Taylor Lautner Covers Brazil's Atrevida Magazine

Taylor Lautner Covers Brazil's Atrevida Magazine

Taylor Lautner screams mystery on the November 2009 cover of Brazil’s Atrevida magazine.

The 17-year-old Twilight hunk, who will be in Brazil with costar Kristen Stewart to promote The Twilight Saga: New Moon next week, revealed that he’s still going to school.

Taylor shared, “At school, I was the kind of guy who didn’t have a set of tight knit friends. I made my rounds in school, I like people. I went to public school through my sophomore year of high school. I moved to L.A. going into 6th grade. But then it got way too busy and it wasn’t a possibility anymore. But I’m enrolled in my local community college right now and I take classes there whenever I can.”

Atrevida magazine’s November issue is on stands now in Brazil.

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  • alexia

    first UHAUAH

  • http://www.twitter.com/littlest_Gomez Fernanda

    cant waaaaaait ! come to braziiiiiiiiiiiil!!

  • http://twitter.com/julia142 julik

    I’m from brazil and i want so much see them!!

  • Dani

    medo do jjj falando da atrevida, HEHEHEHEHEH

  • http://www.twitter.com/littlest_Gomez Fernanda

    eu também, cara. por que será? DIUSAHDUIAS

  • jenna

    LMAO, the photo is kinda flipped! poor taylor got some eeeek photoshop job there! look at his nose and mouth! soooo scary! lol

  • Taah

    Brasil representandoo! Oooolha, muito beem! hahaha


    aww, that’s so cool of him to school and continue his education whenever he cans. He seems mature for his age.

  • Izzie

    HE LOOKS AMAZING.. But I dont live in Brazil.. lol! Shoot, too bad for me, he WAS in Canada for the longest time but, how d’you expect me to run all the way to VANCOUVER?!?!

  • vitoriabrazil

    nossa jjj falando da atrevida

    que estranho

  • amy

    for once he actually looks alright AND he’s wearing clothes ;)

  • kathy

    Aaaaah FA-TO que vou comprar

  • xoxo

    he’s a hottie!

  • alexia

    Brasil representando aqui ta 10 hahahaha

  • alana

    foi capricho… agora a atrevida ! o que está acontecendo com jjj ? resolveu amar o brasil ? hahaha

    anyways, i love you tay =)

  • raysa

    hahaha também notei, JJJ ultimamente tá prestando atenção em nós, queria eu saber o que aconteceu rs

  • http://www.twitter.com/luizaluuli luiza

    atrevida no JJJ ? qiiiiiiiso

  • Julia

    PQP! JJJ falando da ATREVIDA????
    é… os tempos mudaram… agora eles sabem que o Brasil existe!

  • Ana

    ae BRASIIIIIIIIL, preciso passar na banca, omfg haha

  • Letty

    Brasil esta chique poxa, até nossa revista esta apareçendo em site gringo.
    Brasil representando kk *-*

  • JessicaBrasilForevers2

    Nossa, o Brasil está arrebentando ultimamente! Nossas revistas Teen no JJJ, primeiro a Capricho, agora a Atrevida! Só falta a TodaTeen, não?

  • Maria Julia

    esses dias falaram da atrevidinha com a selena (eu acho, na capa) agora a atrevida com o taylor hahahha! comprarei =)

  • helen w

    oh jeez how many brazilian girls here! OI MENINAS! lol, i speak a little portguese myself. it was that or german, i thought portuguese was more interesting. anyway, i’ve had the chance of picking up a copy of this magazine once, and let me tell you, i didn’t like it very much – it felt very… futile.

    anyway, so is twilight as big in brazil as it is here in america, girls?

  • http://twitter.com/paulacarolina94 Paula carolina

    Tayzinho amanhã no Brasil! HAHAHA *-*

    mal posso esperar. :D

    hoje eu fui comprar essa revista na banca mas ainda não tinha chegado. u_u

  • *Bru*

    Twilight is as famous here in brazil as in america….
    i can’t wait for november 20th, i’t's gonna be amazing =)
    i love taylor, and he is always so cute ^^

    i’m so happy they are coming to brasil, i hope i can see them, hope they are coming to são paulo!!!
    thanks jjj

  • carol

    nossa, o que tá acontecendo mesmo? oO UASUHSAHSAUSHAUHSA
    Brasil dominando o JJJ! :D

  • Renata


  • Beatriz

    hahhaha , pis as olimpiadas vo ser aqui agora . E a copa , HAHAH deve ser por isso esse amor todo pelo brasil ! vai entender ?!

  • Ana

    Medo ³ , cara pq eles falaram da revista… É engraçadooo

  • robristen lovin

    I couldn’t understand half of the messages here.

  • mari

    nossa jjj falando da atrevida

    que estranho

    agora resolveram amar o brasil, kkk’
    vou pegar essa revista, plastificar, colocar na porta de casa e ao enves daquelas plaquinhas retardadas” aqui mora uma familia feliz” vai ser: ” taylor, faz uma familia comigo, GOSTOSOOO” kkkk’
    i love you taylor. TEAM JACOB.

  • Erika

    Brazil haciendo desastres! Horriblee PhotoShop q hicieren en su nariz y boca! Le torcieron la nariz a un lado y hicieron un desmadre torcido a la boca! Imagino q el se habra avergonzado al ver la revista. Q poco profesionalismo!

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