Destinee & Paris Monroe Launch New Website

Destinee & Paris Monroe Launch New Website

Check out Destinee and Paris Monroe‘s new website!

The singing sisters are almost finished with their upcoming album. The girls tweeted, “Almost finished the album. It’s gonna be an other ‘Red’ week! Yeeeyuh! RedOne and D&P takin ova!! New trax are siik.. we have officially left earth. ♥ You are gonna loose your minds. Keep checkin’ our website player. They’re coming soon.”

Destinee and Paris will also be headlining the 6ABC/IKEA Thanksgiving Day parade in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Congrats, girls!

Destinee & Paris Monroe – Sizzle Reel
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  • Deen

    never heard about them before

  • Bailee

    Love their music…I just miss Ariel in the band…she was so cool. :)

  • Anisha

    amazing singers!!!! can’t wait for their album!!!! =]

  • Daniyah

    so no more CLIQUE Girls? oK These gurls r like ALY & AJ WANNA BES! LOL They’re KINDA cute but…Their voices on thier songs sound WAY OLDER AND DEEPER THEN THIER REAL VOICES!!!!???

  • eVeRy1RoXx

    there something different everday! LMAO

    they failed before they even started…

  • Zoe

    Paris should not be wearing that much make up.
    She looks about 17!

  • sarah


  • Megan

    They have amazing voices. And does anyone else think that the younger one, Paris, looks like Kirsten Dunst when she was little?!

  • Brittany

    what the hell is that?
    goddness, i’m so tired of all of there attention whores

  • Jake F

    When they started, I thought they where a joke. But now, after hearing this cover, they have much potential.

    Btw, I am 2 months older than Paris. :) I wish I could meet her. lol

  • #1 Jonas Brother Fan!

    They’re cool :)
    Still wish Ariel stayed :(

  • Diana

    @Deen: they were the clique girlz but the 3rd member left the group. now they are just destinee & paris. and they are working with REDONE WHO PRODUCED ALL THE LADY GAGA SONGS, U CAN HEAR HER SAY HIS NAME IN THE BEGINNING OF JUST DANCE SHE SAYS “A REDONE”

  • gman

    These girls r so hott! They should b in my bed!!!

  • http://www.ParisQuinnMonroe.blogspot Paris Quinn Monroe

    Hey Guys

    Loads Of you want to know why my Nickname Is Bubbles? Shall I Tell ya?

    well ever since I was 8 I loved Bubbles from the power puff girls and yeah Destinie Says I’m bubbly!!!!!!!!1 :)

    Paris Quinn Bubbly Monroe x

  • http://www.ParisQuinnMonroe.blogspot Paris Quinn Monroe

    Hey Guys

    So lots of you have asked me why my nickname is “Bubbles” Well I’m going to tell you all

    Since I was 8 I loved loved loved ♥ The power Puff girls and my favourite character was Bubbles and destinee always says to me I’m Bubbly! oh and I have a new Face book Its Paris Monroe With the same Pic as My other account Paris Quinn Monroe :) by the way its the one of me lying on my pin Fluffy Chair :)

    LOve You <333


  • casey

    i seriously think she looks like me. DEF ALITTLE

  • http://destineeandparis destinee

    this is awsome my name is destinee

  • principalmissesyou

    Paris and Destinee,
    So you need to let me know how to get in touch with you if I do not Twitter yet!!! My daughter and I saw your Lady Gaga Born this Way on You Tube today. Loved it! Also saw you in an ad for Sandals when we were there this time last year?
    Wish I could see you girls and your mom. So proud of you!!! Would love to catch up!
    your favorite principal:)

>>>>>>> staging1