Preview A Very Special Christmas CD!

Preview A Very Special Christmas CD!

Vanessa Hudgens shows off her Santa hat as she sings “Winter Wonderland” into the mic in this behind-the-scenes vid about the upcoming A Very Special Christmas, Vol. 7.

The 20-year-old actress joins Mitchel Musso, Colbie Caillat and BFF Ashley Tisdale on the record which hits stores on Tuesday, November 24th.

The acclaimed album series benefits Special Olympics. Click inside to see the full tracklisting!

“A Very Special Christmas, Vol. 7″ Sneak Peek

A Very Special Christmas, Volume 7

1. COLBIE CAILLAT – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas
2. CARTER TWINS – Let It Snow
3. MILEY CYRUS – Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree
4. VANESSA HUDGENS – Winter Wonderland
5. SEAN KINGSTON – The Little Drummer Boy
6. CHARICE – The Christmas Song
7. KRISTINIA DeBARGE – Do You Hear What I Hear?
8. MITCHEL MUSSO – Jingle Bell Rock
9. LEIGHTON MEESTER – Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)
10. KELLIE PICKLER – Santa Baby
11. CARRIE UNDERWOOD – Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
12. ASHLEY TISDALE – Last Christmas
13. GLORIANA – Silent Night

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  • Carol

    Vanessa’s voice sounds amazing.

    Love thi new jazz version of “Winter Wonderland”

    I can’t wait to hear it full.

    Love V!

  • Em

    She sounds SOOO ridiculous good. That vintage jazz style suits her so well. I mean i know her voice is good, but she always impresses.
    Vote for Vanessa. She’s under actresses

  • Pauline

    She is great! That jazz style sounds really good on her! She has the voice for this kind of music and she seems to really enjoy it!

  • hellomyfriend00

    love her <3

  • purple

    I miss her sooo much.
    Lovely voice.

  • be4 the sit

    her voice is good but ashley is way better than her

  • lslsharon

    She sounds great!!!Her voice is really amazing!!!!!!!!!!!
    Love Nessa!!!Miss U!!!!

  • maichi

    I WANT THAT CD SO BAD!!!!!!!

  • vhudsupporter

    @be4 the sit: I disagree. I think Vanessas voice is beautiful and unique. I love how her voice seems so vulnarable, but it’s powerful aswell. I Love her voice and I can’t wait. Buuut Ashley is really good too :)

  • lilly

    vanessa sounds amazing(:

  • Eika

    Vanessa sounds incredible =))

  • Camii

    She sounds soo amazing .. =)

  • boji

    Yup, sexy and incredible, her vocals here. She looks beguiling in her santa claus hat as well. Can’t wait for this album.

  • nathalia

    that’s amazing

  • heat

    she sounds SO freaking good! jazzy fits her voice very well. can’t wait to hear full

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    vanessa singing this song moves me
    beautiful, beautiful, beautiful

  • ti3m

    i love how nessa sang the jazz style of the song..
    it really fits into her voice..
    she sounds amazing!

    i miss you V!

  • bibi

    What a beautiful voice! I can’t wait for this! Go V

  • marie

    nessa <3

  • .

    @be4 the sit:

    I disagree as well. Ashley is starting to sound like Heidi these days, she’s just………not the singing type. She sounds like she’s just moaning the words in every song. I got to admit her version of Last Christmas was better than many others. But if you prefer her voice then…okay!

  • Jess!

    I loooove her voice ♥

  • Jess!

    voted! :)

  • Mandy

    I love V’s voice in this preview! And I completely disagree with one of the comments above saying Ashley voice is better. Both Vanessa and Ashley have passion in their music but they reflect their voices on it differently. Vanessa’s is much more delicate when it comes to singing which suits her perfectly, while Ashley is more aggressive and shows fire. Personally, I think they would make a great duet. (Not as good as Zac and Vanessa but you know what I mean)

  • masbonita

    I love the way Vanessa hudgens sings her song,Beautiful!!!!!

  • http://gOOGLE barbara

    This CD sounds wonderful and Vanessa sounds very good and I would buy this CD. I love Vanessa’s voice.

  • Vanne


  • Jazmin

    Can’t wait for the CD…Love Vanessa and everyone else in the CD. Nov. 24, make sure you purchase one to show your support to this amazing cause.

    Thanks JJjr for posting.

  • Tata

    she is sooooooo great at this jazzy style of singing!!! i’m really impressed by her singing!!! :)

  • istar

    you know just when i think vanessa’s voice is amazing, she sings this and reminds me that her vocals are outstanding! i can’t wait for the full song :)

  • Dani

    Love Vanessa’s voice!!!

  • bee

    I love how sweet yet sensual her voice sounds when it’s not over produced && marred with autotune.

    Seriously cannot wait for this to drop. I love Christmas music lol

  • kamie

    love vanessa’s sound, too. will you be able to download individual songs from itunes?

  • rissa

    oh snap! she needs to sing more jazz. it really suits her voice well and she’ll get way more respect that way as an artist rather than the pop scene. she really has an awesome voice but they just keep digitizing it and ruining it.

  • X__kayleigh__xX

    cant wait to hearr itt! <3

  • jlene

    @be4 the sit: I also disagree with you, Ashley has no voice range from the start and honestly she shouldn’t be singing, but give the girl kudos for honestly trying her hand at anything that’s brought her way.
    Vanessa has always had a strong voice but wasn’t given the opportunity to bring it out in HSM, it’s good now that she gets to showcase that part of her neverending talent to which she constantly amazes us. Go Vanessa.

  • kami

    vanessa is a great singer. it’s obvious she’s had voice training over the years. i’d love for her to have an album without any of that synthesized garbage they do on so many albums of young female singers.

  • vanessa zanessa is the best!!!

    nessa 4 everrr and ever the best!!! WOOHOO!!!

  • kgg

    Love, love Vanessa’s voice on this song….smooth and jazzy and smexy. She’s always had an amazing voice, but I agree with some people on here that it should be recorded pure and without digital voice altering added. I know I’m going to buy this to add to my collection of Christmas music.

  • teamhudgens

    her voice is amazing..everybody knows (:
    ı want a third album :(

  • amanda

    vanessaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. i love it. she’s amazing. i need full song. i’m dead now. ♥

  • birdie

    So pretty, her voice is pure, clear,and sexy. Already pre-ordered on
    Amazon. Plus it’s a great cause.

  • amy

    Can’t wait for this to come out, Vanessa’s version is going to be amazing

  • katie

    wow vanessa accusal sound’s really good, cant wait to here the rest of the song.

  • heat

    @kamie: i think you will be able too, but I’m not a 100% sure about it..their previous albums are on itunes so I don’t see why this one wouldn’t be/wouldn’t be able to purchase it indivdually.

  • chloe

    i never really liked Vanessa or Ashley’s music. but i really like the way Vanessa Hudgens sing’s this song, and i agree the Ashley T sounds kinda like she just screams her song’s but i think she get’s more attention then Vanessa, because she gets to sing song’s that do her voice more justice than Vanessa H does.

  • .

    @be4 the sit:
    I have to disagree as well. Vanessa has a beautiful, pure, voice. Ashley’s wasnt bad in HSM but her album, in my opinion, is awful. She’s very whiny and cant do high notes.

  • nrab

    loveeeeee her voice!

  • lmao

    im buying it.. and vanessa sings so cool:)

  • yuri

    Vanessa is the best!

  • katie

    love her voice!

>>>>>>> staging1