Win Alex Rider Adventure Book!

Win Alex Rider Adventure Book!

The Alex Rider Adventures by Anthony Horowitz have already spent over a year on the New York Times best seller list and the next book is on the way!

Crocodile Tears: An Alex Rider Adventure” is set to hit shelves on November 17th and to celebrate the upcoming release, is giving TWO lucky readers a chance to win the newest Alex Rider Adventure before it hits stores!

ABOUT THE BOOK: It’s just another day in the life of an average kid. If you’re Alex Rider, that is. A con artist has realized there is big money in charity– the bigger the disaster, the greater the money flow! So that is what he will produce: the biggest disaster known to man, all thanks to genetically modified wheat that can release a virus so potent it can knock out an entire country in one windy day. But Alex Rider will face whatever it takes–gunfire, explosions, hand-to-hand combat with mercenaries– to bring down his most dangerous adversary yet.

HOW TO ENTER: Leave a comment here with a valid email address (will not be published) and TWO lucky winners will be chosen at random at the end of the contest, which ends on Tuesday, November 10 @ 11:59PM EST. USA and Canada Only. Enter as many times as you want!!! Good luck!

UPDATE: Winners have been notified. Thanks for entering!

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  • Ragz

    Can’t wait for this book to come out!

  • Anna

    cool book ;]

  • tina

    cool i love alex rider!

  • sana

    Ohh, I love this series! It would be awesome to win!

  • char

    i loved the alex rider books :)

    alex pettyfer was amazing in the movie

  • Emily

    I LOVE THESE BOOKS!!!!!!!!!

  • Emily


  • Julia

    OMG!!!!! I love alex rider! i have read all the books and can’t wait for this one!

  • Julia

    please pick me!

  • Julia

    pick me

  • Julia

    PLEASE!!!! im gonna enter a lot of times

  • Julia

    I love the books so much it would be so amazing to win

  • alex

    ive read all of them i really want this one

  • Ria

    Want this book so badly!

  • HGl

    Love Alex Rider

  • Yay Niley

    I love these books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I can’[t wait for this one to come out!

  • Alecia

    I love this series!!!I totally want to win so bad!!!

  • Goosip Girl

    Never herd of this series, but it sounds like something I want :D When I saw the name RIDER it made me think of a book series called MAXIMUM RIDE see the iorny there ?

  • SJS

    Wow, I didn’t realize it was coming out so soon! Can’t wait! :)

  • jade

    kool, sounds awesome! :)



  • Emma

    Ahh!!! I love love love love love love love love love the Alex Rider series!!! I’ve read all the books at least 3 times!!! (imma freak :P) I can’t wait for Crocodile Tears to come out!

  • Gabriel

    alex rider is awesome

  • Lyan

    So stoked! Can’t wait for this one!!!1

  • jolly

    i love anthony horowitz and his books so much esp granny and the alex rider series :))))

    my teacher said that i should stop reading spy books coz everytime i hand in my book reports, they were all about alex rider hahaha she said i should read books of varied kinds lol

    :D thanks

  • kristy

    i love the series cant wait for the next book :D

  • Rachel

    Sweet. I’ve been waiting for this book to come out.

  • Cole Haegglund

    I love Alex Rider. It is the best reries ever

  • Cole Haegglund

    Thanks for having this contest!

  • Cole Haegglund

    I love Alex Rider.

  • Cole Haegglund

    I love Alex Rider. I hope I win

  • Cole Haegglund

    this is an awsome contest!

  • Val


  • Val


  • Emma

    The Alex Rider series is the one of the best ever!!! :D LLLLove it and can’t wait for Crocodile Tears!

  • Kristin

    I would love to win! Love love Alex Rider!!




    Alex rider is the coolest ever!!!


    anthony horowitz rocks!!!


    i cant wait for this book!!!!!



  • lou

    i love these books sooooooooooooo much they rok my sox off!!!!

  • ellie

    I want to get this book so bad *sniffle*

  • ellie

    i love the person who decided to do this awesome contest!!!!!

  • emily

    LoVe ThEsE!!!!!!!

    p.s. he’s hot in the movie :)

  • emily

    i can’t stop leaving comments!!!!!

  • emily

    I really want this book!!!!!!

  • emily

    the alex rider books are like my most favoritest books in the whole entire world!!!!!

  • emily

    if you pick me i will be eternally grateful!!!!!!!

  • emily

    alex rider is awesome!!

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