed by adults who fawn over her 16 yr sis. She hasn’t got a clue, but she gets on these blogs excited to see reviews, and then sees the stuff you throw at her. Way to turn another kid into a paranoid basket case! Direct your words in civil tongues toward her Mother and/or Father. Clearly, there is a lack of good judgement on whoever dressed her and allowed her out. And if you Mr & Mrs Cyrus don’t think so, then take a look at the comments on the blogs…that is what you and your delusional good judgement is exposing your 9 year child to, just like your lack of control of Miley’s use of Twitter allowing her personal account to grow to over 2 mil without placing a filter between her and what replies were thrown her way. Now she has a very badly skewed worth of the public. Nice job. Family time! Personally, I don’t need to see younger and younger people flaunt their sexuality just to be in style. Parents need to take control of their kids perception on the internet. Including the ones writing the scum comments on these blogs towards 9 and sixteen year old girls. NO MATTER HOW GROWN UP THEY WANT TO BE OR THINK THEY ARE; OR FOR THAT MATTER HOW MUCH MONEY THEY CAN BRING IN TO YOU FOR MUSIC, CLOTHING LINES, ETC. STOP THE MADNESS!!!!!!!!

  • Michelle

    Noah is going as Miley Cyrus for halloween. ;D

  • sdfasld;kf

    oh god a 9 year old in heels?

  • judee

    I think the parents should be given a talking to another case of stars selling there childrens image even Tom Cruise does it with suri I am sick of reading about snotty nosed kids stop it now its disgraceful…

  • Tim

    I think her dad needs to be investigated. First he watches his other under age daughter ploe dancing now this. I think he is one sick puppy to allow them to act like this.

  • arandomwithaopinion

    i dont see the big deal considering how big vampires are at the moment and that is a vampire costume she can dress however she likes and its not for us to judge her for it

  • Abbey

    she looks older than Miley in the face, that’s just wrong

  • Abbey

    That’s just encouraging her to be like that when she’s older. its making her think that dressing like that is normal behaviour. Even Miley wasnt that bad when she was that young, or Brit, or anyone else.