Zac Efron Picks Up The Pace

Zac Efron Picks Up The Pace

Zac Efron leans over to let pal Ryan Rottman back in the car as they finish dinner at fave Pace Restaurant in Los Angeles on Tuesday night (November 3).

The 22-year-old actor, who just returned from filming in Vancouver, had his 21st birthday party held at the same restaurant last year.

Earlier this week, Zac was seen out with BFF Ashley Tisdale and later, at his old stomping ground — the gym.

Ryan is Brittany Snow‘s boyfriend.

15+ pics inside of Pace eater Zac Efron

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Credit: LA/Josephine Santos; Photos: FlynetOnline, PacificCoastNewsOnline
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  • gaby

    i will never get tired of seeing this guy.
    loveeee him.

  • Carol

    Isn’t his friend Brittany Snow boyfriend?

  • mariska

    I lovee Zac, so so so so so much!<3<3<3<3<3

  • hellomyfriend00

    love him! <3

  • Bradley Bobst

    What a great week alot of Zac news and Pictures. He look amazing.

  • bibi

    Can the paps leave him alone for a few hours? I bet he misses Vancouver and its privacy!

  • Jordan

    He actually looks kind of annoyed. I think Vancouvers lack of Papparazzi spoiled him :)

  • http://sillypickle kaitlynn cox

    ok nhi um i love zac but he looks so diffrent :( love you

  • marie


  • hannah

    ah zachary.

    hot hot hot as usual !!!

  • taylor�/Zv obssessed

    It’s Brittany Snow’s boyfriend, isn’t he?

  • ANNE

    He’s so hot.

  • http://gOOGLE barbara

    Zac, looks annoyed and not happy with the paps following him very were he’s going. I think they are hiding by his home,and follow him everywhere, just like Vanessa, when she was here two weeks ago. I bet Zac wishes he was back in V ancover ,so he can have pravacy again. I wouldn’t be surprize if Zac goes back to Vancover, after his promotion is over on Dec 6, to see Vanessa, and get away from the paps and Zac loves Vancover as much as Vanessa does.

  • lalala

    that’s ryan rottman.

  • http://WWW.E!.COM girly4

    Since yesterday I dont like him anymore.

  • Dina

    Zac you look so delicious!! Your so hot and sexy! How can a person not love you ;-)

  • istar

    whoa, in vancouver there were no pics of him! suddenly he’s come back to LA and there are hounds of pictures! he must’ve got annoyed of the lack of privacy.
    and, it looks like zacs had a good time catching up with his friends this week!

  • samantha


    woOOOoww i agreed GOSH!!
    i really mis him° but now falling so many paparazzi i think he miss a little more privacity but i think he understand thath

    he looks more hot that never}°°°°

  • jaded

    After being in LA for a week, he’ll probably want to move back to VC for good.

  • http://gOOGLE barbara

    @Jaded, I agree with you! Zac understands, but but hates the paps. Wouldn’t be surprize if goes back to Vancover next month. Zac is going to get tried of this real soon. Thank heaven he starts his promotion next week, and get out of LA. for awhile.

  • athena

    Awesome…sorry to invade his private time…but, glad to see Zac around, out and about again…I wonder what’s next for him after all the promotions for MAOW…

  • Car talk

    that’s no audi!! That looks like the inside of my range rover–does zac have a new addition to his cars?!!? I’d LOVE TO KNOW :)

  • jaded

    @Barbara..I agree. At least in Vanvcouver it seems he was able to be focus on his work and go about his personal life relatively undisturbed.

  • Karen

    girly4–I believe you got your name right ‘girly”. I guess you don’t like him ONLY because he had lunch with an old and dear friend whom he has know since he was like 14?

    Also, I have a feeling he may not like that the paps have hounded him since he has gotten back to LA but I also believe that squinting is due to the possible flashbulbs going off in his face. That kind of stuff really kills blue-eyed people as it blinds them.

    Also, even if he isn’t very happy at having to deal with the glare of flashbulbs and the paps the fact is he IS getting ready to promote a movie that comes out in like 3 weeks so a little exposure won’t hurt anything and I’m sure he is aware of that. SO, I would say he is going to grin and bear the onslaught of cameras whether he likes it or not.

  • kami

    he’s going to get tired of the paps hounding him real fast. they must be waiting outside his house. poor guy. he’s probably longing for pap free vancouver. i’m betting he goes back to vc once he finishes promoting maow. cuz vanessa will be there (with time off for thanksgiving and christmas) through mid february i think. btw, besides being an actor, ryan is also a producer.

  • pink sugar

    @Jordan: I think you’re right. He forgot about the chaos of the paps while in Vancouver. I hope he can keep his cool.

  • kami

    it’s gotta be hard for him to see how do drive with all the flashes going off.

  • kami

    he has to put down his sun visor in order to drive. that’s kind of sad that the paps are that overbearing. there’s probably at least 20 of them all fighting and falling over each other in order to see who can get the best pic. i wouldn’t be able to drive under such conditions. those flashbulbs are blinding and it takes your eyes a while to adjust.

  • peggy


    First of all he is obviously not “grinning and bearing it”. Secondly invading his personal space is not the same as having your picture taken at a promotional event where the paps are present but kept under control.

    His profile will be high enough next week to help his film, hounding him everywhere he goes helps nothing

  • kami

    no, i don’t think he’s “grinning” and bearing it. more like he’s frowning, clinching his jaw and bearing it. since he is such a private person it’s gotta be uncomfortable having the paps watching his every move. the paps are not nice people. look how they got in a fight over getting pics of reese witherspoon with one pap attacking another. they’re a bunch of nuts. i’m proud of zac for remaining so robotically calm.

  • hmm

    Karen, I’m glad you were able to pin point what happened yesterday that may have upset girly4. I read that and for the life of me couldn’t figure out what I had missed. LOL it never occured to me that some one would be that upset over a lunch with a friend. Wow. Poor guy, obviously he should live like a hermit when V’s not around and shut himself off from the world as not to offend any one and have them speculating that he might be cheating or dare I say they might see him having a good time with some one other than V rather than looking miserable without her. lol

    It is nice that we’re getting all these pictures of Zac but I’m sure he’s hating having a camera in his face every where he goes. I can’t imagine the feelings of being followed by a camera all the time, I hate having a single picture taken and he has to fight with it all day. Sorry Zac . . . I guess it’s just one of the negatives of being in the spotlight. On a positive note, you do look good and we’re all glad to have you back home.

  • kami

    zac is a nice down to earth guy. i’m sure all his friends feel blessed to have him as a friend.

  • Karen


    For crying out loud, get a grip. What I said was not any kind of insult to Zac and my reference to grinning and bearing it was in no way meaning he is grinning as in smiling. It is people like you who are right ready to take exception to every little thing someone says as if it is meant to be negative that causes problems. I simply was using a very old saying to say even though he hates all this going on around him he will deal with it as best as he can due to the fact he has a new movie coming out and he knows getting pictures out there of himself—not meaning he is doing this on purpose—can only be a plus, like free advertising. IF the paps are going to snap his picture everywhere he goes then he knows at this time it CAN be beneficial so he’s just trying to go with the flow. After all he knows he has to be out and about so he might as well let it ride.

  • jazmin

    OMG!!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!! ZAC IS SOOOO CUTE!! ^^ i really love him!!!! so hot,so beautiful,so cute!!!! god!!! totally cute!! i want to meet him! :S

  • dadf

    holy cow, i seriously feel sorry for him. i mean, hes been back what, three, four days, and the paps are already all over him. bet he misses the calmness of vancouver like crazy

  • sumbudy frum englund

    seatbelt, zac, seatbelt.

    btw does anyone know who’s car he’s driving. or did he get a new one?

  • kgg

    @sumbudy frum englund: Someone on another blog said that they thought the car was Ryan’s and that Zac kind of volunteered to get them out of there.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    *sigh* I feel really bad that the paps are on his tail now. While here in Vancouver, the paps don’t follow the celebs around as much. Its pretty obvious that he’s annoyed by the continuous flash of the paparazzi. Even though the paps are the ones that give us pics. of celebs, I would love it if they leave them alone. Gawd, sometimes I can feel the celebs feelings.. if that made any sense. Lol. Either than that, Zachary is looking as great as ever. If only those annoying paparazzi’s would just leave him alone for a while. I respect Zachary and his privacy.

  • kami


    probably true. zac is used to doing this and ryan isn’t.

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac

  • Elena Clayton

    He looks so miserable. Poor darling.

  • nikki

    hes is dangg hott<33!!!