Happy Birthday, Kevin Jonas!

Happy Birthday, Kevin Jonas!

Happy Birthday, Kevin Jonas!

The eldest of the famed JoBros turns 22 today!

JJJ recently caught up with Kevin and found out an interesting tidbit about him. Kevin dished that if he had a year off just to himself (and fiance Danielle Deleasa, of course), he would love to travel just to travel.

Kevin shared, “I would travel – and travel to enjoy it. Travel to really take it all in. I love Barcelona. Love, love, love Barcelona. I love Paris. South America is amazing, Brazil…I really, really want to go to Australia – I want to go all over the world! But really, Paris and Barcelona are my favorites.”

WHAT WOULD YOU DO if you had a whole year off to do whatever you want?

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  • http://justjared saahirah

    Happy birthday.

  • niki

    I want to do he same thing!!! lol i am graduating from college and i will finally have time to do what i want and thats what im doing. im goin to travel to europe and to some islands and just chill and have a good time

  • marta

    happy bdaay K2!!(L)

  • NWLzzz

    ooh happy birthday kev

  • marta

    yeeah!(H) I was the second!
    of course barcelona! The Spanish cities are the best! Come to Valencia and you’ll enjoy it too!

  • Bellaa

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY KEVIN !!! LOVEYOU !!! Cant wait to see you in Novemberr !!! <33 x

  • Future Mrs. Nick Jonas

    Happy Happy Happy birthday Kevin II :D

  • Niny

    Happy birthday to kevin <333

    i would travel around the world and visit my bff in boston.

  • http://www.twitter.com/emidicroce Future Mrs. Nick Jonas

    If I’d have a whole year off to do whatever I want… I would travel to California (I’m from Argentina) :-) I’d love to visit Brazil, the Caribbean , Australia, United Kingdom, France, Italy … (: If I could meet the Jonas Brothers so MUCH BETTER! :D

  • Luisa ( brazil )

    aaaww, kevin, i would loveee if u came to brazil again !

  • Eleanor mc guinness

    I’d travel to America XD

    Joe is awesome.

  • Alicia

    Happy birthday Kevin Jonas. I love the Jonas Brothers with all my heart.

  • http://myspace.com/sasmi4eva Sasmi

    I wonder what Kevin’s doing for his birthday.

  • missy

    happy birthday kev!!

  • http://www.twitter.com annie ryan

    happy bday kev wish u all the best in your carrerrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • irene


    aww, he’s so cute <33 he said that he really wants to go to Barcelona and i’m from barcelona hahahaha

  • mrsefron.

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Kevin!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!<3333333

    Ps..I thought Kevin’s 23?that’s what oceanup says.

    But jjj is wayyyyyyyy better:)

  • http://www.metroflog.com Mary jonas

    my pretty boy…h.day

    yo are teh best

    i love you so much

    my pretty boy i love you so much

  • http://justjared joe jonas lover

    Happy birthday can’t wait to see you all on nov16 uk.

  • Shelly

    @Eleanor mc guinness:

    You are such an insult to Kevin, just talking about Joe and not wishing him a happy birthday.


  • rafaela

    happy bdayyy keeviiiinn

    we have the same bday :))

    i made u a viddd enjoyyy :)))


  • lucia jonas

    YOU!! :)

  • jonascyrus

    HAAPPPYYY BDAAAY KEVY!!! much love baby.. our boys are growing up right before our eyes *wipes fake tear*

  • http://www.twitter.com/luisfgo1 Luis F. Gomez

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY FROM GUATEMALA!!! God Bless Kevin! Im sure he is going to do great when he marrIes!! God Bless him and I wish him the best!!

  • http://www.abv.bg Veselka

    Happy 22nd Birthday Kevin Jonas.I wish you all the best.I love you and your brothers.Greetings from Bulgaria.<3 Vessy

  • http://www.abv.bg Veselka

    Happy 22nd Birthday Kevin Jonas.I wish you all the best.And I love you and your brothers.Greetings from Bulgaria.<3 Vessy

  • http://- adrii

    happy birthday Keviin!

  • Krissy

    One of my favorite guys of all time, celebrates his 22nd birthday …
    truly my day feels so much better :)

    There are so many words to describe him. But out of all of them ..i found way to make it more simpler.
    Kevin Jonas. (L)

    Right now i feel inspired to write and sing a song for you
    So here it goes: * clears throats*

    (8) Happy Birthday to you
    Happy birthday to you
    Happy birthday to someone i know
    the most amazing guy in the world
    ( of course next to Zac Efron & the 3 other Jonas’)
    … KEVIN Senior Paul!
    Happy birthday to yooooouuuuuuuu (8)

    Wow. It was just yesterday, i started to jam out to ” kids and the future” ” poor unfortunate souls” and get to know the JBros for the men they still are today. *tear* * tear*
    Kevin. All i can say right now is i hope you have a great day ( no wait , scratch that..make it THE MOST WONDERFUL – COOLEST & AWESOMENESS DAY with Danielle and the people you love the most. Because you K2, deserve it :)
    Have cake. Live to party. Laugh. Love. Have fun. Go crazy if you want too. And celebrate the most important days of your life, which God has made :)

    - XOXOX
    Your fan Krissy ^_^

  • Eden

    Happy 22nd Birthday Kevin!
    I wish you the best!
    Lot of luck, happiness, Healthiness, success and lots of love!
    Kevin, you are amazing!, incredibly talented and really sweet!
    Always be proud of yourself!
    And also Keep you parents proud, cause I bet the are really proud of you.
    Don’t let the little annoying things in life make you feel down.
    Always remember that we (the fans) are always here to support and care.
    And Always remember to have fun – No matter what!
    You are an AMAZING musician! and you seem like a really good brother too.
    Today is A big day – cause not only is your birthday today its the EMA today!
    I voted for you guys many times and Im sure you’ll win!
    It will be a good present for you! LOL
    And how will I forget about you and Daniel – Wow I am really happy for you two!
    This year was amazing! I’ve got to go to your concert at the second time at Phily on July 23rd, and I was at the sound check too!
    I’ve got the chance to see you live and that was the Best day of my entire life!
    It made me really happy, and grateful!
    Words cant even describe how much you guys are close to my heart, even though I never met you, I hope we will some day.
    But meantime I want to wish you Happy Birthday again Kevin!
    With lots of love,


  • Elle woods

    If I had a year to do whatever I wanted to do I would Shop and met Nick Jonas and preform with the Jonas Brothers.THAT IS SOO NEVER GONNA HAPPEN THOUGH.

  • Smiler226

    happy birthday kevin!!

    it’s my birthday tooo!!! :)

  • Barbie

    Happy B-day Kev!♥ I love you so much!

  • Treasure

    omg. i wonder what happen to the time. life go by so quick. wow. well anyway i just wanted to say. HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY KEVIN! :) LUV YA! HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT AND AWLSOME BDAY, AND HOPE ALL YOUR BIRTHDAY WISHES COME TRUE! PEACE ;)

  • maria pia

    happy b-day Kevin!!!

  • marilu’ jonas

    happy birthday kev. (: U’ are amazing :)
    we loove you ♥ xD
    bye =D

  • Julie
  • http://justjaredjr.com #1 Jonas Brother Fan!

    I HEART YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://- Nur shafiqah

    HAPPY BIRHDAY PAUL KEVIN JONAS i wish you could come to singapore.

  • Grace

    omg YES come to australia!!!!
    its so bloody sad that jb arent coming
    here to australia on their world tour :’( :(

  • rosa


  • Feli

    i want travel around the world and living in Paris…i reaLLy..reaLLy…want go to paRis…

  • http://www.friendster.com Jonasluver

    Happy 22nd birthday Kevin…i wish you all the best in the world… When i first saw you your just 19..,hope you have a happy married life…

  • ROXY

    i hope you have had an amazing day ,

    but don’t you wanna come back to PERU?

    i’ve heard the jonas will go to Machu Pichu next year


  • http://MARO maro

    happy birthday kevin

  • shimoOzeph

    happy birthday kevin love u soo much i wish 4 u a happy 22

  • http://kevin daleasha

    my april 3

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