Dakota Fanning: Viking Homecoming Princess!

Dakota Fanning: Viking Homecoming Princess!

Dakota Fanning has a huge smile on her face as she’s named homecoming princess during a football game at her local high school in North Hollywood, Calif., on Friday night (October 30).

The 15-year-old actress cheered on her Viking football team and even performed a few high-flying stunts.

Director Chris Weitz told MTV about Dakota‘s Jane in the upcoming The Twilight Saga: New Moon, saying, “She’s never really gotten to play a bad person before, probably because she is a very good person. She is really a lovely young person. But I think she had some fun playing, really, the most evil of all the bad guys. [Jane]‘s bad news. Very bad.”

20+ pics inside of homecoming princess Dakota Fanning

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  • http://www.abv.bg Veselka

    It sooo cool.It’s like a movie.The main cheerleader and a football player-Homecoming King and Queen.hahahahaha

  • me

    WOW Dakota looks great I’m realy happy for her

  • me

    wait a minute what grade is she in cause i know that when your 15 your a sophomore in high school…cause usually they have homecoming king, queens, prince, and princess for their senior year..

  • mamamamamamamam

    That first cradle looks really bad & sloppy & on her toe-touch she should look up and her arms shouldn’t be down like that lol :)

  • andietee

    super cool

  • vanessa


  • andrea

    @me: well she missed a few years in school because at the beginning she was homeschooled because she had to act, and i think homeschool people come out faster that the other of us. and also i think shes really smart so she was ahead in school.

    shes the best actrice i love her so i know hehehe!!!

  • Evie

    Seriously, you know a large influence of her becoming princess was the fact she’s an actress.

  • florence

    thats so awesome i tought it was just like that in movies.. you know the head cheerleader and football captain..!!! this is soooo beyond coolneess

  • florence

    she sure must lead the perfect life.. head cheerleader homecoming princess a great actress beautiful girl to me shes just perfect!! youre awesome!!

  • meghan

    thats cool

  • Serena

    So cool! It’s just perfect. I wish I had that luck to be crowned homecoming queen with a footballplayer as king!!! I’m really happy for her.

  • http://Justjaredjr Jenny.s.

    @Evie: True

  • healpunote

    iam 15 and your hotttttttttttttttt

  • Rose

    Does Dakota go to Valencia?
    Because that’s Valencia’s colors and they are the vikings, Oh my gosh, this makes me excited fo homecoming :DD

  • celia

    Kudos to her for staying in school despite being famous since she was 3 years old. I like it!

  • :D

    finally, someone looks their age

  • Markus

    whoa….man, i would go to school everyday if i was still in high school and went there hahah

  • Blank

    She goes to Campbell Hall…same school that Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen graduated from. Most of the students there are children of people from the entertainment industry…like producers, directors. etc.

  • lulu

    im not saying it’s her fault, but let’s be honest, she’s probably only head cheerleader and became homecoming queen because she’s famous (imo). i may be wrong, and im not saying she doesn’t deserve it, coz she might be a nice person, but it wouldn’t suprise me

    no nasty comments, it’s just AN OPINION!!

  • Emma

    @lulu – She’s not head cheerleader.

  • scoobydoofan

    Homecoming queen and homecoming princess are two different things you usually have three homecoming princess and and then one is crowned queen

  • AJ

    Looks like the wheel in the rumor mill is at it again..Why does everybody automatically assume that she is the head cheerleader?

    This is a classic case of the “Whisper Down The Lane” telephone game..

    Who knows, by the time the rumor reaches the last person,she might be crowned Miss USA & cheerleading for the NFL..

    Btw..Valencia and Campbell Hall are both Vikings

  • http://ambrosia18 amber

    @me: Actually, at 15 you can be a jr as well or if your smart enough, a senior.

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