Nick Jonas & The Administration Cover JoBros Tonight

Nick Jonas & The Administration Cover JoBros Tonight

After the announcement that Nick Jonas has a new side project — Nick Jonas and The AdministrationPopstar! got a hold of Kevin Jonas, Sr. for more info.

The pop of the 17-year-old musician shared with the mag, “Nick recorded a new version of the JB song ‘Tonight’ with The Administration. It’s really wonderful. Can’t wait for you to hear the record. We’re beyond excited about this side project!”

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Nick and The Administration covering a JoBros song?

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Photos: Eric McCandless/Disney Channel
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  • ashley

    their starting to go their separate ways:(

  • Kelly

    I cant waitt ahhhhhhh :) sure its gonna be amazing!

  • Tara

    Im sure it’ll be amazing :) I wanna hear diff songs tho…if he is doing a side project, it shud be a side project. Not a rip off of his band with his brothers.

    Plus, im all sad now…cuz if NJ and TA goes so well…are the JB;s gunna be done with???

    BUT..I LOVE NICK..and ill suppport him and buy his album…

    i just hope the Jonas Brothers stay together…it wont be the same with out all of em…


    I don’t like that he’s doing a cover. Shouldn’t a solo project have SOLO material…um. I am a big fan, but I’m not that excited about this whole deal. It seems strange to me. But Nick has never been my favorite. I think he’s overrated and arrogant.

  • andrea

    i think that it is great he is doing that because it shows that he is always thinking about the fans!!

  • angie

    ahhhh! I love him so much. hope it diffrent version and jonas brothers are not breaking up.

  • Courtney

    We think its awesome!
    We love every Jonas!

  • Sukeyna

    I’m so exitied, but I think that Nick should be a non-comercial music.
    By the way, I love Nick and his music soul. I support him.

    Oh, the photo of Nick is amazing!

  • hayley

    ugh, you people are so dense. they already said they aren’t breaking up. a person can go solo and still be a part of band :P

    and @ FANNA nick isn’t anything like that… i had the honor of meeting him and his brothers over the summer and he was really sweet, kthnx.

  • Kara

    @FANNA: It’s a side project, not a solo project. He’s still a part of the band, he’s just doing some things on the side.

  • sara

    His album is going to be amazing! i’ve always been a fan of them and this is super exciting! Can’t wait!

  • Ella

    I don’t think Nick going solo for a little while is so weird, he got a record deal alone in the first place. + isn’t “Tonight” a song he wrote?
    I’m looking forward to hearing his music.

  • mal

    i think he covered “tonight” because he’s trying to show what a different sound NJ and the A have from JoBros. no big deal.

  • gina

    it will be strange to me.but w.e. support nick

  • V

    Sounds awesome, but it sounds like “Selena Gomez and The Scene,” doesn’t it?

  • florencia

    he is awesome … i love nick … i cant wait to listen it … “nick jonas & the administration” … it will be great … im happy that the jonas brothers dont breack … i never think that they breack cuz they r “THE JONAS BROTHERS” BROTHERSSSSSS … but , well … im happy … i want to listen tonight , the new vertion … haja … ♥ nick … ♥ jonas brothers … ♥ nick jonas & the administration … =D xoxoxoxoxoxox ♥♥♥ ☺

  • jayna

    i love nick, he was always my favorite and even though i do find it really weird that he has this side project i’ll support him all the way. i’m excited to hear his songs with this band. <3

  • andrea

    you are soooooooooooooooooooooooo lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • menna

    wait….how do you re-cover something that’s your’s?

  • Vanessa


    fanna you are obviously a little dull in the brain because nick is so sweet.

    and nick is lookin FINE in that picture

  • ally

    @menna: i was thinking the same thing

    i like the fact that he has a side project as a solo artist and i kinda cant wait to hear his own music without his brothers

  • emily.

    where is this picture from? it’s goegeous

  • jonascyrus

    I’m a Joe girl, but DAMN!! i couldn’t read the actual post cause i was to busy drooling over Nick’s pic!! DEAR GOD that boy is delicious !! anyway i am actually excited about the album I mean the boy IS talented he won’t dissapoint us and so far alot of people are saying good stuff about this so they all got my pumped!! but THE JoBros aren’t breaking up cause if they were i’ll steal Joe ( don’t ask why, I’ll just do it!!)


    what? a cover of his song? it will sound the same

  • vanessa

    people don’t freak out there not gonna break up anytime soon they said so themself were gonna be seeing more of the Jonas Brothers projects soon…solo or together DON’T FREAK! :]

  • oumehanee

    Please don’t separate cause i love the Jonas Brothers and i don’t think it’s a good idea to separate.

  • jonaslover988979

    YAY!! nd ppl… THEY ARENT BREAKING UP!!! SIDE PROJECT!! check their myspace if u want the deets

  • jonaslover988979

    YAY!! nd ppl… THEY ARENT BREAKING UP!!! SIDE PROJECT!! check their myspace if u want the deets

  • frejamacarons

    eugh! i dont see how he can be successful on his own, let alone with those other uglies. his voice is so whiney.

  • crazy4jonas

    aaah cant wait! btw he looks soo cute in this pic!

  • nwl

    i can’t wait to hear it love them all

  • amy

    @emily.: i want to know the exact same thing lol nick <3

  • Marica

    i cant wait .;d

  • marina

    of course i love him and all the songs he has written are perfect

  • lulu

    omg!! he is so gorgeous! seriously, i fancy him sooo bad!! and im major jealous of how good looking he is!! and his album will be amazing!! can’t wait! xxx

  • Chastity

    I find this whole idea strange and… pointless?

    They work well as a group. Nick is talented, but I wouldn’t really go out and buy a NJ&A record just to listen to Nick’s voice. Why? Because I can do that with my Jonas Brothers records. I have all of them except ‘It’s About Time’. That one is so hard to get a hold of. I’d like to see him try a completely new style though… THEN I might reconsider.

  • joejonaslover

    that is seriously an adorable picture that they used of him (: can’t wait!

  • Maryjonas804

    omnj i hope hey dont break up bc kevin is getting married, nicks with these ppl and joe is alone its terriable! i realllllllllllly hope they dont but, its bound to happen, sadly……………

  • Maggie

    I think its great that nick is doing solo project! It’s not like JB is breaking up or anything.

  • Isabella

    I don’t think I like this,,,, Nick is the bomb, but I think he’s getting too full of himself. I think the Jo-Bros are seperating, maybe cause of nick’s cd and Kevin’s future marriage.

  • Raven

    I tink it will be great! anything Nick ever does is awesome! can’t wait 2 hear it! :)

  • Sol

    nick is my favorite jobro and i love him so much, but i don’t really like the idea. “side project “? that sounds weird.

  • mrsnickjonas

    @hayley: samesies!! nick kevin and joe are the SWEETEST ppl on the EARTH and I am marrying Nick! -Future 1st lady

  • mrsnickjonas

    i met the jonas brothers: THEY WERE SO DOWNT 2 EARTH AND SWEET. I am proud of my future husband Nick!! I can’t wait till Dec. 3rd= WHO I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <333nickj

  • karenn

    i guess that’s cool nick and the administration , a cover of that song will be great i love jonas brothers
    they’re the best !!

    ILY Nick jonas ♥…!!

  • Ciara

    I dont know about it, I mean I support Nick and all, but I don’t like the whole solo project deal. I dont understand how their tours will work though. Why pay $75 to see one Jonas Brother when you can see them all?

  • Ashley d.

    They’re not going their seperate ways! It’s just a side project! They will forever be the Jonas Brothres. I can’t wait for it! I LOVE Nick! I am so excited :)

  • ashley

    i love nick and i think that his solo cd will be great he has great talent :) <3

  • madi

    @ashley: i know!! this makes me want to cry!! :(

  • http://lua luana

    nick vc é gato meu

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