Percy Jackson Electrifies The Sunset Strip

Percy Jackson Electrifies The Sunset Strip

Check out the lightning strike in the brand-new Percy Jackson billboard poster!

Costars Logan Lerman, Alexandra Daddario and Kevin McKidd of Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief lit up the Sunset Strip in Hollywood with the gigantic poster on Wednesday night (October 28).

The billboard emits 1.2 million volts of pure lightning — enough to light several homes! The modern and unique marketing tool employs some time-tested technology: its “lightning” is powered by a transformer invented 100 years ago by scientist Nikola Tesla.

That’s one FIERCE poster! Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief hits theaters on Friday, February 12, 2010.

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Photos: Eric Charbonneau/WireImage
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  • Lu

    Doesn’t seem very Eco-friendly. =\

  • christine

    yeah, its not very green =/ could have saved that power & money for people that are less unfortunate

    but ANYWAY
    i’m excited for the movie !
    LOVE the book series, just hope its faithful !

  • christine

    oh ! and i DO NOT like the girl ! SOOOOO wrong from the character in the book >;O she’s supposed to be blonde ! & not that old

  • Mamic

    i was there it was pretty awesome!!!

  • Tom

    Most of our modern technology is based on what Nikola Tesla invented or discovered over 100 years ago. Not sure what your point is!

  • skullpirate007

    Eye catcher hopefully that poster will attract ne fans which will cause the movie to be big and spawn sequels

  • Liz

    you where there? you’re so lucky, i live like a bagillion miles away. :( whish i was there, but i couldnt. so how was it? did you get to see logan?
    i cant wait for this movie ♥

  • chatu

    annabeth is way too old!!!! logan is prefect for percy, tho. but seriously annabeth was supposed to BLONDE.

  • chelsea

    Agree with you the girl doesn’t seem right.

    Love the books I am very excited to see the movie
    I totally love logan, he is the perfect percy, just like I imagine.

  • jackii

    WAT A WASTE OF ELECTRICITY SERIOUSLY like really ITS NOT ECO FRIENDLY TAKE DOWN THAT BILLBOARD other ppl can use that electricity for homes what has hollywood become???

  • Mamic

    @Liz: it was pretty fun, but there were not that many people there. only maybe about 10-12 fans including myself… yes, i did get to meet longan. i got the time of the event mixed up and ended up going a little too early so i hung out at the coffee bean that was close by, and alex was there getting coffee too, so i got to meet her and on our way back i saw logan getting out of his car and chatted with him for a bit before they had to light the billboard. he is probably one of the sweestest guys i’ve ever met.

  • meisme

    Ale looks REALLY old standing next to Logan.

    I am starting to get scared for this movie.

    @Mamic: I am soooo jealous of you right now….