Jonas Brothers: Bye Bye Berlin

Jonas Brothers: Bye Bye Berlin

The Jonas Brothers stop to sign some autographs after the 2009 MTV Europe Music Awards at the Schoenefeld Airport in Berlin, Germany on Thursday night (November 5).

Nick, Joe and Kevin are headed back to Italy to perform at Pala Olimpico in Torino tomorrow night.

The JoBros were nominated for Best Group at the EMAs, but lost out to Tokio Hotel.

35+ pics inside of the Jonas Brothers saying goodbye to Berlin…

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  • amxox

    look at them in their little suits! adorable.

  • Ana

    i cant get over how amazing joe looks with his new haircut!!!!!
    i love him!!

  • vanessa

    the should had of won Tokio Hotel SUCks

  • JK

    Tokio Hotel is the best!

  • J4zmin J0ker

    I’m probably late, but too bad. x]
    Jospeh is so adorable. I love him.

  • Lauren

    Jonas shOuld have won, hands down. Tokio was LIP SINGING!!!! Stupid Tokio hotel.

    &&happy birthday Kevin!

  • Chris

    They look great! If being the Jonas Brothers didn’t make them stand out in the airport, their clothing probably did. And yes they should have won. Tokio Hotel only won because it was in Germany. The rest of the world doesnt’ care about TH.

  • lmao

    wow joe looks.. amazing

  • Stevi

    @Chris: what are you talking about? aha
    its SO normal to wear tuxs to a airport. :)

  • Celine

    I LOVEEEEEEE joeeee and the jonas brothers:) i still cant believe i met them.

  • tanya

    @Chris Totally agree with you TH only won because it was in Germany JONAS BROTHERS should have won …..And wow joe looks HOTTTTT….

  • Noemii

    TH just won because the MTV EMA’S were in germany and they are from there…:]

  • hun98

    Uh, sid, big whoop. it’s just mtv awards Tokio Hotel has not been nominated for a grammy, which is a way bigger deal. Jonas Brothers could fill a stadium with fans before Tokio Hotel could fill a small room.

  • suhyeah4

    Just when you thought Joe couldn’t look any hotter…

    WOW!!! 0_0

  • Luis F. Gomez

    Happy Birthday Kevin!! God Bless You!! The JoBros did amazing and I know they deserved to win but it really not matters since they are truly great singers! Tokio Hotel won it because this kind of stuff goes like this: you are not going to lose in your own country, and even more if you lose to a country that is not even in your continent! hahaha The JoBros are doing just find! One award more or less is not going to make any difference, they are as great as always! Greets from Guatemala!!
    JoBros if you want to go to Providence, Rhode Island from Nov. 17th to January 6th, that would be just perfect, or a place near because Im going to the US!!! God Bless you!

  • Luis F. Gomez

    @sid: hahaha you are funny! The JoBros are not fighting because of it! And yes, Tokio Hotel is a great group too!! Im a huge JoBros fan, and I also like to hear a little Tokio Hotel… and the JoBros have won a lot of awards, and Im sure that one more or one less is not going to change them or make them better, since they are the best hahaha take care man, and dont take the comments against Tokio Hotel personals… trust me… the people who writes them are a little bit out of their mind! haha Greets from Guatemala!!

  • flashdrive

    i ate tokio hotel now. they only won because they are a german band. jonas brothers are american. that’s the only reason.

  • Hannah

    but flashdrive…
    how does that explain the fact that most of the nominees/winners are American? and that they won last year at the Liverpool EMA’s?

  • jonaslover988979


  • sherydan

    crazy of that creppy band? or love bill’s lipgloss? oh I’m wrong, he doesn’t wearing a lipgloss, he wearing a lipstick with eyeliner and another girl make up, they’re so gentleman right? and that hair mean he never find a great hair cut. hotel in tokyo has a creppy make up. emo hotel I think

  • =)=)=)

    the jb fans are so mad right now oh and so jealous POOR THINGS there is nothing in the world is gonna change who won !

  • crazy4jonas

    they should’ve won! i mean they are soo better than tokio hotel -_-

    i just love love joe’s new haircut! :D

  • m

    I have ticekts for the show tonight in Torino but i CAN’T GO!:(((
    this is the worst day ever!

  • NWLzzz

    they look amazing i love them and i wish they won but it’s ok

  • Ella

    Joe in for the 1st time in suit after the haircut is WOW!!!! <3
    JB didn’t won but at least, KOL should’ve had won..!!
    Why Europe, why??!!

  • XtinaKaulitz

    @Chris: Well i think only US care about JB and the rest of the world care about TH… sorry to tell you this but there´s a world outside of America.

  • jonascyrus

    they should’ve won or ATLEAST KOL but come on TH?? seriously!!
    anyway, just look at those boys wearing tux and all that jazz god could they get any HOTTER ?? Joe. You. Me. Bed. NOW!!

  • Dani!

    Nooo Tokio Hotel SUCKS…. pufff aaaaaaa JB are much better! :)

    they look soo hot!!! Joe much more! :)

  • Shelly

    Jared, why did you delete my post about how you seem to not like Kevin as much as Joe and Nick?

  • Demi

    TH didn’t win because the EMAs were in germany. EVERYONE could vote for them. People from ALL over the world. If JB fans don’t vote enough, it’s their own fault. Tho I think TH sucks. Maybe Jonas should pay some more attention on their fans in Europe :)

  • Joey

    OMG! Jeo never looked better! He is so awesome!

  • wow


    I agree – that is probably why TH won, because it is Germany & many countries over there do not like America or Americans. JB should have won.

  • florence

    did kevin have an argument with danielle?? haha they are mutt and jeff

  • Hannah

    @wow: most of the winners/nominees/performers were American.
    Year after year the EMAs is criticized for excluding European artists, but when an American artist loses for once, it’s because they’re American?

  • Juli

    The JB fans who are complaining about JB losing to TH because of the show taking place in Germany are too silly. People from all over the world voted for these awards. TH won because they had more votes simple as that. If you wanted JB to win then I guess you should have voted more. The JB seem like nice guys who would probably be ashamed about how some (not all) of their fans are reacting- childish is an understatement. Plus those who say TH suck must think that the JB’s taste in music must suck also as the JB have said in interviews that they are fans of TH. Last year TH won the VMA for Best New Artist in America so how does that work with them winning an award only because it was in Germany?

  • rarrkun


    Yes. And Tokio Hotel won their VMA in 2008 because they’re American… oh wait!

    It was an award decided by online votes, their fans are some of the most dedicated when it comes to things like that. It’s true that the Jonas Brothers are a lot more popular in the US where they (TH) are just newcomers, but Tokio Hotel has a huge following in Europe. And as Hannah pointed out, most of the nominees and winners that night are actually American artists – which would mean that they don’t dislike America or Americans over there.

  • MilenaBest

    Hey Jared, I went to their concert in Pesaro (Italy, 4th November) and all my pics are here

  • Lacy

    Lol @ pissy Jonas fans. There is a world outside American bands. Tokio Hotel is just as famous internationally–hell, more famous in parts–as the Jonas Brothers. The fact that they’re from Germany has nothing to do with it. That didn’t get them their award last year in Liverpool or at the VMAs, not to mention the countless other international awards they’ve collected over the last few years. Grow up and just accept the fact that there are other popular bands in the world.

  • pup

    In your face gay bros. xD

  • Betty

    The Jonas Brothers could fill a stadium in America… but not in Europe for sure

  • KayAllison

    okay, seriously i have to say this, that you jo bro fans need to shut up, okay so what if they didn’t win, and your only saying TH sucks cuz they won, (more then likely even if another band won youd just say they suck to) and they didn’t win just because they where in germany, they won because they have a better fans, the actually vote for them. Also most of the jonas brothers fans are little kids, so no wonder they didn’t win. And for me I wouldn’t care if Tokio Hotel won or not, I love them to death, but seriously just that they were nominated was good for me, Im just glad the jonas brothers didn’t win, because honestly in my mind they are pretty fake, they’re controlled by disney, and if they werent in disney they prolly would be an actual okay band, cuz they’d prolly know how to write good songs, cuz they wouldn’t be controlled.

  • joseph

    okay i am from India.. n i have to admit it that the jonas brothers are much more popular here than TH.. nobody has even heard of TH here…
    while JB hv a decent no. of fans… even boys like JB.. i know a gal whose 27 yrs old bro likes!!
    ahhh joseph is looking awesome!! as always ♥♥

  • Kathrine

    Oh, will you please shut up with all your accusing of corruption at the EMA. TH has won an EMA 3 years in a row, not only this one i Germany.

    The reason they won was because of their fans. We did it for them.

    You should have voted more if you wanted JB to win. End of story, if anyone to blame, it’s your self NOT the EMA’s.

  • Kathrine


    We have nothing against americans. It just, in my opinion JB is too mainstream. I have nothing against them, I just don’t listen to their music.

    And all their US fans could have voted for them if they wanted them to win so bad. We voted ALOT for TH because we knew how much the wanted to win. You could have done the same.


    haha you guys are funniiieee!!
    toko hotel won because people liked them more!
    btw…everyone voted, not just germany and europe soooo as katy perry said…its YOUR fault who wins!