Zac Efron: An Apple A Day...

Zac Efron: An Apple A Day...

Zac Efron munches on a half-eaten apple as he arrives at Sunset Towers hotel for a meeting in West Hollywood on Thursday afternoon (November 5).

The 22-year-old actor juggled with the items in his hands as he arrived — a beanie, the apple, a script and his iPhone. Zac dropped his phone just as he was walking back to his car. Oops!

Last night, Zac hung out with pals Ryan Rottman, Brittany Snow and Ashley Tisdale at the Nylon Guys Launch Event at XIV.

10+ pics inside of juggling Zac Efron

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Credit: Brewer/Butterworth, Pedro Andrade/ Bret Thompsett; Photos: PacificCoastNewsOnline, SplashNewsOnline
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  • Katty

    OMG! So much Zac lately! He’s a busy boy, and soon he’ll be off for promotion. I hope he got whatever movie that is.
    Love you, Zac, can’t wait for all your projects..

  • julia

    Zac.. I gotta say… YOU’RE SOOOOOOOO HOT!!!

  • sharpay

    for what movie is the script?

  • bibi

    A script? I hope it’s for his next project…He needs to stay busy with auditions, new projects! Lol, he can’t live without his phone.

  • daniel

    poor phone
    jjj please VANESSA news

  • http://zashley ashley

    zac you looke amazing is great to see you in usa!!:)
    love you so much :)

  • e

    He looks great and it would be great if it was for a new project.

    I saw this picture of Zac and Vanessa at the Giants game last month; they got costume made jerseys from the team’s fan club:

  • gaby

    i love how lately, he doesnt use his pockets.
    he holds his phone, keys, everything.
    he gets hotter everyday. :]

  • http://none ELLe

    usally i hate it when people eat infront of me (ik im weird) but that man makes eating a apple SEXI!!!!! dam i need to get a apple!

  • katie

    Of all the things he could drop there, he drops his phone aha. Love him <3

  • pink sugar

    He makes apples look sexy.

  • lmao

    wow he is getting sexier and sexier..

  • nuria.


  • Elly

    Everytime i come on here its ZAC. LMFAOO. and I agree he is getting sexier and sexier. my god O.O major turn on he is. If I ever met him. I would literally die.

  • i love Vanessa

    Love all ts Zac news :D

  • kami

    i drop my phone all the time and it doesn’t seem to hurt it. looks like his has one of those protective covers.

  • istar

    i hate dropping my phone. it irritates me.
    anyways, omg, this week has been totally zac week! and the next few weeks will be like this too due to promotion! WHOA. busy busy guy. and… a script?! isn’t he busy! i’m super excited for possible future projects now :D

  • zacefronfan!

    Woot more Zac! :D
    Although I feel sorry for him, the papz are just swamping him these days :o

  • Carol


    well, i need zanessa, hahahah

  • jlene

    @daniel: Ditto that mister, it’s been awhile since we’ve seen or heard of her. Miss her.

  • marie


  • Karen


    Thanks so much for the picture. We saw Vanessa’s jersey from the pictures at the game but never got to see Zac’s. The picture of them together is nice too.


    OMG efronn you’re so hooot!…i love this man..busy guy!!..but i need zanessa news!!..

  • mrsefron.

    America just got a whole lottt beiAmerica bettrrr because Zacs back

    I lllloooovvveee Zac!!!!!he’s ammazinggg

  • Bradley Bobst

    Zac looks good in those pictures. I wounder what the meeting was about.

  • hannah

    zefron looks hot eating an apple. just saying i am loving this. zac is back.

  • zanessa/scashley/ashnessa

    Oh, a script ? My, my, my, Zachary’s on a roll. :D *sigh* I just really wish that paparazzi would just leave him alone. I love him, and I love seeing him, but I can’t help but feel sorry for him and I WISH I can be there to make all the paps go away. >=| I know, its all a part of Hollywood. Its not cool.

  • kami

    i hope it’s an awesome script that tops all the others he has done so far. we’ve heard all kinds of rumors about what he’s doing next. but it’s probably none of those.

  • HockeyPuck

    I’m tired of having to see him on this site. I miss VANESSA!

  • Jordan

    Zac Baby is looking so hot :)
    CAn’t wait for him to hit the talk shows. I hope he does Ellen :) Hes always so funny on her show :)

  • Tiptoes

    If he is holding a bunch of papers (like a script), then hopefully it means a new movie project for Zac….

  • boji

    e thanks so much for that Pic of Zac and Vanessa at the Vancover game. I love it that she’s got numero Uno on her sweatshirt. Finally we get to see a pic of them together at the game. Everyone was wondering where Zac was as he was nowhere in the booth even though it was mentioned he was there.

  • mhay

    new moviw for zac yes!!!!!!!

  • hannah

    everyone why are you mentioning vanessa on a zac post? justjared will obviously post vanessa news when there is some!! there are no pictures of her onset of her movie because at the moment it’s all being filmed INSIDE at a vancouver studio. i think it’s nice she is getting a well deserved break from paparazzi and that we are finding out things like her song on the special olympics album instead of finding out what she had to eat one day.

  • ryanefron

    Love you Zac x]

  • kami


    i believed lucas and his sister’s tweets, but i guess some people didn’t. they gotta gotta gotta see a pic.

  • boji

    Kami, I know, and we know that Zac was there. There were pics of them leaving the games together, but there you go, no booth pics of Zac so no there.

    Hannah, it is no sin or crime to mention Vanessa on a Zac post within reason. It is not like there’s Zac so where’s Vanessa or why is Vanessa not with Zac.

    Anyway, nice to see that Zac is being a busy man. Looks like we’ll be getting daily threads of Zac if not more until he flies off into the horizon yet again.

  • bhelle

    ..oh no .. he’ll be busy again .. if ever vanessa is going to finish filming sp .. and then she’ll be back in la, and zac was in somewhere in u.s .. theyre going to be alone hanging out by theirself .. but its great news that he’s going to get a new movie to film again .. miss ‘em together..

  • me.

    oh wow. he’s only back for like, what, 5 days? and we got lots of pics already. NOT SAYIN’ I’M HATING IT THOUGH. lol

  • me.

    and OMG OMG OMG
    …..SCRIIIIIIPT! could it be that “sexy thriller”?

  • bhelle

    ..oh no .. he’ll be busy again .. if ever vanessa is going to finish filming sp .. and then she’ll be back in la, and zac was in somewhere in u.s .. theyre going to be alone hanging out by theirself .. but its great news that he’s going to get a new movie to film again .. miss their sight together, ..

  • taylor�/Zv obssessed

    I need Zanessa.

  • filipino1vanessahfan

    omg.. i need some vanessa news. i mean i miss baby v.. hope
    thats shes having a great time in Vancouver.. I need also ZANESSA news

  • atsgmcdl

    H-O-T CUTE:)

  • Bradley Bobst

    Zac had a script in his hands. I wounder if this for that sexy thriller.

  • kmartineau

    What are those chains around his’s neck? He doesn’t take them off.

  • tena

    He looks amazing and he has been a busy boy :)

  • amelia25

    Beautiful Zac

  • kami

    i think zac has a good head on his shoulders. he’s a very grounded person. who knows, his next movie could be filmed in la the was 17 again was. depending on what the movie is.

  • duuumm

    ooooooo yummy, i spy a script………

    eat the apple, zac, and you wouldnt have dropped your iphone.