Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner: Hockey Date Night!

Taylor Swift & Taylor Lautner: Hockey Date Night!

Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift double check the score between Columbus Blue Jackets and the Los Angeles Kings hockey teams as they enjoy the game at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon (October 25).

After watching the Kings beat out the Jackets, 6-2, the two Taylors were seen heading to into the Beverly Hills hotel. Although some reports are claiming that Taylor Squared spent the night together, JustJaredJr.com can confirm Swift is staying with her mom Andrea!

Both Taylors also star int he upcoming romantic comedy, Valentine’s Day, out next year.

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Taylor and Taylor’s date night?

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Credit: Ice; Photos: Andrew D. Bernstein/NHLI via Getty, X17online
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  • haha

    yeah right

  • http://www.hsm-hp.blog.cz Ms. cullen

    Taylor&Taylor – SO SWEET!!! I love them, but more Taylor Lautner :) :*

  • teeeheee

    they’re cute :)

  • adam

    i sure am jealous of mr L, but hey, good for them. hope it works out

  • Florencia

    I can’t give a certain opinion. Maybe they just went to the game as friends and that’s great!
    And about the hotel… It’s a bit shocking, but who knows? I could be true, or not. I’d love them as a couple though.
    They’re both great and talented, I really admire them!

  • alenici


  • nikki

    uuummm thats creepy, there like 17, and plus tylor L is uglyy!!!

  • Just Jill

    Just another friendly warning, Death Threats against anyone WILL NOT be tolerated. I had to delete a few that were posted.

  • kiara

    i like boths taylors (boy one is hot) but didn’t he used to date selena and arn’t selena and girl taylor like best friends…….

  • Georgia

    aww i would love them as a couple and i hope he has broken up with selena shes so irritating!!!

  • http://www.twitter.com/naomikathryn Naomi

    What kind of friends are they to Selena? Seriously make me sick. I hope they’re just friends.

  • lucy

    photographers claim they spent the night together???? OMG!!!

  • angel

    omg, his face is so unfortunate. hopefully he grows into his looks.

  • http://missspidey.livejournal.com Jennifer

    I’m sorry, but I thought people were allowed to have friends of the opposite sex?? Guess I thought wrong…

  • twilight lover

    Hope they’re just friends…

  • wow


    Yeah right, aren’t these photograhers something. Like these stupid Photographers would really know. Give me a break – better yet give them a break. Love them – & hope they are datinhg!

  • Leah

    I think they would be such a great couple. I know she is older than him but I still think they would a cute couple but don’t know what u could call them like zanessa so it would just be Taylor???
    love zanessa

  • cHLOEE.

    I AGREE WITH YOU.taylor swift is selena best friend why would you do that to your best friend it reminds me of the song backstabber by kesha.>:(. i lovee all three of them to bits but if they are dating i dont think i would be a big fan of taylors anymore.


    i think they are friends, but they are cute together

  • P


  • :P

    the piece about the hotel is a piece of crap…..that wouldn’t have happened

  • i’m sooooooooooo in love With theeeeem

  • Sarah

    u know guys and girls can be just friends just sayin , and as for the spending the night thing , i highly doubt it for one they were shaparoned and two taylor swift is not that kinda girl and at the bottom of the story justjared confirmed taylor swift stayed with her mom .. i like them together , but she is older and thats kinda weird , not only that but they are both busy people , so whatever happens , happens

  • Megan


  • i

    hope they aren’t dating.
    i agree with naomi
    +they don’t look like a good couple

  • http://justjaredjr. chloecat

    My first thought was the same as Kiera’s. If Selena and Taylor L. were an item, then you don’t go dating your best friend’s ex. However, we really don’t know what went on between Selena and Taylor L. or what is going on between Taylor and Taylor. As long as they are all happy… Just a warning, Taylor L.: be sure that Taylor S. is the one who breaks up with you. She doesn’t like it when someone breaks up with her!

  • Serena

    I agree. I would never date a guy my best friend was with. It’s such a backstabbing thing to do. I’ve officially lost my respect for Taylor S.

  • Laur

    Well, taylor swift is 19, taylor lautner is 17, not much of a difference. I think Taylor & Taylor would be super cute :). Camilla Belle was 23 and Joe Jonas was 19 when they dated, so therefore 2 years of age difference shouldn’t be a problem if it wasn’t for them. Just saying. Haha.

    Taylor Squared :) <3

  • justme


  • justme

    anyway they’re so cute toether <3

  • tia

    shes almost 20 and he will still be 17. I dunno, its so WEIRD when its an older girl and younger guy, as opposed to the other way around.

  • ashley

    @ #27. Taylor Swift will be 20 very soon. Sometime in December.

  • Michelle

    They just look strange together. We can expect a song from her about him soon.

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    taylor L is sssssssssssooooooooooooooo hotttt (i am stocked for new moon) taylor S a fan of her voice and songs but not a fan of her look!
    well anywayzzz TAYLENA WE WANT YOU BACK!!!!

  • Loren


    haha true that!

  • lv

    @Serena how are you loosing respect for Taylor S. when you don’t even know if she’s dating Taylor L.

  • me.

    wait, they were dating? FOR REAL?!
    i thought it was just a rumour.

    and last i checked, taylor’s with lucas till. (not sure if this is true, though). ew, i don’t like TL. tswift can do so much better


  • http://- Mellz

    Taylor Swift Can’t do that to Selena…
    they were Bestfriends….how can she dated her Bff’s Ex..

  • cam


    Taylor L. will be 18 in February & Taylor S. will be 20 in December – 2 years – not big deal. My sister is 7 years older than her husband. & look at Ashton Kucher & Demi Moore.

    I don’t know the status of the their relationship, but if they are dating good for them. I think Selena & Taylor S. are ok with each other – Selena tweeted yesterday about Taylor’s Platinium Ed. Fearless CD in stores now!

    & to all those who think Taylor & Taylor is not an ok situation – IF Selena is ok with Taylor & Taylor together, it is really their business & not ours. just saying.

  • Kathi

    this would be an awesome couple
    love them

  • http://celebuz.com silly face

    good on them hes just playing the field to me hes a player and shes just falling for it but then again will see how this will last long as thier both happy then its all good and selena seems fine with it maybe its like her song crush she never really fell for the dude so now thier good friends

  • moi’n'me’n'i

    wich taylor are ya talkin bout nikki???????
    cant be taylor lautner or taylor swift…….both of them are really handsome and beautiful (respectively)……..If its any other taylor thn its okay…….but thn if its another talor then y are you posting a comment here???????????

    anyway hope it works out for them……….i hope it has already worked it for them……..on valentine’s day!!!!!!!! LOL

  • heavenlyvixen

    Taylor squared. That’s so cute. Adorable. More power to them. Young love, there’s nothing cuter.

  • christine


  • http://www.uol.om.br Bruna

    i love you taylor lautner!!!

  • jordynnnnn sea

    Ooh, they went on a date… big whoop! Um, last time I recall, teenagers do that. Is it normal that they went into a hotel? No, but at least they had a good time at the game and whatever else they did, so yeah!!! LOL Seriously peeps, how far do you think they went? And anyway, it said Taylor stayed with her mom, not… well… Taylor. lol SO GIVE DEM A BREAKK!!! :P XD