Nathan Kress Reads The Littlest Pumpkin

Nathan Kress Reads The Littlest Pumpkin

Nathan Kress and pal Debby Ryan get the giggles over reading a book at the Camp Ronald McDonald For Good Times 17th Annual Halloween Carnival held at Universal Studios Hollywood on Sunday afternoon (October 25).

The duo read “The Littlest Pumpkin” by R.A. Herman at the carnival. The book’s tale: Halloween is the most important holiday for any pumpkin. And the Littlest Pumpkin dreams of being the center of attention. Throughout the day, children come and go, picking their pumpkins. And when Bartlett’s Farm Stand closes, only the Littlest Pumpkin remains. But just then, a group of mice scurrying around the stand make the Littlest Pumpkin’s dream come true in a most unexpected way on Halloween night.

Nathan tweeted from the event, “Just left the Ronald McDonald carnival at universal! SO much fun. pics, autographs, books readings, all that fun stuff.”

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  • Sammy

    i luv debby and nathans pretty cute!

  • Lucille

    EWWWW!!! What is wrong with Nathan Kress? He looks like he hasn’t showered in weeks.

  • carol

    Nathan looks like a fat grease ball. That is it he is perfect for Sam/ Jenet. Now that i have seem this forget Creddie.

  • liz

    whats wrong with you people Nathan is so hot!!!!

  • Hannah

    Hot? Are you blind?

  • brad

    he is getting a little fatter now.

  • Someone

    You people suck! He looks like a normal teenage guy to me. What did you expect? Make-up? Dressed up like Freddie? But he is certainly Not Fat!

  • Tooty

    Nathan Kress is gross in real life. Make up required!

  • mareen

    Nathan is amazing.
    You suck.

    Love them both <3

  • yo yo

    #3- seriously, can we go on a comment w/o mentioning Seddie or Creddie. Geez these are real people. Stop obsessing over iCarly romantic fandoms for once.!@#$%

  • harper

    He really does look dirty. Didn’t he know he was gonna have his picture taken at this event.?

  • zoey

    he looks like a normal teen boy but his hair is difent
    and is looks like he gaind a little wight

  • Diana


  • seddie4ever

    you hecca dirty nathan kress… im a seddie fan so now I know that sam/jennette is way to good for you, take a shower please and I might change my little seddie mind

  • annie ryan

    nooooooooooooooooo nathan and debby will never go out no way COLE SPROUSE AND DEBBY RYAN SHOULD cebby!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3

  • melissa

    please call me:8586516650

  • donny boy

    i think that you are mostly wrong. nathan does not look bad, and he doesnt look like he hasnt showered in weeks. i m a huge creddie fan and he looks fine. he did look lile he gained a few pounds though. give him a Break! he is a teenage boy!

  • donny boy

    Even though he does look like he gained a few pounds, he is a 16 year old boy! give him a break! i m a huge creddie fan.

  • debbyryan’sbiggestfan

    @annie ryan i totally agree with you…well, i always agree with you in every comment.

  • Jamie

    Damn, he’s put on a bit of weight hasn’t he.

  • louise

    envy that she debby principal very lucky in everything in life love u debby

  • jerica..blah2

    debby ryan nice hair…