Taylor Lautner & Taylor Swift: Cruising The Town

Taylor Lautner & Taylor Swift: Cruising The Town

Rumored new couple Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner have a spirited conversation in the front seat of an Audi R8 sports car as they tour the town around Los Angeles on Wednesday evening (October 28).

The Valentine’s Day costars stopped off at Alice & Olivia for some window shopping are are making headlines on the status of their relationship. The duo were most recently spotted out a hockey game on Sunday afternoon

Swift, 19, claims they’re still just friends though. She shared on a radio show via People, “I don’t know, he’s an amazing guy and we’re really close … and ah … yep. We’re in a movie together and I am really excited about seeing it.”

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Credit: SCOTT/RADCLIFFE; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline, Wright/Beiny/KOKOPIX/WENN
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  • Emily

    Ah I am totally team Taylor. This is so exciting. Hahah, who would have thought?
    I just wonder how Selena feels about it.
    God. I feel like such a teenie right now. Usually I’m not into celeb couples at all. But I just think they’re so adorable together.
    And even if Taylor Lautner is younger, I think that’s stupid people say anything about that. Hello, Taylor looks so much older than he really is and he’s so so mature for his age. I mean seriously.
    Look at any other 17 year old around you, do they honestly look like that or have that kind of personality? No.

    And Taylor Swift, ah. Love her to death <3
    They’re both such sweeties and really deserve one another. I’m so happy for them. If you couldn’t tell or anything ;) ;)

  • tlautnerlover

    aww they are so cute! i love my taylors!

  • meghan

    omg no way they r so cute together but you never kno they could just be friends n thats good as well

  • claire

    cute!! but honestly, i like him better with selena!!!! i wish they would date!!

  • SJS

    They are either dating or have been asked to make it seem like it for the sake of their movie. I realize Valetines Day has a bunch of celebs in it, but that doesn’t garuantee success, and besides- in Hollywood there is no such thing as too much success.

  • ashley

    what if taylor swift marries taylor lautner so her name would be taylor lautner? hahah,im so lame.<3

  • http://- Mellz

    woow..taylor after go out with selena she go out with selena’s ex
    lol…maybe taylor ask for permission hahahaaa…

  • jasmine_taymhie

    i want TAYLENA!!!!TAYLENA!!!TAYLENA!!!
    selena & taylor look better that “taylor s”….

  • http://- Mellz

    n i love Taylena better..hmm..swift is to old…

  • Isabella

    Can;t get my head around these two. I mean 17 & 20?! :| I’d never date a guy younger than me. just to…..weird. :| & not to mention Selena & Taylor are sooo much better suited.

  • eVeRy1RoXx

    I was totally all for TAYLENA! ahh they were so cute. they looked good together.


    this is just awkward for me.

    but I guess if there happy.

    idono y all these girls like to play “pass around” with the guys. o_O lol

  • Melanie

    Its not even thursday yet..
    Is that car a time machine?

  • elle

    how did they tour the town around Los Angeles on Thursday EVENING (October 29). if it says you posted this -THU, 29 OCTOBER 2009 AT 12:23 AM-
    its not even thursday oct. 29 yet where i live!!!

    but any way s i think theyre a cute couple (if they even are a couple)

  • jo!

    yea i know!!
    im team TEYLENA!!

  • Jo

    They’re so dating!! and admit it already, you obviously can’t hide it with all those paparazzi.

  • Althea

    YaY to Taylor Square. They are adorable. Sure you two aren’t dating! Just like other celebrity couples who denied it at first!

  • Mellahh

    uhmm its not thursday in CA yet… this was only taken maybe an hour or so ago..

  • Annie

    He finally got the R8! He said in 17 that it was his fave car, it’s mine too.

  • http://yahoo.com jasmine_taymhie

    i want TAYLENA!!!

  • sqotternutbosh

    awww soo sweet!! =D

  • neds

    This whole thing just strikes me as a huge publicity stunt to taylor L’s benefit. How convenient is it that these two just happen to start hanging out and so openly just a few weeks before the premiere of New Moon, I noticed that most of the places that they’ve been to together are places where they could easily be spotted by the paps. It’s just overtly public to me and Swift seems like a really private person when it comes to relationships. I say that because when she was dating Lucas Till, we rarely ever saw the two of them out together (and yes it was confirmed that those two were dating). I just find it to be a little strange is all.

    And i also think his “relationship” with Selena was a publicity stunt. That’s MY opinion,feel free to disagree but dont do so with lewd comments

  • Belle

    Does anything else notice that Taylor Swift couldn’t take her eyes off Taylor Lautner?

  • Angelica

    Ok, I hate when people jump to conclusion, but what the hell. They are everywhere together lately! I mean come on. Are they or aren’t they? Seems like it’s getting there. I don’t know how I feel about that yet.

  • minot

    they will be great couple!!!
    both are awesome!!!!!!

  • Nighteyes

    She looks so smitten and look really happy.

  • nikki

    zac efron has the same car, zac efron looks HOTTER in the car though!!!

    this couple is WHACK!!!! lammmeee

  • http://www.facebook.com/naomikathryn Naomi


  • Sam

    Me no likey…

  • Jannii

    Aww they are really cute. Already love them both as a couple

  • justme

    they’re just friends? RIGHTTTT!!!! <3

  • Lindavv

    LOL this always happen to her and other celebs
    whenever she hangs out with a guy friend people jump to the conclusion that they’re dating.
    Well, I’m team Laylor (: (Lucas Till & Taylor Swift )

  • http://www.obsessedwithmiley.blogspot.com aNNI

    Oh gosh they should marry…then they would be Taylor Lautner and Taylor Lautner or Taylor Swift and Taylor Swift…this would be the coolest couple ever! Hey, Taylors!!!

  • http://www.obsessedwithmiley.blogspot.com aNNI
  • http://www.obsessedwithmiley.blogspot.com aNNI

    pls visit my site!!

  • ceci

    Another boring Hollywood story! Bleh! He is so lame!

  • analeigh

    @claire: i agree him and selena are cuter together haha but taylor is still gorgeous

  • Laura

    If they are dating, which I think they are then they just need to admit it already. :)

  • Valentina


    hahaha trueee
    i thought it was funny

  • Tiffany

    I love her sweater! Here is who made it http://outfitidentifier.com/?cat=905

  • tonch

    they’re cute together

    i know something would be up after that kiss in their upcoming flick…

    i guess it feels kinda weird though having Taylor L. date Taylor S. who happens to be a close friend of Selena’s (Taylor L.’s ex)

    well…that’s life!

  • diane

    i like them together.. they both look so happy…

  • Mellahh

    the night before Taylor S tweeted that she was going out with Selena for dinner and the next night she goes out with Taylor L. any conclusions…

  • loraine

    hum I don’t like them together he was way better with selena.
    I’m not a hater or somethin like that I love taylor² Lol but i mean they don’t go together they are cute but… somethin is wrong

  • justme

    why do Selena fans always want something just only for Selena. Like, why do Selena HAD TO HAVE EVERYTHING?? Last time it was Nick and Miley and you people complain how Selena SHOULD have him instead and now Selena also SHOULD have Taylor Lautner too? C’mon! Be fair! Selena can’t have it all! Leave some for others! No wonder people can’t stand her fans. They are NEEDY AND GREEDY.

  • Mel

    I just don’t feel like this is going to work out. =/ I love both Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner, but I just feel like Taylor Lautner is not mature enough for Taylor Swift . . .

    I mean, from what I’ve seen, Taylor Lautner is VERY mature for his age from being in the entertainment industry for years now. He also looks like no 17 year old I have ever seen! ;P Haha!

    But then I think about Taylor Swift (who will be 20 in December). You can just listen to her songs, listen to how she talks in interviews, and look at the way she carries herself and realize that she is also mature WAYYYY beyond her years.

    Ehhhh, but what do I know. It’s not like I know them personally and know what they are really like. For all I know, they could have long and successful relationship together. *shrugs*
    I wish the best for them if they really are dating =)

  • Daniyah

    i love both taylors like crazy! but i liked selena and taylor better for some reason…. taylor squared are cute but i dont know if they are actually dating dating they CAN just be friends and hanging out and a lot of it can be for publicity! idk. Taylena was cuter. but taylor squared are cute too! plus i liked taylor swift better with lucas till! lol

  • teeeheee

    if she wasn’t so amazing,
    i’d be very upset.

  • http://blablabla.com marie

    if they’re dating, they’re a cute couple :)

  • Courtney

    They’re cute together!

  • Izzie