Care Bears On Fire: Barbie Eat A Sandwich Music Video!

Care Bears On Fire: Barbie Eat A Sandwich Music Video!

Check out Care Bears on Fire new music video, “Barbie Eat a Sandwich!”

Jena, Izzy and Sophie chase around a Barbie-like figure in the animated video. JJJ loves the concept — it’s so cool!

“Barbie Eat A Sandwich” is featured on their upcoming debut record, Get Over It. Be sure to check out all the tracks on iTunes!

Don’t forget to catch CBoF on an all-new episode of True Jackson, VP on Saturday, November 14th @ 8:30PM ET/PT on Nick!

Care Bears On Fire – “Barbie Eat A Sandwich” Official Music Video
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  • blahh

    wooow…thats all i have to say

  • Ste

    they are so great!! im glad to see some artists not dancing on poles and having positive music for teens :)

  • sarah

    OMG…I love Care Bears On Fire! This video is AMAZING! Barbie should really eat a sandwich!!!

  • Amber


  • Laura

    I find this quiet offensive. I hope I’m not the only one that does.

  • BlaireB

    Are you kidding me? There is so many things wrong with this. First of all, these girls can NOT sing and the lyrics sounds like it was written by a 4 year old, and the whole song doesn’t sound professional, it’s so badly produced. and this music video is just so stupid.

    “Care Bears on Fire”? the most dumbest band name ever.

  • Emily

    Are you serious? This has got to be the gayest band I’ve ever heard in my life. They sound like a bunch of 6 year old’s. This is disturbing.
    What the hell is this world coming to..

  • emily

    the person who sings this sounds like a little kid.

    barbie eat a sandwich?????

  • Newmoon

    wierd song butt atleast thier different!!!
    @brittany how can you call them sluts theyy are just different and thiers nothin wrong with that

  • Ste

    @Laura: what exactly do you find offensive about this??

  • SJS

    “She’s got no brain, but she’s got style!” lol. They definitely sound young, and it’s not my type of music, but it was funny. I don’t get why anyone would be offended by this goofy, childish video/song. It’s obviously just supposed to be anti-vanity. I’m tall & thin, but i’m not offended at all. I guess some people are just sensitive.

  • http://justjaredjr whooo

    Is everything gay to some of you people I mean DAMN is that the only word you know.Do u even know what it is to be gay (not talking about being happy)btw I am not gay but use other words and don’t give me any crap about freedom of speech because sometimes some of u take that 2 far.

  • lychee the lemon

    I like their older stuff personally but this is nice.. to find this.. here.. in just jared… junior… weird.. but nice…

    GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY GAY this comment is homosexual is THAT THE ONLY WORD YOU KNOW seriously can i just say that i think miley cyrus is gay (OF ALL TIME)

    this video will appeal to hipster kids probably.. or kids who are hipster-than-thou, yknow?

    and BlaireB, are you calling the HOMOSEXUAL because MILK would be very disapproving because carebears arent gay they are just nice k? OKAY?

    who makes the decision where there something is pro or not


  • lychee the lemon

    @lychee the lemon:
    dude, learn to spell please

  • Tlt

    i don’t really like, it’s only like 2 minutes long! a song should be longer…
    i only liked the last part where they said ‘or just an apple’ the rest did sound like some kids and they look angry all the time! O_O

  • jaya

    is this some sort of joke??!?!?!

  • katie

    wooowww….im sorry but this is just bad.

  • calurz

    @BlaireB: totally,

  • pamela

    what a joke ………………… Their other songs are eww and eww and stupid my opinion deal w/ it

  • Kennedy

    Well I love this song and I’m not the only one

    there like my age and none of my can sing that good or write cachy lyrics
    I think they are amazing and really cool I wish I could meet them!!!!

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