Zac Efron is a Ray Ban Boy

Zac Efron is a Ray Ban Boy

Looking over the top of his Ray Ban Aviator shades, Zac Efron heads to an appointment in Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon (November 4).

The 22-year-old actor was spotted out last night with gal pal Brittany Snow‘s boyfriend Ryan Rottman at Pace Restaurant.

Zac is set to attend a party tonight in celebration of his recent Nylon Guys cover. BFF Ashley Tisdale is rumored to be among the guests.

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Photos: INFdaily
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  • ashytizzyfan


  • ashley

    ahhh love him so sexxyyy zaneesa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1111

  • Katty

    Aw, Im loving this Zac stufff.
    Oh, God. I am not even going to get into you Zashley idiots. Live in your delusions, I hope you are happy there.
    Love you, Zac! I hope this appointment is about a movie!

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    ..I really feel sorry for him. He’s getting hounded by the paparazzi’s. ..Oh Zachary. You continue to amaze me.

  • ashytizzyfan

    zashley idiots?
    I like them as best friends.
    And anyway its an opinion.
    Your not very nice at all.

  • lovezac

    zac is freaking hot!!

  • http://none ELLe

    its funny how right when he got back home its none stop zac on here :( poor zac i cant imagine how it must feel to be paraded around by paps.
    well on the bright side he looks hot as hell ;)

  • http://none ELLe


    You are so rude! Gosh respect other people’s opinions!

  • Tiptoes

    it seems that the paps were waiting for him outside his home….

    hope we get pics of the Nylon mag event tonight….

  • Gre

    Cool. :)

  • kami

    poor zac. :(

  • muse

    I love Zac. Cant wait to see his new movies.
    Wishing we could see some Vanessa also. Miss her.


  • kami

    i’m thinking v will get a break from filming nov 21st thru the 30th for the thanksgiving holiday. then they’ll probably film from dec 1st thru the 11th before getting a christmas break. probably her family will go to vancouver to be with vanessa and celebrate stella’s b-day on nov 13th. my guesstimates.

  • Jordan

    I wish we could see the whole HSM cast together again. I was hoping that would happen at the This Is It premier. Poor Zac can’t get away from the papparazzi :(

    Zac if you need a place to hide. I have a big closet in my room :)

  • gaby

    he just cant seem to get away from the paparazzi now.
    poor guy. :(

  • Bailee


  • Elly

    He is still one of the sexiest men alive LMFAO

  • k!


  • andreea

    I missed all this kind of news about him!!^^
    I can’t wait to see his movies!
    Love him so much♥


  • lala
  • pop86

    Can’t wait to see the Nylon pictures. Zac looks amazing.

  • craz

    Love him!! I’ll come back tomorrow for some party’s pictures

  • kami

    i’m sure a lot of zac’s friends will be there. maybe brittany and ryan, too.

  • ryanefron

    holy balls this guy is hunted like crazy by those paparatzzi.
    i cant say im not liking the hottness though.

  • boji

    Doesn’t Zac know that a little tweety Bird with Blonde hair keeps the paps informed of his whereabouts? Oh well, The Twitter tells all.

  • boji

    I wonder if Zac knows that a little Tweety Bird with blonde hair is the culprit for keeping the paps informed of his whereabouts? The Twitter tells all.

  • marie

    yay zac!

  • http://zanessa nathalia

    good question
    to a good friend should not think that zac should not like this idea?

  • boji

    Nathalia, yes you got it right.

  • Bradley Bobst

    Zac looks amazing. in those pictures.

  • kami


    you got it right, honey. wonder if he does know??????

  • erin

    @boji: You’re kidding right? All she’s ever said about Zac is that they were eating lunch, nothing about where they were. They’re celebrities, the paparazzi are going to follow them regardless of a stupid twitter.

  • Just Jill

    @boji: Are you talking about Ashley? She didn’t tweet anything about Zac besides the Nylon party tonight and that’s after we posted this

  • kami


    nope, she tweeted again.

    Goin to the Nylon party honoring Zac!!!!! Woo hoo

    de paps will be waitin outside his house again. poor zac.

  • erin

    @kami: I’m sorry but you’re just being stupid. Other sites posted about the party way before Ashley said anything about it and as I said before, he’s a celebrity they would have found him anyway.

    Him and Ashley were both followed by the paparazzi years before she got twitter, so obviously her saying “going to a party’ has nothing to do with them being found.

  • boji

    Well, it is a rumour no more that Ashley is going to attend the party.

    Erin, I wouldn’t call it stupid, just vigilance is the word. Now you want stupid, try Zashley for instance.

  • kgg

    Boji is right! Why do you think these celeb homes are being broken into? It’s because these stupid celebs twitter their whereabouts to anyone and everyone….bet the paps and burglars really love that. I truly do not want to know when a celeb gets her nails done, hair done, goes to the gym, gets coffee, etc. but to some it is a gold mine of information. And don’t get me started on posers as there are people who really get off imitating other people who have stated that they do not twitter, don’t have an account and never will. A might need the publicity but Z doesn’t really need or want it. Be considerate if you do tweet.

  • Althea

    Cute shirt. I don’t kind if you take off that shirt Zac!!!!

  • sumbudy frum englund

    i find it extremely weird that we’re getting so many zac candids in one day. prolly because we barely got one in a fortnight. the nylon guys party is scheduled to start at 10 PST.

  • kami


    i agree. if the paps take pics of him leaving his house like this and say where he’s going, the burglars can do their work. especially at night and if they know he’s going to a party that will last for several hours. i’m hoping that new pap bill that goes into effect in jan 2010 will prohibit them from taking pics of the entertainers houses. zac has made it pretty clear he doesn’t want his whereabouts tweeted so i’m surprised any of his friends would tweet anything about him.

  • samantha

    WOOwww my boy
    but poor zac he looks crazy 4 the paparazzi

  • bianca


  • me.

    lmfao @ the delusional zashley fans.

  • tena

    Zac looks amazing and he dose handle the paps well and he seems really happy in this picures.

  • veronica

    girls check it out..! he is HOT

    Nylon guys party

  • babyG

    HAWT! love him.. :)

  • kami
  • tee

    I’m sorry but I agree with Boji, it’s fine if you want to twitter your life away but why would you include your friend’s movements unless you want every one to know you’re with them to start rumors? Looking at the pictures so far it looks like he spent more time with Brittany and Ryan. But as we all know if there’s a camera within fifty feet we’ll get pictures of Ashley hanging on to him.

  • pink sugar

    @boji: I wonder how is that going to effect their friendship.

  • Bradley Bobst

    What a week this a been a lot of Zac news and Pictures. He looks amazing.