Miley Cyrus Loves Rock N' Roll

Miley Cyrus Loves Rock N' Roll

Miley Cyrus lets her hair go wild as she performs Joan Jett‘s “I Love Rock N’ Roll” on stage with Jefferson Tarc Bus at the Phoenix Hill Tavern in Louisville, Kentucky on Saturday night (October 31).

The 16-year-old actress/singer dressed up as Pocahontas for Halloween and put on an encore show after her Freedom Hill concert earlier in the evening.

Check out Miley‘s performance below and tell us what you think of Miley‘s costume!

Miley Cyrus – “I Love Rock N’ Roll”
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Photos: Stephen J. Cohen/WireImage
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  • line

    i love her costume and i love her!:)

  • rania

    Miley is so beautiful

  • tess

    cute costume

  • http://youtube lynn

    miley looks cute in this video i like her dress and her hair it looks awesome

  • jackii

    well that singing sucked

  • heat
  • P

    i dont like her :S



  • demifan
  • Gracie

    Miley, never EVER try and sing a rock’n'roll song. EVER. Britney already destroyed it, don’t you do it as well. Your country, not rock’n'roll.

  • jessica♥jonas

    i got to go to the halloween consert! it was amazing! im so glad she put on the encore. I dont see why people say she sucks live. she dosent.

  • cody
  • Travis brody

    well that was just awesome.

  • Vic2763

    Glad she got to have a little Holloween fun while out on the road. Luv the outfit. So cute =]

  • anonymous

    can say rehab it is comeing this KID is going down hill but on twitter is nick in la is miley with nick. all of u nick&miley fans just one thing who did miley go see in the mall in nashville nick or justin got your answer and in la aug 25th nick or justin that will be justin.they r nice friends she has now takeing her 2 a bar it a bar not a steakhouse like they r saying on twitter just stop it.nice miley fans . all about the money not her. go back to tenn pls 4 u get out of hollywood!!!!!!!!!!!

  • yoooo

    awww i love herrr =]

  • Em

    good for her! i love her! :)

  • yeyyy

    aushuash she’s so drunk!! love it

  • Matt

    She is sooo hot.

  • lifesgood

    awww she looks like she’s having the time of her life!!!
    good for her! =) she’s been hard at work for months now [last song movie, rehersal for tour, tour and more] !!

    she deserves a night of fun=) & she looks amazing<3 always pretty:)

  • AdrianaGutz

    Loved the costume :)

    Go Miley!!!

  • http://Maximummileyfanpage MAXIMUM MILEY FANPAGE

    Miley looks amazing and that is so cool that she performed after the concert..I saw her in Portland @ the beginning of the tour..and ” I Love Rock and Roll” was one of the highlights of the show..totally amazing:))

  • jason

    miley cyrus hottest disney girl of this time nobody has what miley has and she looks beautiful in her custome.

    she looks like a lot of fun to be with…. love her so gorgeous.

  • cassy

    is she drunk?

  • jocyrusfan

    is she drunk?= No!

    srvdt12 (16 hours ago) +2 Reply | Spam
    I was running the lights for Jefferson TARC Busthen at Phoenix Hill Tavern then. She was introduced by my friend and JTB bass player, Dave Moody, who can be seen up high on the stage at the beginning of the footage. Dave plays bass for and tours in Billy Ray Cyrus’ band and is friends with her family. Dave tried to tell us he had a very speial surprise for everybody… It tooks all of us a minute to realize it was really her! What a cool surprise! More footage to


    For all you people talking smack, I was there. She was not drunk or stoned, she was there with her mother after doing a show at Freedom Hall. The bass player for Jefferson TARC Bus plays bass in her dads band also.

    From TMZ:

    “106. Wow, the ignorance and cruelty of these comments is disgusting. What a sad world we live in. Here’s what happened. The bass player in the band that was playing at the venue is also in Billy Ray’s band. Miley, her mother, managers and some dancers came out to the club after her show to see the band and, God forbid, let loose and be somewhat normal for an hour. They did go upstairs to the dance club for a few minutes while the band was setting up. After that, they all stayed in one section of the club, right next to the stage. There was NO drinking by any minors. No one even knew they were there. They were minding their own business and just having some good, clean fun. Miley wanted to get up with the band and sing a song. The band got her up, she sang and they all left immediately after. She was dressed up like Pocahontas. It was Halloween, people dress up, maybe you’ve heard of it.

    I hope you all enjoy eating crow for lunch today.

    I hope this clears up the”

    And there is no age restriction for performers/singers for bar. It’s up to the bars owner.

  • meee

    love her <3


    @jessica♥jonas: LIVING PROOF that miley is good at singing live ! thank you hunny !

  • =)=)=)

    she looks hot & beautiful like not too old and not too young ! and her eyes are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful

  • HANAmILEY!!!!

    omigosh i love her!
    she looks so gorgeous!
    as alwayss!
    shes so beautiful and her costume is superrr cute ON HER! cuz she has an amazzing sexy aaaasss body. ahah i love miley! she is the best and she looks absolutleyy stunning. she is the hootttest disney star and has the beestt singing and acting skillss!

  • http://myspace natalia lopez awwww

    That song i love Rock n roll she does not know how to sing at all :(
    that coustume she was waring was not cute I would dress better than
    that .For Halloween she better dress in a better coustume NEXT time!!

  • jamie

    miley is my role model . now i know what your thinking. i know mileys done some wrong things but noboadys perfect

  • http://hi KARAMAYER

    cool miley

  • http://google Torrie Z

    hey no one talk bad about miey i dont know if yall r but please dont cause u dont know her so mind ur own bussnise k i love her i think she is just a fun girl and brings out the good in people and makes people smile. and i think her costume is cute and she is a good romodel and i do have all of her cds and all of her wii games and ds games and clothes line and plus went to october 29th concert and i think she is great.!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ps i really do love her and i was in section 104 row t

  • http://google Torrie Z

    i love her and yall i dont care i have all of her cds and her clothes line and wii games and a wig and i dont care if yall hate her but please dont make fron of her she is pretty stilish and pretty and cute and nice and really good actress and singer i love her costume i agree with tess and lynn lol

    and i went to oct 29th concert it rocked hain section 104 and row t

  • Fabrice

    Your video description is incorrect and misleading. The song “I love rock n roll” was written and recorded first by The Arrows in 1975. There have been many covers of their song, including Joan Jett and the Blackhearts, Britney Spears, Showaddywaddy, Hello and now Miley Cyrus.

  • MissMileySfAN1

    amazing vocals!!!!

  • Halloween costumes

    She is a very talented singer. She looked cute in this costume. A lot of young girls look up to her. I hope she doesn’t turn out like the rest of them.