Victoria Justice & Daniella Monet are Tori & Trina Vega

Victoria Justice & Daniella Monet are Tori & Trina Vega

Victoria Justice‘s dream is coming a reality.

The 16-year-old actress will play Tori Vega in the upcoming Nickelodeon show, Victorious.

Tori is a teen who unexpectedly finds herself navigating life at an elite performing arts high school. After her sister Trina (Daniella Monet) has a medical mishap on the night of the school’s annual talent showcase, Tori steps in to perform Trina’s song. Accompanied on the piano by her musically-gifted friend André (Leon Thomas), Tori’s singing and dancing impress the school’s principal so much that she offers her the opportunity of a lifetime — an invitation to become a student at Hollywood Arts High School.

From her first day at the school, Tori feels out of place among the amazingly talented students, especially mean diva Jade (Elizabeth Gillies). With the help of Trina, André and her new friends — brooding bad boy Beck (Avan Jogia, Spectacular!), eccentric Cat (Ariana Grande) and lovable but psychologically scrambled ventriloquist Robbie (Matthew Bennett) — Tori realizes that she was born to perform and that entertaining people not only makes her happy but may change her life.

Victoria dished to the NY Post about her performance scene, saying, “It was actually my first time ever performing in front of people which was pretty intense. But, like my character, once I got on stage, I just completely forgot about everything — I was so in the zone that I loved every second of it.”

The series, premiering in early 2010, will feature original music performed by Victoria and the rest of the cast.

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  • ashley

    omggggg im so excitedddd. i cant wait to see itt,victoria is gonna be amazinnnnggg.<3

  • Jono

    I’m looking forward to it. Ariana + Victoria + Danielle should be amazing.

  • raich

    Another actress turning into a singer.. oh boy!!

  • sel

    really? I go to a preforming arts high school this better be good

  • melo

    I really hope this show is good! I go to a performing arts school and its hard to see all theese shows and movies putting false steryotypes onto performing arts schools! like fame? that was embaressing! and step up? THEESE THINGS NEVER HAPPENED!!! Lets just hope that these guys can do it! And from watching them perform, Im pretty sure they can handle it!

  • mileyselenademidisneynick’sgal

    kl yayayayaya i love victoria she is sooooooo down to earth! awesome!
    im sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
    happy 4 her!
    rck on victoria

  • Kylie

    SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!! OMG U HAVE NOO IDEA!!!! LOL Ariana Grande is so incredible she is gonna be HUGE!!! lol i <3333 her!!! and Liz is AMAZING too :) i saw them both in 13 <3333333
    and Victoria and Daniella are so great and i bet the rst of the cast will be too!!!! YAYAYAY!!!! :) <3333

  • lulux3

    iam soo ecxited to watch this show .i bet its gonna be awesome
    i love victoria shes pretty amazing :D

  • gina

    Is this a copy of GLEE?????? I hope not…GLEE is soo awesome, and I, too go to PPAS (NYC), and I hate when these shows rip off the performing arts schools. Half these kids don’t even go to school – they are “homeschooled” which means they have it easy….

  • Jill

    ariana will be amazing. . .

  • bob

    can’t wait for the show!!!

  • noami

    i love when tori kiss beck.i fine the two of them should date in the show.I luv her show and her songs also her music video i just wish i had her phone number i am a fan.tori is better than miley.

>>>>>>> staging1