Jasmine: Make A Movie Music Video!

Jasmine: Make A Movie Music Video!

Jasmine gets the party started in her new music video for hit single, “Make A Movie.”

The 15-year-old N.B.T. Next Big Thing contestant recently dished about her song to Tiffany Thornton, saying, “It talks about dancing and always moving. It just always makes you feel good.”

Be sure to make your vote count in the N.B.T. competition and @ RadioDisney.com!

WHAT DO YOU THINK of Jasmine’s video?

Jasmine – “Make A Movie” Official Music Video
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Posted to: Jasmine Sagginario
  • Sav.

    It’s catchy. Wish her the best!

  • raich

    she looks identical to miley cyrus, disney keeps doing the same thing over & over again!!! But she is cute!

  • thelovelybones

    That’s catchy, I don’t like it though. And the music video SUCKS.

  • Amber

    does nayone notice that this is a carbon cut our of a young miley, same face, same sound , same tennesee , why is disney
    trying to give us something we have so much of already ???


    Amber, that’s called a stereotype of a so called “Disney role-model”, which miley is definitly NOT
    but the song is nice, hopefully the voice wasn’t as remixed as the music^^

  • Julia Ellis

    your awesome and you rock I hope you win the n.bt. because your the best by far and I think you will win I really really think so well good luck Jasmine from Julia Ellis BYE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GOOD LUCK I also write songs I have 2 guitars but I don’t know how to play I have written 28 songs but I have a lot to finish but I will never be as good as you bye!!!!! Jasmine you rock!!!!!!!!!!

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  • becca

    she’s a idiot. i hate her. who is listening to this crap? she thinks she all cool. well shes NOT! the entire disney thing is so retarded. and i’m only 12 yrs old

  • Morgan

    alright you guys stop hating on her she looks nuthing like her nd plus shes a good role modle nd plus did u know her songs are geard toward Jesus Christ so no way is she gunna turn out like miley cyrus cuz for one thing she has her Lord and mine, and im praying for her nd plus her parents are proably gunna take care of her ya call me a jesus freak bt thts only gunna make me and us Christians stronger

  • morgan

    alright you guys stop hating on the new girl u seriously need to find another way to spend your time, did you know tht sum of her songs are geard toward Jesus Christ, she looks nutin like miley cyrus she has parents that will take care of her she has her Lord which will take care of her no matter what and im also prayin for her so ya u can call me a Jesus Freak bt i personally dont care it doesnt bring me down it only makes me stronger

  • Alllllison jonas

    This girl sucks live. Don’t get me wrong, I love this song. I saw her at the Justin Bieber concert, and she KEPT lip syncing!

  • sheyla

    shut up allison jonas dnt hate on dat grl she probably luk better dan u

  • http://Myspace Priscilla hernandez

    I think jasmine is very LUCKY to meet Justin bieber and love the dream she always wanted to have since she a little girl oh and ya I wish you the best!!!!!!! :D

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