Monique Coleman is Zom-Beyonce!

Monique Coleman is Zom-Beyonce!

Check out Monique Coleman‘s Halloween costume — Zom-Beyonce!

Monique and her pal Jason Williams, dressed as First Lady Michelle Obama, stepped out at Heidi Klum‘s 10th Annual Halloween Party presented by MSN and SKYY Vodka in Los Angeles on Saturday night (October 31).

Mo described her costume as “‘Single Ladies’ meets ‘Thriller.’” We love it!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Monique’s costume — HOT or NOT?

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  • qwerty

    omg i love it! thats so original! love to see costumes that weren’t just bought at a costume store! love u mo!

  • kay

  • joan

    OMG i loved it

  • Brittany

    she looks drunk

  • mara

    i love monique,love the costumesin her.


    i love the idea oits a good one ! but i dont know there is something wrong with it dont you think ?

  • Vanessa

    looks good, very creative costume :)

  • musicgirl

    haha I love it:)

  • team MILEY & SELENA BB


  • act_sing_star

    i havent seen monique 4 awhile!!

    cute costume, tho :)

  • act_sing_star

    @Brittany: i think the costume is cute but the 2nd pic on the top makes her look drunk

  • dcstarinthemaking

    i love it i think it’s the most creative thing i’ve seen this year. i love monique coleman besides raven symone she is one of my idols. she is a strong independent black woman making her way in hollywood. yo go mo, ALL THE SINGLE ZOMBIES, ALL THE SINGLE ZOMBIES. oh and to KAY post number 2 stop being a hater and that one picture is just a bad one they pops probably got her at a bad time cut her some slack. atleast if she wanted to be drunk she’d be old enough to unlike some disney stars *cough*miley*cough*

  • morgan

    I LOVE it! So orginal!

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    She has a certain something about her. A certain good something. She’s so unique !! I really love her hair. XD

  • teamhuman

    Yeah I agree she didn’t have to do that drunkie look. Why do girls tramp it up for Halloween? That’s gotta trend out.

  • teamhudgens

    oh my god ! :)
    moni, you’re crazy! =)

  • maichi

    She’s supposed to look drunk/lazy/tired you guys… lol She’s a zombie, zombies are dead, remember?
    Anyways, I love Monique, she’s such a wonderful person! I just wished she would expand her acting career beause when I see or thing Monique Coleman, I think High School Musical unlike Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens because they’ve totally branched out from this kiddie-kiddie Disney Channel world unlike Ashley Tisdale who’s slowly, very slowly going up that hill while doing a cartoon voice over- Phineas and Ferb that isn’t even as popular then it first premiered. Then there’s Corbin Bleu, poor guy’s trying but his show got cancel; he seems to have potential though, right? And last but not least, Lucas Grabeel, he’s knee deep in the directing buiness. Oh, and if you know or remember her, Olysea Rulin, Kelsey, she’s probably modeling, I’m not sure though but she said she used to be a russian model before HSM. (I don’t know about the rest though!)

    - :)

  • istar

    okay, if she looks drunk, oh well! it was halloween! and i have to say, her costume — totally original :D

  • gold baybay

    Hmm, not feeling it. Oh well, seems like I’m the only one.

  • Annie


  • bruin

    @maichi: the only person who has “branched” out of high school musical is zac efron

  • sfddgdhdfhyrthgr

    monique is expanding her acting career. she is goin to a lot of auditions lately. and after hsm she was or is going to be in bones, crush, the cleveland show, promise rings and we are family

  • HsmZanessaFansite21

    No, Vanessa has also…She is doing Beastly and now Sucker Punch..neither of them say high school musical..she also did Bandslam…

  • bruin

    @HsmZanessaFansite21: sure she has but her career hasn’t been stardom, if you can call it that, since hsm. hopefully these movies will do her good

  • pop86

    Great costume.
    Poor Jason, white knee-high stocking. LOL

  • Ashley


    True. But Bandslam FLOPPED at the box office (compared to Zac’s hit “17 Again”). We should wait and see how her other movies and projects do.

    Monique has done more acting things since HSM. She’s done Bones, The Cleveland Show, and We Are Family. The latter two won’t come out until sometime next year. I’d say give her (and the others) some time to really get their feet wet after HSM. The only ones who’ve successful escaped their HSM characters are Zac & Lucas.

  • sophiee


  • GaGa

    @bruin: lol I don’t think any HSM star has branched out. You still think HSM when you hear their names, they have yet to do something BIG again.

  • jenna

    she looks like new york from flavor of love.

  • Nathalie



  • Aylin
  • me.

    woah. even though it’s kinda o.0
    i really like the creativity. and at least she has the “zombie” thing going on, which is perfect for halloween. i’m saying this cause most people these days never dress up as something scary anymore.

  • nina caplan

    hahaha, moniques costume is just awesome =)

  • nina caplan

    @gold baybay: Not feeling what? tard!

  • Danni

    I think it was very creative and awesome. Monique has a lot of stuff coming down the pipe and she’s still auditioning for a lot of stuff. Vanessa is still playing chicks in high school…like seriously.

  • Christinitza

    OMG…how creative is a black is that black thing she’s wearing…..!!
    Don’t make me laugh…she has a wig, earings and that black thing…u must be dumb if u think that’s creative :P
    plus she’s soooooooo fat…why the heck does she has to expose it too much???? Think about it :P

  • athena

    She looks amazing as a zom Beyonce…she does it best!

  • jade


    DUDE, SHE’S NOT FAT!! SHE’S NOWHERE NEAR FAT!! Just because she doesn’t have skinny thighs like Ashley & Vanessa doesn’t mean she’s fat. She can’t get to their size even if she tried.

  • Ajay

    that is such an awesome costume
    I wish halloween was as big here in Australia

  • plum plum

    she looks great and like her hairstyle

  • Steve

    Monique better be careful she doesn’t get an ass whoopin from Beyonce for making fun of her.