Dylan & Cole Sprouse Have Good Times

Dylan & Cole Sprouse Have Good Times

Dylan and Cole Sprouse puts on big smiles as they arrive at the Camp Ronald McDonald For Good Times 17th Annual Halloween Carnival held at Universal Studios Hollywood on Sunday afternoon (October 25).

The 17-year-old twins stepped out at the 2009 Dream Halloween in Hollywood on Saturday night dressed as a newsboy and mob lackey.

Camp Ronald McDonald for Good Times programs have grown to provide year-round supportive programs serving families and children impacted by cancer.

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Photos: WENN
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  • selena

    they’ve grown up so much! :’(
    cole’s looking handsome there!

    doesn’t look like dylan puts much effort in his outfits…

  • BlaireB

    Why the heck do people think Cole is cuter than Dylan? I mean, Dylan is very cute while Cole looks like a skinny, scrawny little dork.

  • nikki

    aaww cole is sssoo HOTTTT!!!! they have grown so much their voices are hot now! the only show i watch on disney is suit life on deck, THEIR HHHOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT<3333

  • brad

    wow, their like totally HAWT :D dang! i wanna date one of them.

  • justine

    YYYYYYYYUUUUUUUUMMMMMMMMM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YUM YUM YUM YUM YUM I WOULD SSSOOOOOO KISS COLE AND DYLAN AND MAKEOUT WITH THEM RIGHT THERE!!!!!! DANG!! HOTTTTTTTTTT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT HOT DAYUUMMMMMMMM!!! HOTTER THAN TAYLOR, (not zac efron though LOL) zac efron is like i cant even say hot zac efron is way more than hot hes hotter than the sun, dylan and cole arent as hot but their HOT too but zac rocks everything!!!

    but their yyyuummmmyyyyy

  • zena

    That’s really scary. Cole looks like the blonde version of Joe Jonas in the title pic. I think Joe’s a fan of the dark v-necks too.

  • me.

    oh wow. cole looks like a man here.

  • Rasp

    OMG!! ther are so HOTTTT!!!!

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    they are sooooooooo hooooooooooottttt! MUST LOVE THEM!!!

  • Jasmine

    Thats fantastic! Dylan and Cole you are amazing, keep on going through!


  • Mina

    It’s Dylan and Cole PUT and not puts…. =/

  • http://www.twitter.com annie ryan

    there are soo hot and debby ryan is so lucky dating on screen cole luck girl i wish i was in her shoes cole is soo hot and dylan is a bit change but cole is changed alot their voiceses are hot!sprouses r soo handsome and hot!<3333333333

  • caitlin

    dayum they’re fine!

  • pouty

    @zena: agree! xcept that cole’s hotter! ha!

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    @zena: joe is ugly! cole is hot ( dylan hotter but not here)!

  • selena

    dylans always been the hottest but at this event cole is way better

  • heather


    There is No need to insult Cole!!! Ur so rude seriously Cole is as hot as Dylan is both of them are amazingly hot so if ur gunna say a rudeness u better shut ur mouth!

  • Riya

    wow they’ve grown up so much!

  • Omfgosh.yanii

    Vitamin for my eyes!!

    Coleeeeeeee!!<3333 Love him!!

  • liz

    whoa cole looks so much different!! He is hot!
    dylan looks the same tho

  • belen

    wow,dylan is so hot .
    know im telling the truth i would date dylan .

  • http://none.com Brianfromstlouis

    what can i say? they have grown! they are freaking 17 exactly 11 1/2 months older than me. But man! I always wanted to be them or be their friend. I still do. I may be a guy, but there is no problem with that is there?

  • http://sprousebros.fan-club.it Me_Be_iRi

    awesome photos(: thanks,cause that way i can post something on my fan site: sprousebros.fan-club.it

  • http://facebook lucy may taylor

    hi gues by the way i aint of of urs biggest fan my frind is like carzerley love with u 2 lol so she wander ing if u can meet her i told u wldt do that becuse ur 17 she is 15 this year but what iam say ing to u 2 that ur so fit in other word hot and cuet and she wandring wuld u go out with her botho f u in cluding wich i ont know why lol by the way i have my biryhday in augeust ttoo wierd :L:D any way she wandring i do that for her lol this is her kisses xxxxxxxxxxxx dam she carazy i love withu too bey the way she said bey

  • fergus cassie

    I LOVE SUITE LIFE ON DECK. IT IS THE BEST SHOW IN THE WORLD. Cole is the best actor. he is funny and smart

  • http://www.latestcolesprouse.com Brooke

    Cole is soooo awsome hes so HOT! xx

  • http://www.twitter.com/nicolaroyx Nicola

    Cole is a Sexgod<3 xx

  • girl in love

    I love you.It does not matter which one.I want to marry you was when I saw one of the.