BooBoo Stewart Flips For Lunchbox Magazine

BooBoo Stewart Flips For Lunchbox Magazine

Check out this hot shot off BooBoo Stewart for Lunchbox Magazine‘s upcoming issue!

The 15-year-old actor plays Seth Clearwater in the upcoming The Twilight Saga: Eclipse, which just wrapped filming in Vancouver, Canada.

Be sure to check back soon for quotes from BooBoo‘s interview and peep the vid below. BooBoo even shows off his martial arts skills!

Bigger pic inside…

BooBoo Stewart Photo Shoot for Lunchbox Magazine

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Photos: Dani Brubaker/Lunchbox Magazine
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  • eVeRy1RoXx

    isn’t he from that group T-squad ??

  • anna

    dani brubaker photographed this. I LOVE Dani Brubaker’s work so much!!!

  • cali

    He is 15 and photographed like that? what is happening to this generation? Oh and I’m 18

  • Jo

    I JUST read an article on Yahoo about double standards in hollywood when Miley vs Taylor Lautner. AND this is the exact same thing!! Why is he posing like that with his shirt off. He’s only FRICKIN 15 years old. goodness gracious!!

  • Abby

    @Jo: I agree. I think its sick people were giving Miley sh!t for doing her photoshoot yet here he is the same age she was when she did her shoot and no one is saying anything bad.

    What is it alright for guys to show their intouch with their sexual side yet girls can’t? That is mested up.

    I will say for being only 15 is is VERY good looking. I feel like such a perv for saying that seeing I’m years older then him lol.

  • Angelica

    He’s cute. He’s like a mini Taylor Lautner!

  • tralala

    honestly if he was older. he be a way better jacob. i think hes cuter than taylor lautner anyways

  • Johanna

    I think it looks like its photoshoped….

  • thelovelybones

    Brand new crush <3.

  • N.S

    Yeesh – he’s 15, this is pretty wrong.

    If it were a 15 year old girl with only half her clothes on then I’m pretty sure your website would be shut down for posting this- why is this any different huh?

  • michelle

    kk hesx hott.
    yee peopel dont hate on himm
    he does phototshoots.
    miley did it.and did u cjudge herr??
    so dont judge himm

  • jasmine_taymhie

    cute!!he is a perfect SETH!!

  • Brittany

    so wrong to do that with 15 y/o boy…
    i hate twilight for doing that

  • Brittany


    everybody was talkin shit about her and everyone was sayin that she’s a slut and stuff…so your facts are wrong

  • Heather

    daaaaang, mini Taylor Lautner? haha,
    he has a cute face ;)

  • rae

    something about these photos’s aren’t right. too fake-looking

  • Sassy

    Only 15 and shooting pic like that is crazy Gosh!

  • unknown

    Wow hes lovely

  • tamara

    are u guys for real? there’s fifteen year olds (juniors) at my school running around with their shirts off all the time

  • p.anne

    whats wrong with him not wearing a shirt. 15 yr old guys playing basketball take it off all the time.. seriously… theres nothing to see anyway… as for girls…that is totally different.. you don’t see women taking off their shirts to play sports…so dun compare when a guy takes off his shirt for the cameras as opposed to a girl taking off her clothes for the cameras. totally different.


    he’s juss lykee
    a mini hotterrrr
    version of
    taylor lautnerr(:

    <3 xoxoxoxx

  • Me!!! :P

    WOW he’s hot! my guy friends take their shirts off all the time it not bad!!! Yeah, there is a difference for girls. Seriously it is totally diferent and @cali seriously guys probably did take their shirts off at 15 in your generation!

  • http://facebook BOObOO stewert BABYgurl

    Wow he is sexy omg i wish i could do some damage to him dang i wish i had his number lol

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