Vanessa Hudgens: Hippie For Halloween!

Vanessa Hudgens: Hippie For Halloween!

Vanessa Hudgens channels the 1960s in this new still from her upcoming fantasy romance, Beastly.

CBS Films shared with it’s fans on Facebook, saying, “Take a peek from Beastly’s Halloween bash. Three new shots. We showed you ours, now it’s your turn. What are you going to dress as for Halloween?”

Also pictured in the stills are Dakota Johnson, Mary-Kate Olsen and Alex Pettyfer.

Beastly hits theaters in July 2010.

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  • musicgirl


  • euge

    awwww!! beautifull!

  • kate

    I can’t wait until this movie comes out! I love her! (And Zac. Together.) =)

  • musicgirl

    oh cool i was first:) She looks so pretty, cant waitt for the movie:)


  • duda


  • heat

    they all look AMAZING! MK looks great in her costume, V looks great as a hippie, Dakota and boy (not sure who it is exactly) look HOT! This movie is so sexy. Can’t wait for more!

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    lovely as always
    i love vanessa

  • may

    i cant wait!!!!love you vanessa!!!!!

  • lslsharon

    Awwwww!!!!Can’t wait for Beastly!!!!
    Love Nessa!!!!Thanks Jill!

  • euge

    aww i 2coondd (; aww

  • Carol


    Loving what their characters are wearing.

    LOVE V in a hippie outfit
    So gorgeous!

  • kami

    vanessa looks gorgeous no matter what she style she wears. i like that color on her character.

  • sara12

    look amazing ,,

    Can’t wait

  • kalai_roswell

    ow! love it!

  • alessandra zanessa

    i love Vanessa beautiful.

  • Lic_Merry

    she is amazing!!!

    FOLLW ME @Lic_MerRy

  • Jess!

    gorgeous!! i cant wait!!!!!!!!

  • pixie

    Cute costume!

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    alex, vanessa
    lovely looking
    I can not wait for this movie

  • .

    I love her! She look so cute as Janice Joplin

  • mykamicks

    Any kind of looks she does, i like it! Am counting months for Beastly!

  • kgg

    Wow! V looks gorgeous as a hippie chick. Love those bright colors on her. She would have fit right in in the ’60′s. Can’t wait to see this movie….looks awesome!

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    :D All smiles for this movie. :D

  • Karen

    Vanessa and Alex and MK are sick cool.

  • maria

    Can’t believe we have to wait until July of next year until this movie comes out….and these pictures are such a tease!!! Vanessa looks so funky as a hippie….gorgeous too, of course!!

  • Katty

    This seriously has my interest as a movie. I can’t wait for it. Like, eight more months guys! We can do it!
    Love her as a hippie! Amazing! That is what I am being for Halloween! Love it!
    I want some candids of Z+V before he heads back to LA or onto his promo tour. Maybe he is staying there with her until he goes onto his promo tour because he wants to be with her. Aw. Cute.
    Anyways, can’t wait for Beastly, love you V!

  • Jordan

    It looks like its going to be a really good movie. :) Love Mary Kates hair LOL. Vanessa is Vanessa. How many times can I say how good she looks. :) And Alex is hot but not as hot as that other guy Vanessa runs around with ;)

  • Bradley Bobst

    Vanessa looks gorgeous. I can’t wait to see this movie.

  • http://vanessa

    lovely vanessa

  • jazmin

    Can’t wait for the movie..they all look amazing.

    thanks for posting JJjr.

  • Jordan

    I hope this reviewer is right. I would love for this to be a huge film next summer…Vanessa deserves to be on top :) She was great in Band Slam and I think she’ll be great in this too.

  • vanfan

    Are they making this up or is it true?,,20315067,00.html You have to scroll down to the Zac and Vanessa part.

  • marie

    cant wait to watch the movie!

  • lexy

    Alex Pettyfer, VH and MK are simply amazing

  • Babiivfanforeva


    V is so pretty and I so cant wait for Beastly!!! and wow Alex is hot!!!

  • mhay

    Pretty Vanessa!!!!

  • marisol

    ella se se bella con todo lo que se pone perfecta

  • kami

    wonder if the beastly cast will be having a halloween party this friday?


    why would people mag be making it up? they’re a reputable mag that checks its sources. unlike ok mag. someone who was at the event gave them that info. they posted it monday and it’s been discussed on several previous zac and vanessa threads before this one.

  • blairr


  • anya

    love V’s look there!
    gahhh this movie is gonna freaking ownnn

  • blairr

    oh, and i read beastly last week, IT IS AMAZING. alex flinn is such a wonderful writer and if you havent read the book, R.E.A.D. it. it’s great, i read it in 2 days. it made me so much more pumped ferr the movie.


    vanessa looks perfect in that role, cant wait to see more of her with gorgeous alex;)

  • soffi

    she is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute

  • kami

    *i meant the sucker punch cast.* would be neat if they had a halloween party and all the girls dressed in their character’s costumes. and vanessa could carry her very large gun. :)

  • Morengirla

    I love this book and ican’t wait for the movie

  • masbonita

    I saw the pictures, when they first posted them on Beastly facebook page. I can’t stop looking at them, and thinking how long I have to wait to see this movie. AHHHH , cant wait !!!!!

  • Pit

    loving it…..

  • Lucyo01

    i not very into vanessa but she looks great on this and alex looks HOT!!!!
    i really can’t wait for it

  • lisa

    i ammm sooo excited for this movie, they all look great. i need more stills! haha better yet another sneak peek?

  • Jess!

    cool!! thanks!!

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