Bella Thorne is Little Red Riding Hood

Bella Thorne is Little Red Riding Hood

Bella Thorne is wolf-less as Little Red Riding Hood as she attends Camp Ronald McDonald For Good Times 17th Annual Halloween Carnival at Universal Studios Hollywood on Sunday afternoon (October 25).

The 13-year-old actress also stepped out at the Forget Me Not premiere during ScreamFest LA earlier last week.

Forget Me Not is a thriller about Sandy Channing (Carly Schroeder), a popular class president of her small-town high school who should be enjoying the time of her life. But when her friends start disappearing, Sandy discovers they have unwittingly awakened the vengeful spirit of a girl they wronged long ago. Fighting for her sanity, Sandy must unlock a dark secret from her own past before it’s too late.

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Photos: RK/WENN
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  • Sabrina

    13-years-old. OMG she is so pretty

  • N

    haha i have her red bow. too cute.

  • Matilda

    she’s TWELVE, not thirteen. she as born in October 1997, so she just turned twelve. she looks so much older =X

  • lulu

    i think she’s pretty, but if she’s 12/13, she looks and acts a bit old 4 her age, and she shudnt, coz those years will fly bye. she’ll be stunnin wen shes older tho ;D xx

  • jenna

    LOOOOVE her dress. OMG soooo pretty. 12/13 whatev she is like wow. she might act a lil older but she isn’t like wearing crazy stuff or lots of makeup so i love her. i wanna be red riding hood!!!!!!

  • jenna

    oh ps: she is in the forget me not movie so that is why she is there

  • Lisa

    Her family must be very rich to be able to afford her all those nice outfits and a career in show business!! Are they rich? I bet her dad is a banker or a heart surgeon or something like that.

  • Vanessa

    Did you know it’s the exact same costume they sell at party city? She just added an extra petticoat and red ribbons so it looks awesomer, smart!

  • Vanessa

    I would know, I have that same costume, lol

  • Minot

    I agree that she acts like 3-4 older,but she’s really gorgeous.
    Plus now with that red hair. It suits her.
    Way to go,bella!!

  • alexandra


  • Hannah

    Wow! I don’t think I have ever seen a 12/13 year old change their hair color as much as her.

  • jenna

    @Hannah: um how many actresses do u know? she did it 4 a show -big love. anyway i’m her fan and i’ve only seen this color and the blondish one. i l <3 this color.

  • minot

    @jenna: blonde, red, and bronze. any color suits her :)
    but havent seen her with dark one.
    makes me curious ;)

  • jessq

    She is so pretty :) She looks a tiny bit like Anne Hathaway.

  • mileyselenademidisneynick’sgal

    shes rlly pretty !
    um i just want to ask someone if she’s gonna play renesme in breaking dawn??! cos theres been a rumor going round!
    just asking though! she looks a bitold 4 it!

  • katie

    who the heck is bella thorne?

  • isel

    i will sound as a twilight-addict
    but since the first time i saw her i thought
    .. she’s perfect for the role of reneesme =]

    honestly, she is really beautiful and her dress is really cool xD

  • jenna

    @katie: lol. she’s on big love and the movie forget me not with cody linley and like the biggest kid model!

  • Minot

    In some Twilight-based website, Bella Thorne is strongest candidate to visualize Renesmee. But it’s only fans’ estimation. Besides, she would play teen Renesmee at this age, not the baby one..
    If there is the next Twilight Saga after Breaking Dawn, which tells about young Renesmee, I think Bella Thorne would be suitable to fill that part ;)

  • SARI

    OMFG. I LOVE her!!! She is so cute and nice. She posted pictures on her twitter of the wolf and he is like adorable. I want her to be Nessie sooo bad.

  • farrah

    this girl is gorgeous! and for such a young girl, she’s an outstanding actress! love watching Big Love cause she’s in it. great idea choosing her as a replacement.

  • kimmy

    wow Bella looks soooooo amazing!!!

  • Emma

    She’s so pretty!!!! I just discovered her and I cant get enough. Pretty jealous

  • Rachel

    I love Bella Thorne! She is my favorite on Shake It Up