Taylor Swift Gets The Giggles Over Taylor Lautner

Taylor Swift Gets The Giggles Over Taylor Lautner

Taylor Swift is getting all sorts of attention about her rumored relationship with Taylor Lautner — and Ellen DeGeneres wants to know a bit about it too.

When asked about their hockey date night, the 19-year-old musician told Ellen, “I really like hockey a lot and it turns out, so does he.”

Taylor will be on today’s episode (Thursday, October 29) of The Ellen DeGeneres Show to chat about her Fearless Platinum Edition, Stevie Wonder and Valentine’s Daybe sure to tune in.

Taylor Swift on Ellen Snippet, 10/29

Taylor Swift on Ellen, 10/29
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  • Chloe

    They say they arent dating,but if they want people to stop saying that,i think they should slow it down a bit,stop going out like everynight.
    i hope they arent dating.Taylor wouldnt be a good friend to selena is they where.

  • diane

    hi jared thanks for posting this… yes.. agree with ellen…taylor swift is just so adorable.. i like her a lot.. and m so happy that she looks so happy..by the way.. i love her fearless platinum edition..it’s so worth buying…

  • leila

    aaaww taylor is soo adorable!!! eventhough all the success she has remained soo humble!!

  • peaches.

    oooiii she’s extremely cute!

  • Katie g!

    that was so cute haha shes like um… what?

  • Chloe

    hahaha i love ellen :)

  • Jannii

    Haha that was really cute =D

  • Nadia

    lol.. everytime Taylor does that move when she laughs xD

  • Laura

    I love Ellen :) she’s amazing and Taylor has remained so humble despite all of her success. Um what? when Ellen asks whether he’s a good kisser.

  • Mileyselena_

    hahahahaha, Ellen is amazing!!

  • Slaio

    LOL she’s so cute.
    just admit it already. they’re cute together. Taylor Swift deserves someone who’ll treat her right

  • sweetnessa

    If taylor S. is happy, me too.

  • Joshy


    so Taylor is friend of Selena or not?

    i will never do that to one of my friends

  • wow


    this is a stupid comment. leave Selena out of this.

  • justme

    why does everything have to revolved around Selena? when Niley happen, it broke Selena’s heart. When Demi and Miley became friends, it broke Selena’s heart and now when Taylor and Taylor like each other, it broke Selena’s heart. Like, why are her fans always makes it out as if selena is a victim to every situation?


    I like Taylor’s reaction when Ellen ask if he was a good kisser.

  • Holly

    Awwww! What Ellen said was spot on. I love Taylor Swift, she is so kind, inspiring, down-to-earth and funny- just an awesome person. She deserves what she has achieved so much.

    Hope her Taylor are dating too! :)

  • Carol

    @Joshy: Selena seems ok with it considering she and taylor Swift are still hanging out so if she’s ok with it shouldn’t you be as well

  • Sassy

    um…What? hahahha that’s hilarious she’s so cute

  • Althea

    I like how she answered the kissing question. She was so shy about!

  • Emily

    Hahhaha, I love her. I love Ellen too. <3
    Taylor’s laugh is so cute. She’s so obvious.

  • Hey

    just saying guys, taylor swift and selena gomez are still good friends, which is why they still hang out! (source, their twitters). plus, we really don’t know for sure they’re dating, or selena and taylor (lautner) ever dated…just puttin that out there. :) i love BOTH taylors 2 death, AND selena….and they’re all friends. :) all of us shud really stop making bad assumptions about them

  • Minot

    Taylor Swift is gorgeous!!
    Love her!!

  • Dolly Cookie

    Swifty….ha ha…
    That was cute.


    Isn’t it kind of funny how this is JUST LIKE the interview ellen did with miley cyrus back when miley was supposed to be with justin? The laughing and giggling the SAME way, idk it seems planned or something.

    I got love for both of them! I’m just saying, something’s not right here…

  • Chastity

    I’m a HARSH critic when it comes to these girls – Miley, Demi, Selena, Ashley, Vanessa, etc. But Taylor is one of the few I actually like and respect. She seems very sweet and down to earth. I don’t know her personally, but I can tell that she would be able to connect with a non-famous person easily.

    If she’s dating Taylor L, which I’m pretty much positive that she is… good for her! Joe Jonas’ loss is Taylor Lautner’s gain.

  • HeyTaylor ;)

    if they have kids, they are going to have the chinkiest eyes ever

  • smile!

    @HeyTaylor: wow your comment was mean im sure if they had kids they would be beautiful.

    taylor swift seems so down to earth haha her reaction was really cute when ellen asked her if he was a good kisser (: shes beautiful.
    if taylor & swifty were going out they’d be an awesome couple, she deserves happiness =)

  • http://justjaredjr.buzznet.com alannaaa

    imaginee if they giot married…..taylor lautner and taylor lautner…but i supposee she would keep her last namee

  • lalala

    her laugh is so sweet i wish they were back together
    great couple!!!!!!!
    she is so humble!!! really cute

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