Selena Gomez: Falling Down Is Number One!

Selena Gomez: Falling Down Is Number One!

Selena Gomez got a really big surprise over the weekend from Radio Disney’s Top 30 Countdown DJ Jake!

After hearing that her song was number one on the countdown, Jake called the 17-year-old starlet right up and had to tell her.

Selena‘s reaction was priceless: “What? Are you kidding me? OMG, I’m number one! This is so crazy! Thank you! I’ve never had a number one. I listen to Top 30 Countdown all the time. Thank you!”

Congrats, Sel!

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Photos: Adam Rose/Radio Disney
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  • jo!

    she deserves it!! FIRST!!

  • Deen

    love her voice, she has a special and sweet voice, demi and sel are the best!! Congrats to her, she deserves it completely because she has been working a lot.
    LOVE HER! she knows how to rock!

  • yoooo

    YAYAYYAA i love herrr

  • Alexa

    I don’t like her voice, she doesn’t sing. And the song it’s horrible

  • LOVE�

    ♥ u Selena u deserve it!

  • ArgentinaLOVESdemi

    That’s cool! :)
    Her song Magic is also #1 but in Radio Disney Argentina :D
    I love her<3

  • Ali(:

    There will be always someone, who will say something bad, right? These we are so called ‘haters’, should enjoy their fave stars, comment or their page & see life more optimistic. Maybe even try to reach that high how celebs got & then say something bad. Whenever she sings bad or good is just taste. I love her songs (: She deserve it… If I don’t like someone & I just keep it to myself until I’m indifferent. After all celebrities are famous for fans AND haters, dont ya think?

  • zena

    Number 1 on Radio “Disney”? Is that really something to celebrate, seeing as every Disney “It” girl or guy of the moment has done the same?

  • Anna

    No offense, love Selena and all.
    But who gives a shit – it’s Radio Disney count down, not BILLBOARD. JustJaredJr, please post some relevant news, maybe like how Miley got her first #1 on BILLBOARD, Top 40. Billboard, not RADIO DISNEY :]

  • Naomi

    Love her! Congrats to her :)

  • Anna

    No offense, love Selena and all.
    But who gives a shit – it’s Radio Disney count down, not BILLBOARD.
    JustJaredJr, please post some relevant news, maybe like how Miley got her first #1 on BILLBOARD, Top 40. Billboard, not RADIO DISNEY :]

  • AdrianaGutz

    She deserves it :)

    Go Selena!!!

  • Adam
  • Suruchi

    love selena…ur the best congratulations!!!!!!

  • selenafan26

    Aw, that’s great news. She deserves it.
    And Im gonna ignore all the haters’ comments, cuz to me, they’r just losers, LOL.

  • Megan

    @Anna: thankyouu!! i was just gonna comment about how miley got #1 song in the countryy and selenas is just on radio disney. party in the USA came out in august and falling down along with sels first album just came out so its still newishh. hahaaa. i LOVEE mileyyy! do u have a mileyworld?

  • koolkat

    @Anna: How about you crawl under a rock and NEVER come out?! Seriously, so what if Miley’s song became #1 on the billboard? That’s not really a surprise, it’s not big news either since her songs are always #1 on something. So who cares? Radio Disney may not be such a “big deal” to you, but it’s a big deal for Selena and having your song #1 on Radio Disney has to be some kind of an accomplishment.

  • nicholas

    selena deserves it!!!!!! she sounds gr8!!

  • Anna

    @koolkat: yea yea yea, say all you want. i dnt give a crap (:
    btw, thanks for taking time out of your life, for commenting me back :]
    greatly appreciate it! Yea, sure it’s a great accomplishment for her – and for everyone else to.
    I’m just saying its not a big deal – esp. for someone like Selena, who should be charting on BILLBOARD, Radio disney should be a big deal to people who arent as famous as her, like Savannah O. Josh G, etc. . Radio Disney countdown is irrevelvant – to known artist.

  • Anna

    @Megan: Thanks Megan (:
    Finally someone who understands(:
    Btw, no i don’t (:
    But I do have a twitter.

  • Anna

    oh..well cool for her i guess.
    but it’s just radio disney. anybody with a new song
    comes out on top of that list.

  • Marco

    Yo anna, why you gotta keep commentin on somethin you dont care about. If u got somethin against selena…please…forget about JJJ. It’s obvious the site likes selena, and why not? She talented. Her first song hits number 1 on a chart. If you care sooo much bout miley, go post on one JJJs post about her. But please, dont come in here spittin your s**t. Move on, for all our sakes

  • yoooo

    i love selena and i love miley.. but i agree with @Anna

  • yoooo

    i love selena and i love miley but i must agree with @Anna:

  • cam


    no offense, but Miley is on enough posts & we have already read about her # 1which is great & by the way Miley & the JB & Demi all got their start on their way to the regular charts like Billboard hot 100 or the top 40 first by being on radio Disney & climbing up to #1 on Radio Disney. So GOOD for Selena!

    I like Miley, but she is not the only person on earth & certainly she is not God. I firmly believe that Miley’s wacky fans are the very ones that turn people off on Miley beacuse they are mean spirited & they think Miley walks on water.

    So since this is a Selena posting, those who don’t like her or who have the need to rant about Miley should go to a Miley post.

  • yoooo

    okay so @cam: .. u sound kinda dumb because she was just saying =D but im a miley fan but im ALSO a selena fan.. and im not mean about it because i love them both.

  • Adam J.

    It;s nothing special it’s radio disney she is on a disney record label now number one on radio disney come on pure fail. when it’s a real chart lets us know.

  • Jimmy

    She Really deserve It !
    Good Job Selena !! =)

  • amanda

    The song is bad and her voice is awful. Just sayin.

  • tess

    cool, it’s a good song

  • Annie

    LOVE HER!!!


    omg i AM SO EXCITED CONGRATS SEL!!!!!!!you ARE NUMBER#1 tay swift&selgomez team

  • puha the buha

    r u kidding me but that song sucks
    plez i mean her voice computerize and her song ughh
    no offense kay to selena and her beloved fans

  • frank

    i lov e selena gomez

    i am peruvian….

  • mike

    Hey people

>>>>>>> staging1