Miley Cyrus: Party In The U.S.A. was a Pleasant Surprise

Miley Cyrus: Party In The U.S.A. was a Pleasant Surprise

Miley Cyrus sings out into the crowd as she performs at the United Center Arena in Chicago, Illinois on Tuesday night (October 27).

The 16-year-old starlet caught up with B96 Radio backstage before her concert and dished that her hit single, “Party In The U.S.A.” was a pleasant surprise.

Miley shared, “Everything just fell into place [with that]. I was originally just for my clothing line because it’s honestly, not the type of music that I’m into or sing that pop-y of a song. Everyone just started picking up on it and it was a good surprise but wasn’t planned at all.”

Miley Cyrus chats with B96 Radio Chicago, 10/27

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Photos: Ray Grabo/WENN
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  • mal

    she needs… pants.

  • lisa

    @mal: u need to get a life and let her wear what the heck she wants.

  • DanieJx

    wow, Miley kinda annoys me with stuff like this “…Not the type of music I’m into or sing that pop-y of a song.”
    she always wants to be taken more seriously then pop or a disney star, I think she kinda has to deal with the fact shes a pop singer, and always will be related back to the pop & disney roots, not really pop/rock tbh.

  • Danielleeee

    i used to love miley & I still do, but she looks a tad like a stripper in some pictures :\ but still pretty.

  • http://www.flowerbooMB-.PICZO.COM zanessa

    i heard she was voted worst role model 2009

  • lifesgood


    i think she’s just reminds us all of this so that when her music is different [her new album coming soon] everyone doesn’t start saying “oh shes a wanna be this” or “she’s changing who she is for that”
    she wants us to know what she really likes and who the real her is:)

    i giver her props for that! Not many artists will admit stuff like that:)
    i’m really happy her song is doing amazing<3

  • Carly g



  • http://wow haley

    hey sleena gomez,, ashley tisdale, hannah montanna, vanessa hudgens you yal is so cute and i wich that i can be you guys and i like the party in the usa that is my song hannah montanna

  • lo

    It seems to me that nowadays more artists are saying that their 2nd album or 3rd album or 4th album is going to be them. Sound like they want it to sound like. Yet some of those people fully backed their other albums saying it was “them.” I rather have an artist make their first album be “them”(saves them the trouble of explaining over and over again in the future what they really want to sound like). Why should I keep on buying someone’s music if it’s not the music they want to make at all?

  • Adam

    Can you guys believe the post OceanUp posted about Miley being the Worst Celebrity Influence as voted on a poll by, ahead of Brittney Spears and Kanye West? Come on. Miley is not the best role model, but she is not the worst. This is just sad really that she gets a lot of hate. She doesn’t deserve it.

    I bet Chicago enjoyed Party In the USA. It is pretty catchy.

  • lifesgood


    yea i know what you mean, that tale is getting old, but all i know is that people under disney don’t have much say in their work, its all disney people who are in charge or sound, appearance and promotion
    even if miley wanted to do her own stuff after hannah montana’s first couple of cds she couldn’t and disney was being nice and let her have a say on her 2nd album and then she signed on with hollywood records

    most artists don’t write their own music, thats why they’re called singers, the ones that bring on the title of songwriter are the ones that actually have songs out there [miley being one of them] i think what she means is that shes going to be more in control of her new album now that she’s older and can make those decisions as well not just have her people do it. [she was too young before]

    you don;t have to keep buying their music if you don’t want to, she said it herself, she;s happy if some people like her for who she is=)

    just remember most artists don’t write their own stuff

  • lo

    Nicely put. Yeah, I know that a lot of artists don’t write their own music, which I think is rather sad. But a lot of those artists I don’t listen to. Usually all the artist I listen to write all of their music and play their instruments. It’s like I can connect with that artist through their own words, not some songwriter who I have never heard of.

  • lexy

    love her:)

  • jose

    If you got it, flaunt it!!

  • keira

    what is it with the Miley posts getting so little comments D:

  • meee.

    i love this girl<3

  • Jenn

    some of these pictures are incredibly unflattering

    sorry but party in the USA sounds exactly like all of her other stuff. campy.

  • alex


  • diana

    omgg i know LOL !! she really is a bad influence on kids thats for sure!

  • she’s a looser

    she’s BS ing with that pop-y music, she is the definition of pop, she has this dillusional part in her brain that makes her think she is anything but pop! what a looser!

  • i love winter

    her “look” is getting really old, short shorts, weave, 10000 bracelets, mullet dresses, boring

  • christine

    oh so slutty

    @mal: i agree with you !

    @lisa: well, you need to see all the little girls in society today that are dressing like her

  • vanessa

    shes kinda pissing me off like i try to like her but i cant its just weird i mean i really really try cuz i use to be a HUGE fan and i love her songs but lately its just awkward i mean the clothes are one thing i mean its just inappropriate she has these 5-10 year old girls who look up to her yes teen girls 13-18 get y shes wearing them but lil kids don’t and that Worst Celebrity Influence as voted on a poll by thing is kinda harsh shes has changed for the past year.. i thought she was gonna be different and this is coming from a fan who use to love her and IDK im not a fan of hers lately it makes me sad -.-

  • Karina

    that was a really good interview. I agree with what she said about her style and the clothes she wears. And I know she has younger kids looking up to her but she still is a teenager. I’m happy that she’s trying to reach out for an older audience tho. People need to stop seeing her as just “Hannah Montana”. I’m still a huge fan of hers.

  • Zoe

    Did they put that second picture on for a joke?

  • jimmy

    The music she loves sucks, the music she sings (pop) really really good. I heard a song she sing for Timbaland which is going to be a hit, if it has a studio version.

  • naiara vieira costa

    I love Miley Cyrus´songs! She´s amazing and I loved Party in the USA!!!
    Brazil is waiting for a concert here!!!

  • amy


    yeah those polls are stupid. Everyone knows that if you ask a question a certain way you can get the answer you want.

    It is pretty stupid to vote worst role model because you don’t like something someone wears. Look at the lives of some of the others – drugs alcohol, and more. Miley does none of those things & here you have a poll. Way to try to break the spirit of a young beautiful talented star like Miley. Jealously is a terrible thing. So many young stars, all talented, but for some reason some people feel that in order to like one or be a fan of one they must knock down the others or slander them.

    Get over it people, Miley is amazing, talented, beautiful & she is not going anywhere but up!

  • vanessa

    what is your problem?leave the girl alone! she’s doing what she wants and not being one of the disney clones. atleast she knows not to hide her mistakes while selena does. i’m not trying to hate on selena but its better to have a role model who shows her mistakes and knows that she makes them instead of having someone who doesn’t.and the worst influence thing wasn’t even worldwide it was just some poll thing aol put on their website.

  • Gossip Girl

    @amy @adam that poll was voted on by a bunch of Miley hters and not fans. If I were youner than Miley, I would rather look up to her than some drugged up popstar who lets hr kids hold smoker. Britney may have hot music, bu her role model image is not tht hot. In that case, they might as well say Lindsay Loan is a better role model than Miley. I don’t understand how stars that do much orst stuff than Miley (Kisten Stewart, Jamie Lynn, Christina A, Hudgens, Talyor Mosme.) but yet get more resected by the media just because they are not on the Disney Channel

  • Sam

    Miley has billion-dollar legs!!!

  • omg!!

    i love her ! but ya the shorts kinda annoy me ! she needs to change them ! even if it was short skirts just no more shorts ! LOVE U MILEY CYRUS

  • ollie

    she needs to learn to write her own songs. People don’t want to see her legs what is she trying to be Beyonce. No one can be Beyonce there is only one Beyonce and start 2 rearrage her life and not dress like a stripper and start becoming a better role model for little children and her sister onless she wa little girl an her sister dressing like her. she needs to set a good and honest example.

  • =)=)=)

    love you miley !!

    @christine: miley didnt buy those clothes the parents did … maybe you need to get a brain =)

  • gman

    Miley has kind legs, the kind that should b wrapped around me!!!

  • Divine Goddess

    she has nice legs so why not show them off? personally i hate the outfit, but showin off her legs is no big deal. shes young, NOW is the time to show them. not 60 yrs from now