Zac Efron & Ashley Tisdale: Patys Pair

Zac Efron & Ashley Tisdale: Patys Pair

BFFs Zac Efron and Ashley Tisdale get ready to leave their fave diner Paty’s after lunching together in Toluca Lake, Calif., on Monday afternoon (November 2).

Ashley, 24, tweeted, “Eating lunch with my Zachary!!! Wishin Nessa was here! Its been too long.”

After lunching together, the duo shared a hug and parted ways, but not before Ash has realized that she’s gotten a parking ticket! Eep!

15+ pics inside of Zac and Ashley lunching…

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Credit: DS-ISM/Lomeli; Photos: BauerGriffinOnline, FlynetOnline
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  • ryanefron


  • Maddy

    He looks AMAZING. Can’t wait till Ness is back from Canada. Then we’ll get some hott Zanessa pix!

  • adcgordon

    Hmmm…working on birthday plans for a certain GF & BFF? Good idea to start planning now! :)

  • gaby

    aww im glad to see them hanging out.
    all we need is vanessa and we got the TRIO back. :D
    i love zanessa.
    adcgordon, i hope you’re right. :]

  • maichi

    I love them as brother and sister! :D
    Zanessa, whoot whoot!
    Zac and Ashley as BFFs whoot whoot!
    It’s great to have your best friend best friends with your boyfriend, huh? :)

  • andie

    They look so cute together! Love Ashley’s outfit. This must have been a treat for the paparazzi;))


    hate vanessa hope zashley happens mauaaahahahahah

  • Abby

    Damn BC was good to him. Nice to see they still are good friends. Love him so much.

  • maichi

    Why would Zac date Vanessa for 4 DAMN YEARS if she wasn’t a great girl for him?
    I highly doubt he would date her if she was anything you said she was.

  • maichi

    Plus, she said it was her best friend’s boyfriend, she would never do anything.

    Shut up!!!

  • maichi

    Vanessa has a great career and already made 3 movies after HSM3.
    Plus, she’s working on a mixed album.
    Her life seems pretty great with Zac and her friend. :/
    Dunno about you…

  • NICO

    awww they look so cute, zac is looking hottt and ashley looks cute. If only they were dating:-) oh well zanessa is cute too:-)

  • maichi

    Btw, I hate typing in CONTIUOUS CAPS but it grabs people’s attention with exclamation points!!!

  • sxcmofo.

    wish ness was there… wouldve been some awsome pics :)
    cant wait till shes back from vancouver, gunna be some cute zanessa pics :)

  • adiore

    Zac is looking YUMMMYYYY!

  • Alfredo


  • gaby

    ..shut up.
    no one wants your drama.

  • Zanessa4ever

    Great to see Zac’s back!

  • Zanessa4ever

    Oh also love the purple in ash’s hair! So cute!!


    I really dont like the ugg boots with the shorts… Boots are for winter and shorts for summer.. you cant mixed them up

  • simplylovely

    i miss zac and vanessa pictures :(!!!! i wish they were in the same country cuz i think nessa is still in canada

  • http://Justjaredjr Jenny.s.

    @KELLY: Immature idiot grow up!!! Vanessa is doing great in her life so it is not screwed up!!! And maichi is right miley is still influencing those little children who worship Disney while Vanessa and the rest of the hsm cast have moved on… So the least she could do is give a good example until she too is old enough to not be associated with Disney anymore!!! I just pity you and your little comments!!!

  • Annie

    I want that g-wagon.

  • andreea

    Lovee Zac!! ♥

  • Katty

    Aw, it’s nice to see them together. I am not even going to comment on the little girls in here who don’t understand that girls and boys can be friends, especially when it os obvious her and her new guy are pretty serious, and really really like each other. They are like bro/sis.
    I wish Ness was there so they could all be together! Even Corbin and Momo. It’s nice to know they are keeping up with each other.
    Maybe Zac will make one trip back to Canada before his promo tour?

  • Maddy

    Ness learned from her mistakes- that doesn’t make her a bad influence, it actually makes her one HELL of a role model., I loved her more after I saw how strong she was. The fact that Zac stood by her and its been FOUR years shows ya something. And Ash is the cutest BFF ever.

  • andreea

    Wish I was her! ^^

  • Bradley Bobst

    Zac and Ashley looks great in those pictures. Gold that where having lunch together. They have amazing Friendship.

  • http://Justjaredjr Jenny.S.

    @Maddy: Totally agree!!!

  • Romina

    i’m not going to said anything about stupid people that don’t know nothing about van, because is sure with her words that she don’t know nothing, but is her life and i feel sad for her.

    second. ash wrote in her twitter about this en tha day.. she said: ”Eating lunch with my zachary!!! Wishin nessa was here! Its been too long.”

    so that all my post xd jajaja
    and sorry for my english if i make a mistake 

  • .

    wow, KELLY, you’re really sad. How can someone be a ‘hoe’ if she’s had the same bf for 4 years? Buy a dictionary look it up, genius.

  • pop86

    Must be making plans for Vanessa’s birthday party.

  • euge

    aww cute
    but all wantss zanessa!

  • Boji

    This is rare indeed, haven’t seen them together in a looong time. Must have alot of catching up to do. Zac looking good as usual and Ashley looks better here somehow, maybe a little added weight is the reason.

  • Bradley Bobst

    Zac and Ashley have amazing friendship. I wounder if they are talking about thown Vanessa A Big 21th Birthday this year.

  • kami

    hope they throw vanessa an awesome 21st b-day bash. vanessa and ashley planned zac’s 21st one. zac looks good with his hair short. hope he keeps it that way.

  • ashytizzyfan

    they would be soooo cute together

  • diana

    awwwww they look happy! im glad they are hanging out again!

  • lucia jonas

    I really love them so much.


    Sooooooooo happy!!!

  • Z&V Fan

    Glad to see best friends catching up. That was probably a long lunch that’s why she got the parking ticket.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    I LOVE the friendship between Zachary and Ashley. They are so CUTE together !! But as FRIENDS. May I repeat, FRIENDS. Maybe they really are planning Vanessa’s 21st !! YAY !! Gawd I love them. And I LOVE Zachary’s car too. Lol.

    Now that Zachary’s back in Cali. I’m sure we’ll see him more often… which is kinda great and sad at the same time. He doesn’t have much privacy in L.A. but then again, he has gotten really good at hiding from paps. :D

  • kristin


    its not gonna happen…sorry.

  • jared

    He got a new Audi S6 in the same color…the one he is driving now is the new 2010 model.

  • aly

    Glad that the two FRIENDS are hanging out and catching up. I love
    that this cast can still be friends after HSM.
    LMAO, Some people need to stop making a big deal out of this. You guys are being ridiculous. They are all friends. Why are you guys making it a big deal when the stars themselves don’t. Grow up!

  • ashley


  • kami

    i’d love to be one of zac’s friends. he seems really nice to all his friends. wonder if andy had lunch with them and if he’s showing andy around la.

    why are there so many little kids on here? some comments sound like they are from little girls on the school playground. yikes!!!!

  • Soni Hannigan

    Can’t wait til we see some of Zac and Vanessa pictures.

  • nikki

    WOWOWOWOW!!! zac efron is SEXXXXXXXYYYYYY!!!!!!!<333<333

    i wanna hug and kiss zac efron :)


    @Maddy: A GOOD ROLE MODEL HAS VALUES…..vanessa has n values if she was a good role model whe would have never done those NASTY photos

  • kgg

    So nice to see two old FRIENDS getting together after not seeing each other for a while. You people who are pushing these two as a couple are so barking up the wrong tree. Ashley considers Zac as a little brother and said she didn’t even want to kiss him when acting a part. I agree that they are possibly planning a birthday party for Vanessa, or maybe just catching up, or both. No need to hyperventilate over this meeting.