Nickelodeon Gets A Big Time Rush

Nickelodeon Gets A Big Time Rush

Meet Carlos Pena, James Maslow, Logan Henderson and Kendall Schmidt — the stars of Nick’s Big Time Rush!

In a special preview of Big Time Rush, 16-year-old Kendall, is inadvertently discovered by eccentric record executive Gustavo Rocque (Stephen Glickman) during a nationwide casting call and must choose between staying home in Minneapolis with his friends and pursuing a singing career in Hollywood.

Not seeing himself as a solo act, Kendall strikes a deal with the Hollywood image-maker and agrees to undergo “pop group 101″ training in exchange for giving his best friends ” James, Logan and Carlos ” the opportunity to be in a music group with him. The boys travel with Kendall’s mom (Challen Cates) and younger sister (Ciara Bravo) from the snowy Midwest to sunny Los Angeles, where they move into the Palm Woods, a swanky temporary housing development where entertainment companies house their budding new talent.

But the boys soon learn that life in Hollywood is not all about hanging at the pool and attending late-night parties: they quickly realize they have a very short window to prove to themselves and their record label that they are serious about their new career choice.

The special one-hour preview of Big Time Rush will premiere on Saturday, November 28 @ 8:30PM ET/PT. Also starring Erin Sanders, Big Time Rush is set to premiere in early 2010 on Nickelodeon.

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  • Emma

    Why is every show these days about being in a band and getting famous? Seriously, S Club 7 did it in the nineties, get over it already!

  • Mamic

    kendall!!! omg i haven’t seen him since he was like 14. haha

  • Mary Jinkaway

    Sounds like a good move to me. Can’t wait to see this. A good clean show. Yes

  • 2bedatcool

    can i just say
    that tv is overduing the music/ i became faemouse overnight thing

    hannah montanh , icarl, sonny with a chance, glee,
    yeah ppl like music and we like musical
    stop sucking it dry please

  • west

    looks so good!
    theyr all so cute too!
    i cant wait!!!
    im sick of jonas brothers.

  • Jason

    2bedatcool, iCarly isn’t about music, get your facts straight.

    This show sounds good, I just hope it’s not garbage like that Naked Brothers band crap Nick came up with a few years ago.

    I also hope “Victorious” and “Big Time Rush” end up being big, for Nickelodeon’s sake.

  • HannahJ_17

    if you notice the description of this show, its not about becoming famous overnight. These boys quickly learn that you actually have to work at what you want when getting into show business and not already being in a band, like Hannah Montana. I think this show has great potential, unlike any other band show. I’m sorry, I’ve never heard of S Club 7, so i guess they weren’t that good. Jonas Brothers is played out for me. I look forward to seeing this show!

  • julie

    i have to wait that long……………………..james is sweet

  • singergirlforever1

    Carlos went to my school he was really cool! He is adorable too! I’m in 9th grade I was about in 7th grade when he graduated! He is really cool he is a great actor. OMG I can’t wait for the show though I’m excited!

  • Sk8er

    Well, I just got finished watching the preview of the band. I have a question, though.
    Whats the song they were singing that went
    ”You gotta live it big time”

  • lenny

    Saw a preview for this, this looks like it’ll be a good show. Better than “Naked Brothers Band”, that’s for sure.

  • jellyroll

    I got to hang out on set for an afternoon ;) and i got to meet Logan, Carlos , James and Kendal and they were so nice to me even though im only in 5th grade. Also I met Gustavo Rocque, the record producer that discovers the guys. He arrived to the set in a helecopter!!!! It was so cool. He got out of the helecopter, high fived a few people and then walked onto the set. Greatest show ever!!!

  • kpower

    I heard they are singing orginial songs. The one on the preview sounds great. Can’t wait!

  • laurens65

    I so can not wait to see Big Time Rush. I think it is going to be so much better then all the other shows. It doesn’t sound like your typical boy band show. So much more like hard work pays off.
    James is sooo hot hands down, those eyes and that hair. beautiful!!!

  • Steph

    This show is going to be great! Ciara Bravo, who plays the little sister, is so talented! Shes going to be fun to watch!!!!!


    I worked with Stephen Glickman (Gustavo) on Shrek the Musical on Broadway! That man can sing! But these boys are powerhouses! I cant wait to watch James, Logan, Kendall and Carlos! Wasn’t Carlos in Menudo?!?!?

  • Kendra10

    I just saw the preview for this on tv! When can I get posters of Logan,James, Carlos and Kendal for my bedroom and take down my Jonas Brothers posters!??

  • Emily

    Ciara Bravo is in my class and I cant wait to watch her Big Premier. I think the show will be awesome and I cant wait to see it. Congratulations Ciara!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:):):):):)

  • Stephen

    @Sk8er: @<a href=”/2009/11/03/nickelodeon-gets-a-big-time-rush/comment-

    the song is called Big Time Rush and its by Big Time Rush

  • haily

    o my GOD i love big time rush i wonder if there a real band in real life?????

  • Mary Jinkaway

    Saw the show and it was great. Something the kids can enjoy with there parents. Good family show. Keep up the hard work guys.

  • laurens65

    I loved the show James was my favorite he is soo funny and soo hot. I know this show is gonna be a big hit.

  • Olivia

    OMG THEY ARE ALL SOOOOOOOOOO HOT!!! ESPECIALLY JAMES!!!!! I saw that show and i love it soooooo much i recorded it and i’ve watched it at least 5x!!!!! I love them all sooooooo much!!! They are the hottest guys in show biz!!!!!

  • Drea

    saw the 1hr preview last night , saw it again today lol xD
    the only reason i watched it in the 1st place was b/c of pena <333 =)
    havent seen him since making menudo ;D
    but i can tell that its def. gona b a good show. :)


    @Sk8er: THE TITLE OF THE SONG IZZ BIG time rush
    P.S. carlos pena izz fine i want 2 marry himomg he is fine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sarah the awsome

    omg they are sooo awsome! i ope they don’t turn out like those idiot jonas brothers.

  • StephANIE

    logan and james r SMOKEN’ HOTTTT.and kendall 2 but not carlos he looks OK but not hotttt like logan james and kendall.[P.S TEAM JACOB 4EVA].

  • http://9292mvca Aimee

    oms this show is going to be funny in 2010 i’ll be 18 in stember 2 they all are sooo prettyyyy hottttt

  • http://9292mvca Aimee

    omg iam going to watch their show all the time its going to better than drack and josh i love their song sooo much i don’t know the words to it but know the fihst part of it i’m in high school yeah babe

  • nelly#2

    I’m sorry but I think big time rush is AWESOME!!! And I’m also sorry but I think Carlos is WWWWAAAYYYYY HOTTER then the rest…James is still CUTE though!!!! :)

  • http://Mobango.Com James

    I love big time rush!!! I can’t wait 4 the actual show 2 come out! I love dat song @ da end i can’t believe da song is actually called big time rush.

  • prissila

    i think their pretty hot! lol

  • angelbaby_oi

    i think the show should be somewhat interesting. however, it kinda seems like the MTV boy band they made up back in 2000, 2GETHER. they are doing it again, but i guess they haven’t realized yet that boy bands are out, and wanna be boy bands who attempt to play instruments are in. luckily they are nice eyecandy.

  • Taylor-Alice

    Who plays Logan in Big Time Rush?

  • Hope112809

    Big time rush is awesome, and my friends and i were wondering if they were going to become a real band and they are. From what we saw when we searched, i hope the ppl tht we got tht info from didnt lie.

  • Hope112809

    @haily: hey they are going to be a real band i think but dont get mad at me if im wrong

  • Dxter

    I’ve seen em all and i watched the beginning and i like the characters, i like the story, and i like the music. I think this is going to be a good show.

  • glitterbug

    u know lots of my friendz say that they dont want 2 watch it causes jonas brothers sayen that they gonna be as gay as them but i dont think that the sing good and look good hard 2 strike both at the same time lol

  • TAnisha

    OMG!!! when i saw this for the first time i cried!!! i know it sounds stupid because its not sad but i can relate to this… its like my dream come true if this woulda happened to me i cant wait till the next premier comes out on jan. 18 !!!

  • Seleighna ariece

    like seriously. DO ME NOW.
    hahah. but yeah the show looks really good!
    its gonna be AWESOMEEE!!!
    the only part i dont like is that gustavo guy.
    like come on. enough with the screaming already.


  • http://BigTimeRush adham


  • http://BigTimeRush adham


  • http://buzznet oshay

    2 me all da guys r so frekin hot and its so weird 2 me dat thay r so sexy.Da hottest 1 fo me would have 2 b Kendall because he has such a beutiful smile and gorgeous eyes u could get lost in.Cant wait 2 see da hottest guy band eva and their show

  • A person

    I love him.

  • Danielle

    Dude how dose someone get on the set of that show and meet the guys? That would be awsome!

  • Danielle

    How dose some one get on the set to meet these guys? That would be amazing to do.

  • kashfara

    dear kendall james carlos and logan
    i hope to marry kendall or james one day. but that would never happen cause i am 10. today i played with my friend megan amd we pretended kendall and james kept fiting over me! if only that happened in real life!!! i lllllooooovvveee your music!!!!! its the most played songs on my ipod !!!!! i love you kendall and james !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • josh cody

    like the band big time rush

  • Katherine

    Are they actually like 16? And were they famous before? i hate that there are all these new stars from all over. Can’t they come to Massachusetts? And it looked kinda like james wears mascara though it could just be natural. james is like the only cut one…… well carlos is kinda cute 2 but……….. and did they already know each other or what? wow im annoying. but it looks like its gonna be better than stupid hanna montana (why does anyone LIKE that show?) or Jonas ( they suck) i’ll be watching this show thats 4 sure :D

  • Katherine

    how did they become famous *sigh* i wish i was but im only 13 and i’m not gorgous. just a fat girl :[. i can sing WAYYYYY better than hanna montana! i love James! kendall is really NOT cute. carlos is cute like a little boy is. and logan well i never really look at him. but james is NOT as hot as Ashton kutcher. that man will always be hot :] good show